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Star Trek Boldly Go #11

Review by Paul Bowler

The new voyages set after the events of Star Trek Beyond continue in Star Trek Boldly Go #11, with the former crew of the Enterprise now either reassigned or forging their own paths in this stellar Star Trek series from IDW Publishing. Now the space pirate Eurydice has returned with a mission for Captain Kirk and the crew of the USS Endeavour, one that could expose secrets that will have major implications for the galaxy!

A new chapter in Kirk’s appointment as the temporary Captain of the USS Endeavour gets under way in this issue of Star Trek Boldly Go, along with McCoy, and Sulu, as events flashback to the climatic moments of a fierce battle between the USS Heisenberg and three Klingon warships above the planet Axanar. Captain Garth overcomes the impossible odds and prevents war breaking out. These events go on to become a valuable lesson for new cadets at Starfleet Academy, and subsequently provide the first meeting between Captain Garth and Cadet Kirk.

The first part of this two-part story from the Trek creative team of writer Mike Johnson, artist Megan Levens, and colourist Marissa Louise stylishly builds from the establishing flashbacks as Captain Garth’s fateful mission to Antos IV entwines with the Kirk’s current assignment on the Endeavour in the present. With Kirk’s log entry initially driving the narrative, writer Mike Johnson gives us a real sense of how the Endeavour’s crew have knitted together following the events at Bable, focusing on key characters via the day-to-day running of the ship, and we are left in no doubt that Captain Kirk will miss this crew when his time as interim Captain is over. However, the calm is soon shattered when the Endeavour encounters Thalia, daughter of the feathered space pirate Eurydice, who asks Kirk to help her find her mother who has recently gone missing.

Featuring impressive artwork by Megan Levens, this issue of Star Trek Boldly Go cleverly balances past and present events. Megan Levens clear and concise style effectively relays the action whilst perfectly emulating the clean lines and glossy look of the new film series, characters are reasonably well realized, and the scenes featuring the starship vessels are also dramatically presented – especially the opening battle between the Heisenberg and the Klingons. The colors by Marissa Louise bring added clarity to each scene; with bold tones and delicate hues seamlessly blending together to nicely complement Megan Levans art.

Returning to Antos IV with Thalia, Kirk is quickly on the trail of Eurydice, and it soon becomes apparent that everything is not quite as it seems… Boasting an eye-catching cover featuring the Enterprise by George Caltsoudas, Star Trek Boldly Go #11, with its character driven storyline by Mike Johnson and great art by Megan Levens, is another excellent issue in this IDW Star Trek series.

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Writer: Mike Johnson / Art: Megan Levens / Colors: Marissa Louise

Letters: Andworld Design / Regular Cover: George Caltsoundas