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Old Man Logan #28

Review by Paul Bowler

Old Man Logan #28 takes Logan’s mission to save the present from the apocalyptic nightmare of his own future to a whole new level, as Logan finds a new ally – Hawkeye! Teaming up again for the first time in Logan’s miss-matched lifetimes, Clint Barton joins Logan in his quest to defeat the Maestro and the Hulk gang. But as the Maestro’s grand scheme reaches its next phase, they face a race against time to prevent global Armageddon!

Days of Anger Part 4 seriously raises the stakes in this issue of Old Man Logan as the creative team of writer Ed Brisson, artist Mike Deodato JR, and colorist Frank Martin continue their outstanding run of this Marvel Comics series. Beginning with a sombre interlude set in the future Wastelands of Logan’s farm, the uncanny parallels forged across time continue to resonate powerfully with the present in Old Man Logan #28 as Logan prepares to fight back after his latest run-in with the Hulk Gang in Yurkon territory, Canada.

Writer Ed Brisson skilfully brings numerous plot threads together as events quickly begin to escalate. Having learned about the Maestro, the alternative universe Banner that brought the Hulk Gang to conquer this world, Logan and Hawkeye must stop at nothing to prevent the Maestro from unleashing the stolen weapons from Department H and destroying humanity. However, their friendship was forged in the future, where their road trips never end well, and Hawkeye soon learns more about the his destiny than even he bargained for! Meanwhile, the Maestro is forced to step up the schedule of his master plan, and Cambria’s role in the wider scheme of things gradually starts to emerge.

Mike Deodato’s artwork brilliantly captures the dark, brooding tone of this issue. As ever, the level of detail and boldly paced action lavished across each page is all marvellously rendered, and Deodato’s characteristic deconstructed page layouts completely immerse you in the story as numerous elements converge. The intricate palette of tones and shades color artist Frank Martin utilizes brings added gravatis to every scene. From the identity of the poacher targeting Logan’s farm in the Wastelands, to the great character moments between Logan and Hawkeye in the present, and the ruthless way the Maestro quells any challenge to his authority this issue of Old Man Logan is without doubt one of Mike Deodato’s and Frank Martin’s finest looking issues so far in this series.

Unfortunately for Logan and Hawkeye, try as they might, the Maestro and the Hulk Gang are once again two steps ahead of them as this issue builds towards its ominous snow swept cliff-hanger. But fate and the future might just provide the help they need…

With its stunning cover by Mike Deodato and Frank Martin featuring Logan and Hawkeye in action, Old Man Logan #28 is another compelling issue packed with rich characterization, bloodthirsty action, and surprise plot developments. Its great to see Logan and Hawkeye working together as well, Ed Brisson scripts some brilliant scenes for them, and Mike Deodato’s artwork constantly delivers on every level. In short bub, Old Man Logan is easily one of Marvel’s best books right now, and cannot recommend it highly enough.

Publisher Marvel Comics

Writer: Ed Brisson / Art Mike: Deodato JR / Colorist: Frank Martin

Letterer: VCs Cory Petit  / Cover: Mike Deodato JR & Frank Martin.