The Flash #7 Review


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The Flash #7

Review by Paul Bowler

The super-speed face-off between Flash and Godspeed that we’ve all been waiting for hit’s the ground running in The Flash #7, as the scarlet speedster rallies against his new arch nemesis. Yet, in order to have any hope of defeating Godspeed, the Flash must call upon the newly empowered speedsters of Central City to relinquish their Speed Force powers, and that’s something that could prove just as problematic…

Whilst still reeling from the murder of his girlfriend, Meena Dhawn, by Godspeed, Barry Allen is now confronted with the horrifying truth that his friend, and fellow speedster Detective August Heart, is in fact the very menace they’ve been working together to defeat – Godspeed! The last few issues have seen the pieces of the puzzle gradually falling into place: the storm that gave citizens in Central City speed powers, the connection to Dr. Carver, leader of the Black Hole faction of scientists, and Detective Heart’s investigation into his brother’s death all illustrate just how cleverly Godspeed has been hiding in plain sight all along.

The Flash has been another of the big highlights of DC’s Rebirth for me, its completely reinvigorated the character, and made the comic book series’ narrative feel far more cohesive than it ever did during the latter part of its New 52 run. The Flash #7 is another impressive issue from Joshua Williamson, Carmine Di Giandomenico, and Ivan Plascencia. Lightening Strikes Twice Part 7, the penultimate issue in this arc, sees Godspeed pressing home his advantage, beating Flash to a pulp, while flashbacks detail how August discovered how to steal the speed force from the other speedsters. Even though Godspeed is faster than the Flash, so fast in fact, that he can actually be in two places at the same time, we also learn this ability comes with a painful price.


Joshua Williamson does a terrific job bringing the plot strands of this arc together in this issue. We see Barry at perhaps his lowest ebb, forced to retreat and recover, devastated by Meena’s death, and oblivious to the hostage situation unfolding in central city court house. It also becomes chillingly clear just how much August has been corrupted by his speed powers and thirst for revenge, when Godspeed intervenes to deal with the Black Hole Agents, underlining his stance as a super speed equivalent of judge, jury, and executioner.

Carmine Di Giandomenico’s artwork stylishly conveys every dramatic twist and turn of Joshua Williamson’s intricately paced storyline. The page layouts are packed with detail and seamlessly maintain the flow of the action. I love how Giandomenico brings an electrifying fluidity to the way the Flash, Godspeed, Wally, and the other speedsters use the speed force, it really immerses you in the action, and Ivan Plascencia’s stunning use of color gives each speedster powers a very distinct, individual, look all their own. Godspeed’s powers are used in some pretty nasty and violent ways too, in this issue, reinforcing his threat as a major villain. There are also some genuinely moving scenes when Wally finally reveals his powers to the Flash. Carmine Di Giandomenico and Ivan Plascencia bring a rich warmth to these scenes, with Wally’s reasons for not wanting to tell his aunt Iris about his powers, along with his grief about Meena – who was secretly training him to use his powers – ultimately enabling Flash to devise a plan that will help him fight Godspeed.

Indeed, Meena’s tragic death resonates powerfully throughout this issue, and it is her influence on Barry and Wally that also fittingly provides the catalyst that bonds their friendship and forges Flash’s idea to harness the power of the remaining speedsters created by the speed force storm. The Flash #7 builds to emotional climax, with powerfully moving scenes as the Flash has to convince the speedsters to give up their powers, and it all culminates in race towards a high-velocity cliff-hanger that will bring the twisted schism of the Flash’s and Godspeed’s conflict full circle in the most personal choice of battlegrounds for both of them.

The Flash #7 continues DC Comics strong run of new Rebirth titles. The creative team on this book have propelled the Flash to even greater heights with this exciting storyline, and I look forward to seeing how the thrilling conclusion of this ac plays out.

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Joshua Williamson / Artist: Carmine Di Giandomenico

Colorist: Ivan Plascencia / Letterer: Steve Wands

Cover: Carmine Di Giandomenico Variant Cover: Dave Johnson

Marvel’s New TV Spot For Doctor Strange


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Marvel’s New TV Spot For Doctor Strange!

