Invincible Iron Man #9 Review


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Invincible Iron Man #9

Review by Paul Bowler

Tony and Rhodey’s friendship is tested to the limit in Marvel’s Invincible Iron Man #9: The War Machines Part 4, as the explosive fallout of the showdown in Japan between Iron Man, Rhodey, and Spider-Man against Tomoe and her biohack ninjas unfolds. This exciting road to Civil War II story will challenge Iron Man and War Machine like never before as new players are revealed and threaten everything they represent…

Iron Man may have called on Spider-Man’s help to find Colonel Rhodey in Japan, but rescuing Rhodey from techno-golem Tomoe and her biohack ninjas didn’t prove quite as straightforward as expected. Tomoe is able to attract and assimilate all forms of technology, including Rhodey’s and Tonys armor, and even Spider-Man’s web shooters! With Tony’s suits AI, Friday, unable to counteract this new technology, Tomoe initiated a cataclysmic explosion to destroy them all. Now, writer Brian Michael Bendis delivers further action-packed developments as Invincible Iron Man #9 takes The War Machines arc to whole new level of excitement and intrigue.

Invincible Iron Man #9 begins with Tony Stark MIA, shares in his company have plummeted, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, as Brian Michael Bendis surreptitiously casts a veil of mystery and suspense over what has really happened to Tony Stark. The War Machines Part 4 might not be wall-to-wall action like the previous issue, but it makes up for it with some brilliantly crafted character moments: with Friday dealing with an irate shareholder, an immensely thought provoking interlude with Doctor Amara Perera and the reformed Victor Von Doom, and Rhodey’s return visit to the secret underground nightclub in Osaka to get information about Tony’s whereabouts from its wheelchair bound proprietor – the mysterious Miss Yukio.

Invincible Iron Man #9 cover

The most startling scene is that aforementioned meeting of minds between Victor and Amara, as advancements in her research into Alzheimer’s disease remains elusively beyond her grasp. Its a matter further compounded for her because of Tony’s disappearance, even news reports that Peter Parker has his best people searching for him offers little comfort, but it is the way Doom gains access to her lab that initiates the most fascinating debate of all. The startling juxtaposition between science and magic Bendis strikes in their conversation becomes intermingled with the ethical, moral, and potentially far-reaching consequences that reside in the core of Doctor Amara Perera’s argument with Victor Von Doom, and we are left wondering just how far she is prepared to go to compromise her principles in order to see her research move towards human trials.

Mike Deodato’s artwork for this issue is as captivating as it is dynamic. Deodato’s art brings added emotion and intensity to this densely plotted issue from Bendis, it’s almost as if they instinctively play to each others strengths as writer and artist, and the result is one of the most gripping issues of Invincible Iron Man so far. From the pang of emotion on Friday’s face when she’s asked if Tony is dead, to the frenetic action when Rhodey goes looking for information in the club in Osaka, and the marvellous scene between Amara and Victor, this issue has it all. Color artist Frank Martin is also on fine form, delicate tones and velvety shadows are blended in perfect harmony with every beat of the story, effortlessly drawing us into the narrative, and the Rhodey, War Machine, and biohack ninja scenes are the action-packed highlight of the issue!

Of course, the striking cover for Invincible Iron Man #9 by Mike Deodato reveals the debut of a brand new armored superhero, a woman, and the cover blurb reads: “OK, she doesn’t have a hero name yet – She’s working on it!” It’s certainly going to be the big talking point of this issue, but who is it? I won’t spoil it for you, but rest assured, everything – kind of – is revealed in this issue, it actually links back to scenes from earlier in The War Machines story-arc, and it skilfully sets up some really exciting possibilities for the future!

So, where is Tony Stark? Well, after keeping us – and most of the characters – guessing, that question is indeed answered in this issue, and it’s ingeniously done as well. Invincible Iron Man #9 is a tense, exciting, and thoughtful issue in The War Machines story-arc, Brian Michael Bendis is making Tony Stark’s work more compelling with every issue, it feels like we are building towards a real epic now, and with Mike Deodato’s excellent artwork and Frank Martin’s intricate colors, Invincible Iron Man continues to impress on every level and remains one of Marvel’s best new titles.

