Doctor Who 2017 Christmas Special Twice Upon A Time Special Preview Clip


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Doctor Who 2017 Christmas Special Twice Upon A Time Children In Need Clip

As part of the BBC’s annual Children in Need live charity fundraising event on BBC One, Doctor Who fans were treated to a preview clip of the Doctor Who 2017 Christmas special Twice Upon a Time! Written by Steven Moffat (his last story before Broadchurch creator Chris Chibnall takes over as show runner) and directed by Rachel Talalay, Twice Upon a Time is also Peter Capaldi’s final adventure as the 12th Doctor before he regenerates into 13th incarnation played by Jodie Whittaker. Twice Upon a Time also features David Bradley as the 1st Doctor, Pearl Mackie as Bill, and Mark Gatiss as a World War I solider known as ‘The Captain’ Check out the special preview clip, where the 1st Doctor enters the 12th Doctor TARDIS first show on Children in Need! Can’t wait for this Doctor Who Christmas Special!



The Walking Dead #173 Review


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The Walking Dead #173

Review by Paul Bowler

Twilight confrontations and a major new threat rises in The Walking Dead #173 as Jesus fights for his life and Michonne’s team head for Ohio. While the eighth season of the Walking Dead is going all-out for the All Out War storyline on TV right now, the character in the Image comic book series are still picking up the pieces after The Whisperer War – the Walker skin wearing group that unleashed a Walker herd on Alexandria and razed the Hilltop to the ground!

So, with Rick devastated by Andrea’s death after she was bitten by a Walker and Dwight still doubting his role at either Alexandria or the Saviors Sanctuary, last issues cliff-hanger which saw Jesus and Aaron set off to help with the rebuilding of the Hilltop – only to be ambushed by the hulking Whisperer leader Beta – finally seemed to herald a resurgences in hostilities with the Whisperers. However, although The Walking Dead #173 does deliver an edge of your seat face-off between Jesus and Beta, the resolution proves to be somewhat surprising to say the least!

Kirkman manages to keep the plot moving along at a brisk pace. There’s some great character moments for Jesus and Aaron, Maggie is still coming to terms with Rick’s decision to let Negan remain free after he helped them during the attack on Alexandria in The Whisperer War, and Carl and Lydia’s rekindled relationship back at the Hilltop is tested when Lydia begins to feel jealous about Carl’s friendship with Sophia.

The art by Charlie Adlard, together with inks by Stefano Gaudiano, and gray tones by Cliff Rathburn, are on fine form as ever. In the no-holds-barred fight between Jesus and Beta, every nerve jangling moment plays out in a flurry of fists, kicks, blades, and bullets. The quieter character moments skilfully punctuate the action, while the starkly rendered and uncluttered page layouts seamlessly relays the action and various locations – no mean feat considering how a lot of events in this issue take place in almost pitch black darkness.

For the most part, Robert Kirkman has dealt with the aftermath of The Whisperer War adequately enough, but things have felt like they’ve been coasting a bit for a few issues. It seems the resurgence of the Whispers might not be in the offing after all, especially if the encounters with them in this issue are anything to go by. Hopefully we will also find out more about the group Eugune made contact with on his radio soon as well, but will they be friends, or foes?

Meanwhile, during their trek to Ohio, Michonne’s group encountered Princesss, a feisty new spear wielding character who has already proved her worth by fighting alongside them against Walkers. I must admit, although I found Princess a bit grating initially, the character brings some vibrant new traits into the group, and it’ll be interesting to see how the rest of the survivors react to her. That is, if they survive that long as this issue sees Princess, Michonne and her team confronted by an unknown threat in a particularly eerie setting.

With its strong characterization from writer Robert Kirkman and great art by Charlie Adlard, The Walking Dead #173 is a good overall issue. It feels more like a scene setter really, with characters and situations settling into place, and now with the New World Order story-arc on the horizon there is a real sense that big game-changing events are on the cards.

Publisher: Image.