Check out the awesome new TV spot for Marvel’s Doctor Strange! Cant wait to see Benedict Cumberbatch in action as Doctor Strange in this movie!

Some great new footage in this TV spot as well!


See Marvel’s “Doctor Strange,” in theaters November 4, 2016.

ROM #3 Review


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ROM #3

Review by Paul Bowler

ROM the Space Knight’s war with the shape-shifting alien Dire Wraiths continues in ROM #3, having rescued the military soldier Darby Mason and neutralised the Dire Wraith infestation that had taken over her Californian hometown, ROM must now face a new threat after rushing to save Police officer Camilla Byers from the hideous Wrath Stalkers. But the failure of ROM’s analyser and a surprise attack by a Wrath from the Sorcerer Cast has left the Space Knight reeling, and hunted by both the Dire Wraiths and the military…

With the big Revolution event from IDW Publishing kicking off this month, ROM #3 finds our lone Knight of the Solstar Order overpowered and trapped by the dark sorceries of the fearsome Dire Wraith known as D’rge. The exciting plot and script by Chris Ryall and Christos Gage ensures Earthfall Part 3 successful builds on their innovative new take on the popular Space Knight, ROM, based on the original Parker Brothers electronic ROM toy and the fondly remembered Marvel comic book series by Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema.

ROM’s captor delights in tormenting the fabled Space Knight, despite the protestations of the Dire Wraiths minions disguised as human soldiers. D’rgre’s words also give us a further insight into the Dire Wraiths and even the Space Knights themselves. The Police officer Camilla Byers, wounded and infected by a Wraith during ROMs first battle on Earth against his shape-shifting foes, is also D’rge’s prisoner, and her tainted blood now allows her see through the Dire Wraiths disguises in much the same way as ROM’s analyser.


Chris Ryall and Christos Gage fuel the suspense effortlessly as D’rge’s attention fixates on Camilla, and this momentary distraction gives ROM the opportunity he’s been looking for to find a way to fight back. However, it is in the quieter moments where this issue really shines as Ryall and Gage begin to flesh out the characters more. The Wrathmark that now blights Camilla inadvertently leads to ROM revealing some startlingly gruesome facts about the Dire Wraiths abilities, and her infection could also give them a crucial advantage. We also catch up with Darby Mason after being rescued from the cave by the military. However, with everything she’s been though, trust is now a precious commodity, and the realization of how Darby’s family must’ve succumbed to the Dire Wraiths is a simultaneously chilling and heartbreaking moment for her.

ROM #3 is another great looking issue. David Messina’s bold pencils and colors are ably enriched by Michele Pasta’s stylish ink work, as big splash pages and concisely structured page layouts stylishly convey the fast-paced action. The redesign of ROM’s armor continues to impress, it just looks so good from every angle. The human characters are also well defined and realized, especially Camilla and Darby, who each get to run a gauntlet of emotions as their lives converge with ROM‘s mission. D’rge is an especially creepy looking Dire Wraith, he’s one of the strongest Wraith Sorcerers, and his scenes are brilliantly menacing.

David Messina’s colors and the color assists by Alessandra Alexakis really come into their own this issue: especially as ROM writhes in D’rge’s mystical Eldritch Energies, the monochrome tinged flashback the Sorcerer Wraith forces Camilla to experience of the Dire Wraiths arrival on Earth and their insidious infiltration is also hauntingly portrayed, and the scenes in the lighthouse are awash with a gloriously macabre fusion of tone and shadow.

The lettering by Chris Mowry’s is also of particular note this issue. This issue is pretty intense dialogue wise, Mowry’s clear, concise, and intricate work on ROM #3 is second to none. I especially liked the way D’rge’s dialogue – like all Wraiths – and thoughts are represented with spiky letting and a distinct positive, negative color scheme. It makes this alien character seem even more sinister, and the scene where this lettering is juxtaposed with ghostly precision by Chris Mowry during D’rge’s ethereal communiqué with his “brother” is absolutely exquisite.