Publisher: Marvel / Writer: Brian Michael Bendis / Art: Mike Deodato / Color Artist: Frank Martin

VCs Clayton Cowles: Letterer & Production

Cover Artists Mike Deodato & Frank Martin

Daredevil #6 Review


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Daredevil #6

Review by Paul Bowler

Hell’s Kitchen hath no fury like an assassin scorned, as Matt Murdock finds out in Daredevil #6 when his former lover, the assassin Elektra, returns to the Big Apple with a score to settle with The Man Without Fear! Even though Matt Murdock has managed to conceal his identity from the rest of the world, some parts of his past are not so easy to hide, and he may soon regret the day that he ever met Elektra Natchios…

Elektra is back in Daredevil #6 in the start of the brand new Elektra Connection storyline, beginning an exciting new chapter in the Marvel Comics title from writer Charles Soule, with guest artist Matteo Buffagni, and colorist Matt Milla. The first part of the Elektra Connection kicks off with an action-packed confrontation, as one time lovers Daredevil and Elektra clash in a furious battle across the rooftops of Hell’s Kitchen!

Following the impressive first story arc, where Daredevil and his new protégé Blondspot battled the crime lord Tenfingers and the mystically enhanced ninjas of The Hand, the new direction Charles Soule has introduced for this title and Matt Murdock’s character really begins to hit its stride now with the return of Elektra.

Daredevil #6 Cover 2016

Unfolding over one day, with Daredevil’s and Elekrta’s rooftop battle in the early hours punctuated by the emotionally charged sequence of events that reunited Elektra Natchios and Matt Murdock on this fateful day, this issue exemplifies everything that is great and good about Charles Soule’s new take on the series. Daredevil #6 is a beautifully scripted issue, with former defence attorney Matt Murdock’s new career as a Prosecutor for the city of New York suddenly brought into sharp focus in the light of Elektra’s presence.

Matt has somehow managed to regain his secret identity and erased all public knowledge that he is really Daredevil, and this makes Elektra’s return even more tantalizing as she no longer knows that Matt is Daredevil. Indeed, this is the first issue of the new run that has really touched on the effect of Murdock’s new anonymity in the Marvel Universe, and Charles Soule weaves a spellbinding blend of courtroom drama, intense action, and simmering passions as Daredevil and Elektra square off on the rain swept rooftops of Hell‘s Kitchen. Even Daredevil’s protégé, Blindspot, gets caught up in Elektra’s face-off with The Man Without Fear, although this time he’ll probably wish he’d followed Daredevil’s instructions for once!

From the gloriously staged opening moments, Matteo Buffagni’s art embodies the dark, almost noir-like tone of this series perfectly, shifting between courtroom drama, drinks in a bar, passionate reminisces, and acrobatic no-holds-barred combat between Daredevil and Elektra, Buffagni visuals are so striking that each panel has a fluidity of movement to them that makes virtually every scene come alive on the page. The fight between Daredevil and Elektra on the rain drenched rooftops is a bloody and brutal affair, it looks magnificent, and Matt Milla’s colors are glorious throughout, with vivid tones and dusky shadows melding in stark contrast to the bright swirls of Matt’s radar sense and Daredevil’s and Elektra’s blood splattered combat.

This exciting issue, with its fabulous cover by Bill Sienkiewicz, races towards a thrilling conclusion and blindsides us with a stunning cliff-hanger! Daredevil #6 gets this new storyline by Charles Soule off to a great start, with its outstanding artwork from Matteo Buffagni and colors by Matt Milla, this issue will keep you guessing right up until that brilliant game-changing final page!