Writer: Robert Kirkman / Pencils & Cover: Charlie Adlard / Inks: Stefano Gaudiano

Gray Tone: Cliff Rathburn / Letterer: Rus Wooton / Cover Colors: Dave Stewart

Detective Comics #968 Review


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Detective Comics #968

Review by Paul Bowler

A Lonely Place of Living reaches its astounding conclusion in Detective Comics #968, with Tim Drake now back on Earth, but he’s also brought a fearsome menace back with him – a future version of himself that has been tragically moulded by fate to become the Batman! This misguided Batman is determined to complete his mission to kill Batwoman and change the future, not even the Dark Knight and his allies can stand against him, and now Red Robin must fight to save everything that he’s ever fought and died for…

Suffice to say, Detective Comics #968 is not only one hell of an action packed issue, its also probably writer James Tynion’s finest story arc so far during his run on Detective Comics. With its throwbacks to A Lonely Place of Dying and nebulous links to the Mr Oz storyline going on over in Action Comics, this storyline with its timey wimey narrative has made for compelling reading, and effectively brought Tim Drake‘s story full circle as he returns to the fold in a battle royal with his future self who now wears the mantel of the Bat!

Tynion skilfully balances the cast of Bat-characters in this issue, with Batman, Red Robin, Nightwing, Damian, Red Hood, and Alfred squaring off against the future Tim / Batman in the Batcave, while Batwoman, Azeral, Cassandra, Batwing, and Clayface bravely confront a lethal attack from hacked Colony drones at the Belfrey. Everyone in the Bat-Family gets a moment to shine in the spotlight, the dialogue and banter positively crackles from the page, and the team dynamic that makes this book so strong will no doubt be made all the richer by the dramatic far-reaching implication of the events that unfold over the course of this issue.

Detective Comics #968 also dazzles with some especially striking artwork, with pencils by Alvaro Martinez, inks by Raul Fernandez, and colors Tomeu Morey, the bold, free flowing page layouts and panoramic double page spreads exquisitely relay the frenetic action and emotional beats in vivid detail; while the concise letting by Sal Cipriano ensures the dialogue seamlessly blends the narrative across each and every panel. From the face-off in the Batcave to the showdown in the Belfrey, the extensive cast of characters are all impressively rendered, dynamic perspectives give each location a distinct tone, and the temporal effect that intermittently manifests around the future Tim / Batman also provides an interesting visual flourish.

This story-arc has been nothing short of brilliant, and James Tynion IV has excelled once himself again with this issue. Detective Comics 968 delivers an extremely satisfying, powerful, and moving conclusion to A Lonely Place of Living. It’s great to finally have Tim Drake back after his apparent demise in the battle with the Colony and his subsequent incarceration outside of time by Mr Oz. A Lonely Place of Living has offered us an intriguing glimpse into the future (or at last one possible future), it will be fascinating to what happens now that Tim has returned to the Bat-family, and I can’t wait to see what Tynion and Co have in store for this team next!

Publisher DC Comics.

Writer James Tynion IV / Pencils Alvaro Martinez / Inks Raul Fernandez

Colors Tomeu Morey / Letters Sal Cipriano

Cover Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira, & Adriano Lucas

Varian Cover Rafael Albuquerque


Old Man Logan #30 Review


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Old Man Logan #30

Review by Paul Bowler

Its all blood, claws, and nukes in Old Man Logan #30 as the showdown between the Maestro and Logan reaches its startling climax! In Logan’s quest to avert both his own nightmarish future in the Wastelands and prevent the Maestro and the Hulk gang from unleashing Armageddon in present, his criss-crossed timelines have united Logan with Clint Barton and the female Hulk gang defector, Cambria. Together they pursued the Maestro and the Hulkling children across Yurkon territory, Canada, where Logan’s savage battle with the Maestro now faces the sudden emergence of the most deadly, and unexpected threat of all…

Marvel Comics Old Man Logan series from the creative team of writer Ed Brisson, artist Mike Deodato JR, and colorist Frank Martin continues to soar to new heights of excellence as the thrilling Days of Anger storyline concludes!