Amidst the drama and seamlessly interlaced exposition, ROM #3 certainly has its full quota of action too, and its not long before the crimson rays of ROM’s Neutraliser are cutting swathe though his enemies. We are teased with several tantalizing future plot threads, especially those concerning Earth’s significance to the Wraiths, and the reason for ROM’s solitary voyage. This issue gives us a greater sense of the world that Chris Ryall and Christos Gage are building for ROM as the Space Knight moves towards becoming a major part of the wider IDW universe in this months REVOLUTION #1, REVOLUTION #2, and ROM: Revolution #1.

This issue finally really steps things up a gear, D’rge’s evil machinations help drive the narrative in new directions, and circumstances also see ROM, Darby, and Camilla united at last. With a fun nod to a certain Sci-Fi film, ROM #3 instigates a dangerous plan which will enable ROM and his allies attempt to uncover the full extent of the Wraiths infiltration. This new ROM series continues to reach new heights with each successive issue, the creative team are doing a fantastic job, and ROM #3 is one of their most exciting issues so far!

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Plot and script: Chris Ryall and Christos Gage

Pencils and colors: David Messina / Inks: Michele Pasta

Color Assists by: Alessandra Alexakis / Letters by: Chris Mowry

Detective Comics #940 Review


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Detective Comics #940

Review by Paul Bowler

Batwoman confronts her father and Red Robin battles against impossible odds as the epic showdown with the Colony reaches its thrilling climax in Detective Comics #940, and it’s an issue destined to rock The Dark Knight’s world to the core. Batman, Batwoman and their new team of young heroes will soon face the chilling reality that, no matter the outcome, this battle to save Gotham may have already been lost…

For me, Detective Comics, with Batman and Batwoman fronting the team consisting of Spoiler, Red Robin, Orphan (Cassandra Cain), and super-villain seeking redemption Clayface, has been the highlight of DC Comics Rebirth and the new Bat-Books in general. From the moment it was announced, this titles concept and team structure, along with the inclusion of Clayface, captivated my imagination, and I love the dynamic that’s evolved between this fledgling superhero team as its evolved and learned to work together under Batwoman’s stewardship.


James Tynion IV ensures that Rise of the Batmen: Part 7 delivers a powerful finale for this first arc. I really like how Tynion has developed the bond between Bruce and Kate over the course of this storyline. Now they are forced to face the most challenging and difficult of circumstances, with Batwoman finally confronting her father’s treachery, as leader of the Colony and the one responsible for unleashing this army of Batmen and drone on Gotham, while Batman faces a desperate race against time to reach Tim at the old Wayne Tower.

Eddy Barrows gorgeous artwork for this issue of Detective Comics elevates the drama and tension to the max, with dynamic, almost cinematic page layouts. The scenes on and around the Colony Airship are spectacular, Barrows dazzles us with smashing action-packed moments of high drama as Batwoman’s fury spills over, but it is the moments where – having made himself the sole target of the drones – Red Robin makes his stand against this ultimate no-win-scenario that will truly have you on the edge of your seat. Eber Ferreira’s inks complement Barrows’ art brilliantly, enhancing the finer details and nuances of every scene, and the colors by Adriano Lucas meld with sublime grace to reflect the action and emotional beats of the story perfectly.

Detective Comics #940 is good, frustratingly good in fact, because to say more would completely spoil it. Suffice to say, James Tynion IV that pulled out all the stops for this one, its a master class in storytelling, plotting, and characterization. This issue has some of most powerful and emotional scenes that we’ve seen for a long time in a Batman comic. Barrows, Ferreira, and Lucas have also made this one of their most visually impressive issues so far. The emotional fallout from the cataclysmic events in Detective Comics #940 are conveyed in the most heartrending way, its moving stuff, and, needless to say, the ending will completely blow you away.

Rise of the Batmen has been a terrific start to Tynion’s run on Detective Comics. If this arc is anything to go by, I‘m sure Detective Comics will have become a must read Bat-Title for many fans, and now with the Night of the Monster Men crossover event about to begin, I can’t wait to see what Tynion and the whole creative team on Detective Comics have in store for us next!