Publisher: Marvel Comics / Writer: Charles Soule / Art: Matteo Buffagni

Colors: Matt Milla / Letters: VC’s Clayton Cowles / Cover: Bill Sienkiewicz


Sci-Fi Jubilee My You Tube Channel: Advice, Editing, & Dark Souls 3


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Sci-Fi Jubilee My New You Tube Channel

Advice, Editing, and Defeating Ludwig the Accused

Well, first off I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone for supporting my new YouTube channel Paul Bowler YouTube My last video was my first attempt at editing clips from my initial run through Bloodborn The Old Hunters. Many of you got in touch with me afterwards with lots of helpful advice, encouragement, and suggestions. Cheers everyone! With your help I’ve been getting to grips a bit more with editing stuff now, had some good recommendations on choosing a headset, and I want to have a go at maybe streaming gameplay next. I’ve also just started playing Dark Souls 3, its a brilliant game, and my latest video is a great boss fight from Dark Souls 3 defeating Vordit of the Boreal Valley! Love the music in these boss battles, they make the game feel so epic and exciting! Looking forward to starting Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End next! Hope you enjoy the video, and please feel free to like, share, comment, and subscribe if you do.

Batman #51 Review


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Batman #51

Review by Paul Bowler

In the wake of recent events Batman #51 sees the Dark Knight facing a new challenge. Batman has battled so often to protect Gotham from his deadly rogues gallery of villains over the years, from everyone to the Joker, the Court of Owls, and now Mr Bloom, so how will Batman deal with a quiet night in Gotham City..?

Scott Snyder has written for three different characters who have worn the mantel of the Bat, including Dick Grayson during his initial stint on Detective Comics, to Bruce Wayne on Batman, and Jim Gordon in the recent Superheavy arc. Now as Scott Snyder’s incredible run on Batman with artist Greg Capullo concludes in Batman #51, we can reflect on how their collaboration on this title has transformed it into a modern classic, and their tenure in Gotham is sure to down in history as including some of the finest Batman stories ever told.

Now that Mr Bloom is presumably pushing up daises somewhere, Batman #51 presents the Dark Knight with an unusual challenge – a seemingly uneventful evening in Gotham City! Scott Snyder’s final story in this run is a clear love letter to both the character of Batman and the fans themselves as past and present become one. Centred around the powerful resonance of a small life-styles piece in the Gotham Gazette, Gotham Is delves into the world of Batman and the Gothamites he has vowed to protect in a way quite unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. From the wonderful opening scenes in the Bat-Cave featuring Bruce and Alfred, which Snyder makes both emotionally moving and brilliant fun; wounds old and new are simultaneously healed via a patchwork quilt of new developments, before Batman races away into the night on a clear road to Gotham in spectacular fashion!

Of course, we all know there’s no such thing as a quite night in Gotham City, or is there? A sudden power outage soon brings with it some more pressing concerns and a new threat to the city. Scott Snyder’s dazzling writing style and excellent characterization makes Gotham Is an absolute joy to read, we are treated to a wonderful scene with Jim and Batman next to the Bat-Signal, there’s an intriguing mystery right at the heart of the story for Batman to solve, and plenty of our old Arkham favourites are on the loose as well!

Batman #51 Cover 1

Needless to say, Greg Capullo’s artwork for this issue of Batman is as stunning as ever. From those stylish and fun moments in the Bat-Cave, to the dramatic face-off in Arkham, Capullo channels the narrative of Gotham Is across a wondrous montage of interconnected scenes that beautifully addresses elements from previous arcs, and sets everything up for a glorious final page that will simply take your breath away. Danny Miki’s inks brilliantly highlight every nuance of Capullo’s work, but it is in those shadow swathed scenes during the blackout, on the rooftop of GCPD, then deep below ground, and high over a silhouetted Gotham skyline where Danny Miki really excels. FCO Plascencia’s colors infuse this issue with an uncanny blend of vibrant and muted tones throughout, with flashes of bright purple enhancing the inside the new cape while the vivid yellow of the new Bat-Insignia on Batman’s chest that skilfully blends the old with the news almost leaps off the page at you, and that stunning final scene… Quite frankly, this issue looks incredible!

Featuring a stunning regular cover by Greg Capullo, Danny Miki, and FCO (Which, incidentally, I think would make an brilliant poster, please make this happen guys!), as well as a terrific variant cover by John Romita Jr. , Batman #51 concludes in the most fan pleasing way imaginable, as Scott Snyder rounds off the narrative of his previous story-arcs in fine style, and effectively brings his tenure with Greg Capullo on Batman full circle in the most heartfelt, exciting, and moving way imaginable. It’s a thoughtful, funny, intense, dialogue-heavy issue, and to say more would spoil it, but suffice to say I enjoyed every single moment of it – even though my enjoyment was tinged with a little sadness that Batman #51 is Snyder’s and Capullo’s final issue.