The Maestro has been a formidable adversary for Logan, this alternative universe version of Bruce Banner has used the Hulk gang (savage Banner descendants Logan fought back in the Wastelands) to implement his mad scheme and wipe out humanity, but now events have come to a head. Although the Hulk gang and their missiles have been neutralized thanks to Cambria’s intel and Puck’s help on the Alpha Flight space station, the Maestro, Logan, and his unlikely allies now find themselves held to ransom by a child with a nuclear bomb!

Briefly revisiting the bleak future of the Wastelands to finally reveal how the Maestro managed to bring the Hulk gang to this dimension, events quickly spiral back to the present day where opposing sides and loyalties prepare to square off in this riveting issue of Old Man Logan as writer Ed Brisson piles on the tension and suspense at every given opportunity. Each line of dialogue crackles with menace and raw emotion as the youngest member of the Hulk gang, Malakai, threatens to detonate the final active nuke and kill them all.

The nail bitingly dramatic face-off which ensues quickly becomes a battle of wills, but with the Maestro and Logan only compounding the situation further it’s up to Cambria to try and convince the frightened child that the Maestro has been lying to them all along. The frenetic action builds at an astonishing rate form heron in, with Ed Brisson throwing some ingenious plot twists and character beats into the mix along the way, and there are some genuinely shocking moments of jaw-dropping carnage to look out for as well!

Boasting some of the series’ most striking, and emotional scenes to date, artist Mike Deodato’s characteristic borderless panel layouts completely immerse you in the action. Events build at a rapid pace amidst the snow swept landscape of Yukon territory, with characters and their expressions all hauntingly realized by Deodato’s intricate work and lavish attention to the finest details, while colorist Frank Martin utilizes an exquisite fusion of bold hues and subdued tones to further accentuate the unfolding drama with stunning clarity. Every page is a dazzling spectacle of singularly framed and moments: the Maestro’s raw strength and power, Cambria’s defiance, Hawkeye’s valiant stand, and Logan’s berserker rage as he goes toe-to-toe with the Maestro are all just some of the blockbusting highlights that will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading this issue.

A trio of codas are forged in the resolution of Days of Anger that are as powerful as they are emotional, the underlying themes of this story-arc are brought to the fore, and the aftermath ultimately has a profound effects on all of the major players involved. Ed Brisson, Mike Deodato, and Frank Martin have done fantastic work with this series, Old Man Logan #30 rounds off this storyline in fine style, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what this creative team have in store for us with their next arc: The Scarlet Samurai!

Publisher Marvel Comics

Writer: Ed Brisson / Art Mike: Deodato JR / Colorist: Frank Martin

Letterer: VCs Cory Petit  / Cover: Mike Deodato JR & Frank Martin

Godzilla in Hell


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Godzilla in Hell TPB Review

Review by Paul Bowler

Over the many decades of city levelling battles and victories against untold monstrous adversaries, Godzilla now faces his greatest challenge of all in this mammoth 120 page Trade Paper Back edition which collects the epic five-issue miniseries: Godzilla in Hell! Godzilla’s voyage will see him encounter some of the most deadly creatures of all as he confronts the heinous tortures and machinations of hell, facing impossible odds and unimaginable horrors to prove that his is the King of the Monsters, on Earth, and in Hell!!

Plunged into the darkest depths of Hell without warning, Godzilla must now traverse the deepest levels of this infernal realm, where the secret of Godzilla’s damnation awaits, get ready for the most extraordinary story of all time as Godzilla embarks on this twisted odyssey through the very bowels of Hell itself…

Just as each issue of this miniseries saw Godzilla entering a new level of the underworld to fight the impossible horrors of Hell, each issue in the series also had its own distinct style and tone. Godzilla in Hell and its rotating creative team of exceptional talent have brought Godzilla’s tumultuous adventure though Hell to life in spectacular fashion for this IDW miniseries, starting with the writer and artist James Stokoe (issue #1), returning to the character here for the first time here since his landmark miniseries, Godzilla: The Half Century War. Each issue of this five-part series also went on to featured a number of familiar names, including writer and artists Bob Eggleton (issue #2) and David Wachter on issue #5 (Wachter worked on the apocalyptic Godzilla: Cataclysm), Of the new writers to Godzilla, there’s Ulises Farinas and Erick Freitas on issue #3, with art by Buster Moody, and Brandon Seifert handles issue #4 with art by Ibrahim Moustafa.