Publisher: DC Comics / James Tynion IV

Art: Eddy Barrows / Inks: Eber Ferreira / Colors: Adriano Lucas

Letters: Marilyn Patrizio

Cover by: Barrows, Ferreira & Lucas

Variant Cover: Rafael Albuquerque

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The Walking Dead #158 Review


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The Walking Dead #158

Review by Paul Bowler

The Whisperer War rages on in The Walking Dead #158 as Beta, enraged after Alpha was killed and beheaded by Negan, sends the Whisperers mighty undead herd to strike back against Rick and his allies. Still mindful of Negan’s motives, Rick allows Negan to help on the front line. The communities of Alexandria, The Saviors, The Hilltop, and the Kingdom will soon face their greatest challenge, but nothing could prepare Dwight’s new military force for the sight of the terrifying Walker herd the Whisperers have unleashed on them…

The Whisperer War: Part 2 begins with the shock death of one of the series’ regular characters, and its one that few could’ve genuinely seen coming. The Whisperers are certainly amongst the most chilling adversaries that Rick and his fellow survivors have ever faced. This unnerving Walker skin wearing group have proved to be as cunning as they are deadly, having already used ruthless terror tactics against those who dared to violate their territory, but with Beta now out to avenge Alpha’s death this issue illustrates just what a force they are to be reckoned with – especially now that Beta’s let loose what can only be described as this apocalyptic worlds Undead equivalent of a weapon of mass destruction: the Walker herd!


Robert Kirkman skilfully builds the action and tension throughout this issue. It may have taken a while to actually get to the Whisperers War, but now that this new arc is in full swing its sure turning out to have been well worth the wait! Numerous events unfold, taking in Alexandria, The Saviors, The Hilltop, and the Kingdom, as the separate communities react to the current threat in very different, and sometimes surprising ways. There’s also a greater sense of just how tenuously balanced this brave new world that Rick has been striving to establish, really is. One of the big highlights of the issue are the scenes with Dwight and Negan on the front line, the dialogue here is utterly priceless, and the way it spills over into the attack by the Whisperers herd is brilliantly staged.

The Walking Dead #158 features the winning combination of Charlie Adlard’s excellent artwork, Stefano Gaudiano’s inks, and grey tones Cliff Rathburn, in what is arguably one of their finest issues so far. The use of 16 panel page grid is employed once more in this issue, it’s been a good move by Robert Kirkman Charlie Adlard, and works really well in the context of this arc – especially as its been so densely plotted and action-packed in places. All of the different character arcs and geographic locals this issue packs in are deftly handled by the creative team, the action flows seamlessly, and the narrative is peppered with some great character moments. There are so many standout events in this issue: the gruesome death of a main character is probably one of the most visceral scenes I’ve seen in this series for a long while, likewise, the sight of Michonne and Jesus charging into battle is great scene stealer, and the overwhelming power of the Walker herd is also another jaw dropping set-piece as the Whisperers vicious tactics press home their advantage.

We’re only two issues in with this six-part story arc and its already shaping up to be one hell of a game changer. The Walking Dead #158 builds to a rousing close. Battle lines are drawn, Eugene’s radio conversation subplot continues bubbling away mysteriously in the background, and the arrival of reinforcements certainly prove to be a rousing moment. But everything is overshadowed by the anticipation of the mother of all showdowns that’s set up for the next issue, as two of series’ biggest, baldest, heavy hitters face off at last!

Publisher: Image / Writer: Robert Kirkman / Art: Charlie Adlard

Inks: Stefano Gaudiano / Grey tones: Cliff Rathburn / Letters: Rus Wooton

Sci-Fi Jubilee My YouTube Channel No Man’s Sky New Worlds, Black Holes, & Strange Aliens


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Sci-Fi Jubilee My YouTube Channel No Man’s Sky

New Worlds, Black Holes, & Strange Aliens

Thanks you for checking out and supporting my YouTube channel everyone! I’ve been playing No Man’s Sky recently. This has certainly proved to be a divisive game for many hasn’t it? I can see why it disappointed a lot of people, personally I don’t mind the game, especially now I’ve got the hyper drive going I can warp between systems – it opens up the scope of the game a lot more. So far I’ve explored lots of new systems, discovered plenty of bizarre life forms, took a swim down to some underwater ruins, visited space stations, travelled through a black hole, and met some rather strange aliens called Polo and Nada in a space anomaly.

Yes, despite, or perhaps because of, all the procedurally generated gazillion planets or whatever, the game can get very repetitive at times. It does have its moments though, I actually find No Man’s Sky is a game that’s very relaxing to play, and every now and then it makes you just want to stand still and admire the gorgeous scenery on some strange alien world.

So, did you get the game, how did you find it, or did you get a refund? Though I’ll probably continue to play No Man’s Sky for a bit longer, with so many new games being released soon, I expect it will become a game I will end up only revisiting occasionally. Anyway, I thought I’d put these clips together and share my travels so far in No Man’s Sky with you, hope you enjoy the video and please feel free to hit that like button and subscribe if you do.


Invincible Iron Man #13 Review


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Invincible Iron Man #13

Review by Paul Bowler

The end of an era draws nigh in Invincible Iron Man #13 as the ramifications of Civil War II begin to impact drastically on Tony Stark’s life. Rhodey’s death has increased Tony’s rancour with Carol Danvers and the Inhumans over the precognitive new Inhuman called Ulysses. Now recent events have left Stark Tower in ruins. However, the sudden arrival of reformed super-villain Victor Von Doom with an offer to show Stark what to do next could change everything, but will this spell the end of Tony’s company and Iron Man as we know it?

When it comes to a Civil War II tie-in, writer Brian Michael Bendis certainly delivers the goods in spades with Invincible Iron Man #13 as the fallout from the destruction of Stark Tower begins to settle over the Marvel Universe. After Victor Von Doom suddenly turned up to whisk Stark halfway across the world yet again, Tony finally gets to try and apologize to Amara for faking his own death, but it a reunion fraught with tension and hurtful asides that cannot be unsaid.

This is a powerful, moving, and often deeply emotional issue at times, as Brian Michael Bendis gives us a stark portrayal of Tony as he finally addresses his grief over Rhodey’s death head on. Viewing Colonel Carol Danvers worldwide broadcast on behalf of the Ultimates, where she deftly skates around the details of her new peacekeeping campaign to prevent disasters before they happen, only serves to fuel Tony’s simmering mistrust and rage even further.

Invincible Iron Man Cover A

The artwork by Mike Dedato is as beautifully rich and detailed as ever. Each scene flows seamlessly into the next, with smooth, refined page layouts that complement the narrative pace of Bendis’ story perfectly. From Tony and Amara’s frosty reunion, the flashback to the moment Tony went to see Rhodey’s body after he died is skilfully interspaced with events in the present as he views Carol’s broadcast to the world. The blend of raw emotions, spanning Tony’s heartrending grief, anger, and unwavering conviction, are all sublimely portrayed here by Dedato, and it all culminates in one little panel of silence tucked away in the corner of a page that conveys more than any words could say.

The tones and hues color Artist Frank Martin uses throughout this issue are utterly superb, from the shimmering amber shades of Carol Danvers broadcast, the vivid grandeur of Rhodey‘s memorial service is masterfully juxtaposed with the gloomy scenes in Tony‘s lab, along with Mary Jane’s brief, yet poignant appearance, and the flashbacks featuring Tony and Rhodey are a wonderful example of how story, art, and color can combine to produce a sublime fusion of emotion and nostalgia in the most moving way imaginable.

Ever since this volume of Invincible Iron Man began, the reformed Victor Von Doom has gone out of his way to become part of Tony’s life, usually appearing at moments that allow Victor to capitalize on or influence a given situation. While Victor’s motives remain unclear, this issue makes significant inroads towards the reasons for Victor’s uninvited appearances, and this time it wont be something that he can simply just walk away from either.