Each new level of Hell that Godzilla reaches brings with it even more dangerous encounters and revelations: from the breathtaking initial free-fall into Hell, Godzilla must venture though incredible settings, facing devilish atrocities, travelling across craggy landscapes were ancient cities claw at the feted sky, past realms of fie and ice, though shipwrecked wastelands, and unfathomable ocean depths. As demonic incarnations of his greatest foes prepare to mount their attack, clues to what brought Godzilla to Hell spells for an uncanny rematch, with titanic battles on a grand scale, where a wall of living flesh, Destoroyah, King Ghidorah, and an unstoppable force must be vanquished if Godzilla is ever to find a way back to the living world.

The team of writers and artists on this book have done some truly astounding work on this miniseries. Indeed, the various writing and artistic styles make this unique take on the Godzilla franchise seem even more exciting and powerful, as Godzilla reaches each new area of Hell, the shift in tone and style gives us a real sensation of progress though the story, the sheer creativity and inventiveness is astonishing. The narrative pace of Godzilla in Hell is perhaps stronger in some issue than others, but the brilliant premise, together with stunning visuals and incredible action more than compensate for any minor quibbles.

Godzilla in Hell is a fabulous trade paperback collection. Godzilla fans are sure to enjoy this stunning series, in what is perhaps one of the most impressive and unusual Godzilla stories ever told. Add to this the added bonus here of a truly amazing cover galley, along with as the extra sketches and inspirations that made this series a reality, and you will be captivated by this saga which has been brought to you by some of the most talented writers and artist of our time. Godzilla in Hell presents Godzilla with a threat unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, it’s a worthy addition to any comic collection, and highly recommended!

Publisher: IDW

Writers & Artists

James Stoke / Bob Eggleton / Ulises Farinas / Erick Freitas / Buster Moody

Brandon Seifert / Ibrahim Moustafa

Invincible Iron Man #593 Review


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Invincible Iron Man #593

Review by Paul Bowler

A startling new era for Marvel’s armored Avenger begins in Invincible Iron Man #593 as Marvel Legacy gets under way. The comatose body of Tony Stark has vanished! Now it falls to Stark’s friends and foes, those who have overseen his business interests and assumed the mantel of Iron Man since his battle with Captain Marvel during Civil War II left Tony in a medically unexplainable coma, to finally decide who will succeed him as the Invincible Iron Man!

Well, now that we’ve got all the hoo-ha with Secret Empire out of the way, Marvel can concentrate on getting things back on track with Legacy. To be honest, this is bit of a quirky issue of Invincible Iron Man, there is a sense of getting back to basics and core elements of the character, which I guess is what Legacy is meant to be all about, and the return to the series’ original numbering – along with a great cover by Adi Granov – gives you a real sense that you are witnessing the start of something with great potential here.

The issue is positively bursting with insightful character moments and exposition, and writer Brian Michael Bendis keeps Invincible Iron Man #593 on an even keel as he skilfully juggles the numerous plot threads. Tony’s AI, Friday is every present throughout, quickly brining us up to speed with current events: with Tony’s condition in stasis at a Stark Facility, Riri Williams role as Iron heart (whose Armor is run by an AI downloaded from Stark’s consciousness), and Victor Von Doom’s self-proclaimed path to redemption as the Infamous Iron Man.

The Star Expo that opens the issue, overseen by Stark’s Mother, Amanda, and Mary Jane Watson, is a poignant affair tinged with both sadness and hope; despite the dour board of directors resolve to spoil the party. Throw in the mystery of Tony Stark’s body going missing and a tense face-off between the Thing and Victor Von Doom after an incident at Riker’s Island, and you have an issue that poses as many questions as it does answers.

Featuring the work of artists Stefano Caselli and Alex Maleey, with Color Artists Marte Gracia and Alex Maleev, Invincible Iron Man #593 ticks all the boxes visually and stylistically, and the transition between artists and color artists doesn’t impede the overall enjoymenty of reading the issue. The panel layouts are straightforward, nothing fancy, the characters and location are well realized, and there’s a nice jaunt around the Marvel Universe as everyone concerned ponders who ya gonna call when Tony Stark goes missing!?! Although there’s probably enough story in this issue for a couple of issues, for me though, the standout scene was between Victor and The Thing, where some especially scathing home truths are finally aired – and about time too!

Ok, now I’m a big fan of Iron Man / Tony Stark. However, I wasn’t impressed with his fate at the end of Civil War II, Riri Williams was ok as Ironheart, but I didn’t really warm to Doom being the Infamous Iron Man that much, and having skipped Secret Empire completely I’m hoping that The Search For Tony Stark Part 1 sets things up for Tony’s return as the one, true, Iron Man. The question is, is that what’s happening here in this issue?

That’s something this issues surprise ending will certainly leave us guessing about for now. While the story is adequate enough, I was hoping the art would be a bit more spectacular, but it’s still a fairly good issue for fans and newcomers alike. Suffice to say; if Marvel Legacy is all about getting back to the core mechanics, ethos, and distinctive look of Marvel’s most iconic characters, then Invincible Iron Man #593 is definitely a step in the right direction.

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis / Artist: Stefano Caselli & Alex Maleev

Color Artists: Marte Gracia & Alex Maleev / Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowls

Cover: Adi Granov

Marvel’s New Black Panther Trailer is Here!


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Marvel’s New Black Panther Trailer is Here!

Check out the awesome new trailer for Marvel’s Black Panther!

Really looking forward to this movie!

And there’s a new poster as well!

In theaters February 16! 2018.

Ragman #1 Review


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Ragman #1

Review by Paul Bowler

A hero is forged from adversity in Ragman #1 as war vet Rory Regan struggles to come to terms with his past, and embarks on a mission to confront a sinister new evil rising in Gotham City as the mysterious supernatural vigilante – Ragman! This new DC Comics Ragman mini-series by writer Ray Fakes (Constantine, Gotham By Midnight) charts a bold new reimagining of Ragman’s origin, the Jewish hero whose mystical suit of rags gives him power from the souls it has bound and drained. Fawkes is joined by artist Inaki Miranda and colorist Eva De La Cruz, in brining us this new vision of Ragman, and the series will feature covers by Guillem March.

Ragman originally debuted in 1976, and was created by DC Legends Robert Kanigher and Joe Kubert. The series was short lived but Ragman’s gritty urban setting, along with his uncanny blend of magic and mystery, has always made this champion of the downtrodden a compelling character, and he’s remained a distinct figure in the DC Universes otherworldly pantheon of characters ever since – albeit often as a guest star. This new Ragman mini-series is the first comic book series to feature Ragman in a major role since 2010’s Ragman Suit of Souls one-shot. The character also appeared in Season 5 of CW’s Arrow TV series, played by Joe Dinicol.

In a nutshell Ragman #1 finds war veteran Rory Regan still haunted by the death of his team-mates after their mission to locate a treasure in the Israeli desert gores disastrously wrong. Now back in Gotham and consumed with survivors guilt, Rory’s ongoing struggle with PTSD leads him to discover that he inadvertently brought the treasure back with him – a rag-tad suit of souls that has the ability to collects the souls of others – and it will change his life forever!