Invincible Iron Man #13 is another strong tie-in issue with Civil War II. Although its light on Iron Man action insofar as Civil War II is concerned, this issue is really more about Tony’s and Rhodey’s friendship, and the flashbacks of them in action as Iron Man and War Machine is one of the undoubted highlight of the issue, and it all rounds off with an unexpected face off that is sure to leave someone with some serious explaining to do. Invincible Iron Man #13 is another terrific issue from Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato, with its powerful storyline and striking artwork; this is an engrossing issue that works on every level.

Publisher: Marvel

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis / Art: Mike Deodato / Color Artist: Frank Martin

VCs Clayton Cowles: Letterer & Production

Cover Artists Mike Deodato & Frank Martin

Doctor Who The Power of the Daleks Animated Release Confirmed!


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The Power of the Daleks Animated Release Confirmed!

We will get our power! We will get out power!


BBC Worldwide has announced that a brand new animated version of the missing Doctor Who story The Power of the Daleks is to be released exclusively via the BBC Store, and then on DVD. This classic six-part adventure from Doctor Who’s Fourth Season, has often been one of the original series’ most celebrated, and was originally broadcast in 1966.

The Power of the Daleks was Patrick Troughton’s first story as the Doctor following the departure of William Hartnell from the lead role during the final episode of The Tenth Planet (1966) – with the first ever regeneration of the Time Lord! Power of the Daleks saw Patrick Troughton’s newly regenerated 2nd incarnation of the Doctor, along with his companions Ben (Michael Craze) and Polly (Anneke Wills), arrive on the planet Vulcan for an adventure set in a fraught Earth colony where they would confront the Doctors ach enemies – the Daleks!


Although sadly The Power of the Daleks, along with many other classic Doctor Who episodes, ended up being junked by the BBC, now this renowned story has now been lovingly reconstructed, produced by the same team behind the successful animation of the lost Dad’s Army Episode: A Stripe For Frazer (released on the BBC Store in February this year), as a brand new six-part black and white animated version, together with an original audio recording, to allow this classic story to be released 50 years to the day after the stories original broadcast.

The producer and director of The Power of the Daleks animated version is Charles Norton, with character designs from acclaimed comic book artists Martin Geraghty and Adrian Salmon. Charles Norton said, “The Power of the Daleks animation is the most ambitious Doctor Who archive restoration ever attempted and we’re all very honoured to be a part of such a an exciting project. Intelligent, suspenseful and magnificently staged, Power of the Daleks is one of the great lost classics of 1960s television and a superb example of the black and white era at its finest.” Paul Hembury, Executive Producer, BBC Worldwide says, “Charles and his team are remarkably talented and passionate about Doctor Who and we are thrilled that fans will soon be able to enjoy this rather sinister but wonderful, classic story.”


Now at long last we will be able to enjoy Power of the Daleks in a format that will be about as close to experiencing the original episodes as possible. It will be great for fans old and new to experience Patrick Troughton’s first story as the Doctor in animated form, it’s a fantastic story, and to see it come to life with animation like this will be amazing!

Check out the trailer for the new Animated version of Power of the Daleks!

Doctor Who: The Power Of The Daleks will be released on BBC Store

on Saturday 5th November 2016 followed by the DVD on Monday 21st November.

On Saturday 5th November there will be a special screening of episodes 1-3 of Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks at BFI Southbank, London which will also include a Q&A with Anneke Wills, Charles Norton and Frazer Hines. More information will be available from from Monday 19th September.

Images Belong BBC


Micronauts #5 Review


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Micronauts #5 Review

Review by Paul Bowler

The search for the Time Travellers begins in Micronauts #5, as the threat of the entropy storm closes in. Captain Oziron Oz Rael and his crew are now prisoners of the Force Commander Baron Daigon, but it seems that Oz knows far more about the Pharoids and their connection to the mysterious entities known as the Time Travellers than even his shipmates could have expected, and with Barron Karza about to strike the secrets of past could soon have long lasting repercussions for the Microspace and Earth…

After last issues flashback issue to Baron Karza’s treacherous rise to power and the courtship of the woman who would become his wife, the Mistress of Spies, Shazrella, writer Cullen Bunn returns to the present day events in Micronauts #5 as Oz and the crew of the Heliopolis face the prospect of torture and eventual execution by The Ministry of Science once Barron Daegon has acquires the information they seek from Oz. It is in these early scenes that we see the bond between space pirate Oziron Rael, daredevil Space Glider Phenelo-Phi, seasoned Space-Warrior Acroyear, Orbital Defender Larissa, and Ozs sharp witted first mate, the small robot Microtron, really beginning to evolve into something very special, and the great, and often fun, banter they share really helps with polarising these newly forged relationships between the characters.

Micronauts #5 COVER 1

They also learn more about Oz’s past, his connection to the Pharoids, and why the Force Commander believes Oz’s dormant abilities could save Microsapce from the entropy storm. However, fooling his captors long enough for them to find a way to escape isn’t going to be easy, especially with Membros, the chief Ministry of Science interrogator, eager to take a more “hands on” approach to Oziron’s interrogation. Cullen Bunn provides some great moments of characterization for Oz and his crew throughout the course of this issue, while also keeping the suspense building right from the outset as Barron Karza plans his next move.

Micronauts #5 also features some great artwork from Max Dunbar as well. From the sweeping display of military might as Baron Karza rallies his forces, to his startling transformation to lead the charge into battle, it is the quieter moments in the cell between Oz and his crew that really pack an emotional punch, and Dunbar’s art excels when the action kicks into high gear at the midway point and all hell break loose. The colors by David Garcia-Cruz and Ander Zarate are glorious rich and vibrant, and their skilful use of tone and shade accentuates the finer points of the action perfectly. Baron Karza’s “enerchange”, the creepy Membros, and the frenetic breakout from the cell, are just some of the many standout moments in this issue.

Micronauts will also be involved in IDW Publishings ambitious REVOLOUTION event which will bring ROM, the Transformers, G.I. Jo, M.A.S.K, and the Micronauts together in a one shared universe for the first time, and Micronauts #5 provides a tenuous lead in for this series’ inclusion in IDW’s major bran-wide comic book event .

It’s not long before the crew of the Heliopolis seize their chance to breakout of their cell, retrieve their weapons and their Biotron unit, and make a dash for freedom. Micronauts #5 poses some tantalizing mysteries about Oz’s not-quite-to latent abilities, Karza’s forces reveal a surprising secondary objective in the heat of battle, and the cliff-hanging final moments strike the unwary in the most shocking and unexpected way imaginable.

IDW’s new Micronauts universe is really starting to take shape now, Micronauts #5 is a tautly plotted and exciting issue by Cullen Bunn, with stylish and detailed artwork by Max Dunbar, we are beginning to have a greater sense of what this new Micronaut series, inspired by the classic Marvel series by Bill Mantlo and Michael Golden and the original toy line of interchangeable action figures, will be like as the creative teams new spin on the premise and its characters begins to settle into a cohesive narrative of its own, and I’m looking forward to seeing how Oz and his team mates will feature in REVOLOUTION as the IDW universe range of titles finally converge at last.

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Writer: Cullen Bunn / Art: Max Dunbar

Colors: David Garcia-Cruz & Ander Zarate

Letters: Tom B. Long

Sci-Fi Jubilee My YouTube Channel: Dark Souls 3 High Lord Wolnir


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Sci-Fi Jubilee My YouTube Channel: Dark Souls 3 High Lord Wolnir

Thanks for checking out and supporting my YouTube channel everyone! I’ve been playing some more Dark Souls 3 recently, battling through the Catacombs of Carthus, and my new video features the exciting boss fight with High Lord Wolnir. I must admit, it took me by surprise, I thought the spooky skull cup I found was going to be treasure! Then I’m transported into a dark realm and a giant skeleton thing starts crawling out from an abyss, EEEEP! Somehow I managed to defeat it on my first try. That’s what I like about Dark Souls 3, sure, it can be a really difficult game at times, frustrating even, but it rewards you with brilliant moment like this, all of the locations are so different and detailed as well, and you never EVER know what to expect next. Well, hope you enjoy the video and please feel free to hit that like button and subscribe if you do. Cheers!