Seeing inhuman things in people’s eyes wherever he goes, events drive Rory towards his eventual transformation into Ragman, and it only then when things start to become clear to him. Together with the disembodied help of his dead team-mate, Rory learns more about the suit of rags, and its strange powers. But a dark evil is building in Gotham City. A demonic force wants the Suit of Souls, soon it will unleash its minions on those he loves most, and Rory must quickly master his new abilities as Ragman to save Gotham from this hellish threat …

Ray Fawkes does a great job in establishing the character of Ragman and keeping the plot moving along at a fast pace, whilst not getting too bogged down in exposition, as he skilfully brings the multifaceted aspects and interpretations of the character together for this new take on Ragman’s mythology. With flashbacks resonating powerfully throughout the narrative as Rory attempts to piece his life back together in present day Gotham, Rory’s struggle with PTSD, his close bond with his father, and the eventual realization of how he became Ragman all splice together with a hauntingly dream-like quality. Fawkes emotionally charged script remains eminently respectful to the character – as well as offering an entirely fresh perspective – and the results is an edgy, mystically tinged, adventure that proves to be as intriguing as it is exhilarating.

The brooding, sombre look of this Ragman series is effectively defined by artist Inaki Miranda and colorist Eva De La Cruz, with boldly stylised page layouts that stylishly reflect the beats of the story. Inaki Miranda packs in a tremendous amount of detail on every page. The characters and expressions are well defined; nerve jangling angles permeate the flashbacks, while the quieter moments as Rory deals with his PTSD sublimely punctuate the narrative. Rory’s father has always been an integral part of the Ragman mythos, and the scenes between Rory and his dad in the Rags N Tatters shop is one of this issue stand out emotional moments. Ragman’s appearance has also been suitably updated, and the character looks even more wild and dramatic than ever as his suit of souls evolves and flow with the strength of Rory’s inner demons. Eva De La Cruz’s utilizes a vivid palette of color throughout, enriching the brooding darkness and accentuating emotions with subtle shifts in tone, contrasting it with a striking Gotham skyline awash with rich urban hues, and building the ominous drama of the cliff-hanger with a spirited fission of color and shadow.

Ragman #1 ushers in an exciting new era for long-time fans of Ragman and offers a great introduction to the character for newcomers as well. Stylishly written by Ray Fawkes, with great art by Inaki Miranda, glorious colors by Eva De La Cruz, and with a stunning cover by Guillem March, Ragman #1 is a reboot that captivates your imagination as it enwraps you in its dark world. It may only be a mini-series, but on the strength of this issue, I certainly hope Ragman becomes a more permanent feature in DC’s Rebirth continuity in the future.

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Ray Fawkes / Art : Inaki Miranda / Colorist: Eva De La Cruz

Letterer: Josh Reed / Cover: Guillem March

New Star Wars The Last Jedi Trailer!


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Check out the new trailer for STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI, it look amazing! Star Wars Episode VIII THE LAST JEDI is written and directed by Rian Johnson and produced by Kathleen Kennedy and Ram Bergman and executive produced by J.J. Abrams, Jason McGatlin, and Tom Karnowski.

Star Wars The Last Jedi Official Trailer!

Its brilliant trailer, great to more of the new Star Wars movie, what do you all think of the trailer?

And there’s a new poster as well!

STAR WARS EPISODE VIII THE LAST JEDI is scheduled for release December 15,


NY Comic-Con Official Trailer: THE X-FILES Season 11


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NY Comic-Con Official Trailer: THE X-FILES Season 11

Check out the NY CC trailer for the new series of The X-Files!

The NY Comic-Con Official Trailer: THE X-FILES Season 11

The all-new 10-episode installment once again will be executive-produced by creator Chris Carter, with stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson returning in their roles as iconic FBI Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. The event series will air during the2017-2018season. THE X-FILES originally premiered in September 1993. Over the course of its nine-season run, the influential series went from breakout sci-fi favorite to massive global hit, and became one of the most successful television dramas of all time. The show, which earned 16 Emmy Awards, five Golden Globes and a Peabody Award, follows FBI special agents Scully and Mulder, as they investigate unexplained cases – “X-Files”

Produced by 20th Century Fox Television and Ten Thirteen Productions, THE X-FILES is created and executive-produced by Chris Carter.

The Truth is still out There! Can’t wait for the new episodes in 2018!