DC’s Rebirth event has initiated a major wave of change throughout the DCU that is going to herald some big developments in the Bat-Universe. Even though Scott Snyder is indeed moving on from DC’s flagship Batman title, he isn’t leaving the Dark Knight behind completely; in fact, Snyder will now be fronting the brand new monthly series All Star Batman that will also feature art from some of the finest talents in the industry: including John Romita, Jr, Jock, Sean Murphy, and many more. With its epic storyline All Star Batman allows Snyder to use some of the villains that he never got to focus on that much before, such as Two-Face, Mr Freeze, and Catwoman, together with a rotating roster of superstar artist, and back-up stories featuring Duke Thomas. Meanwhile, Greg Capullo will be busy over the next six months working on an uber secret project with Mark Millar, and that’s certainly something that we will all be looking forward to as well. Scott Snyder has also confirmed that he will be working with Greg Capullo again on a new project for DC Comics in 2017 at some point, and I’m sure we will all be excited to see what that will be.

So, as we say farewell to Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo with Batman #51 and their brilliant run on Batman with Danny Miki and FCO Plascencia, there’s still Batman #52 written by James Tvnion IV to look forward to before this current volume of Batman ends and everything changes in the Rebirth event. With Tom King taking over on Batman, while James Tynion IV helms Detective Comics, with Tim Seeley on Nightwing, and with Scott Snyder writing All Star Batman, these are certainly exciting times for Batman fans!

I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing nearly every issue of Snyder’s and Capullo’s run on Batman. Their take on Batman got me back into reading comics regularly again with Batman #1 (2011). Actually, I was still recovering from badly injuring my left hand at the time – a glass broke while emptying the dishwasher and sliced right though my middle finger, palm, and thumb – but their amazing storylines helped inspire me though that particularly dark time, and now I’m writing and reviewing comic books and stuff here on my blog, and on other sites now as well. So, thank you Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo for your legendary run on Batman, because thanks to you guys, for me, and I’m sure for many others besides, Gotham Is: “Batman, fan, forever.”

Publisher DC Comics / Writer: Scott Snyder / Art: Greg Capullo

Inks: Danny Miki / Colors: FCO Plascencia / Letters: Steve Wands

Cover: Capullo / Miki / FCO / Variant Cover: John Romita, Jr.

X-MEN: APOCALYPSE Final Trailer Released!


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New X-MEN: APOCALYPSE Final Trailer Released!

X-Men Apoc Mystique

Check out the final trailer for Brian Singer’s X-Men: Apocalypse, even more action in this one, and a there’s even special surprise appearance at the end! It looks brilliant, can’t wait for this movie!

The New Doctor Who Companion Is Pearl Mackie


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The New Doctor Who Companion is Pearl Mackie

Doctor & Bill

Vworp Vworp! The new Doctor Who companion is Pearl Mackie! Announced on Saturday 23rd, at halftime during the FA Cup semi-final, the 12th Doctor’s new travelling companion was finally revealed in an action packed exclusive scene as Pearl Mackie, her character is called Bill, and will join Peter Capaldi’s incarnation of the Time Lord on his adventures in Time and Space. She replaces Jenna Coleman, who left the role of Clara Oswald at the end of series 9 last year. Pearl Mackie, who graduated at Bristol’s Old Vic Theatre School, is a brilliant young talent from Brixton, South London, has also recently performed I’m the national Theatre’s West End production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time. Pearl has also appeared in another BBC show featuring Doctors – the daytime medical drama series Doctors. I’m sure Pearl Mackie will be a great as the new companion, and I look forward to the 12th Doctor’s and Bill’s adventures! The new series of Doctor Who is set to begin filming later this year and will be broadcast in Spring 2017. Season 10 will be Steven Moffat’s final series as showrunner before Chris Chiball takes over for Series 11. Finally, after the months of waiting, here’s the special video introducing the brand new Doctor Who companion Pearl Mackie as Bill!

Images and Clip Belong BBC

New Independence Day: Resurgence Trailer


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New Independence Day: Resurgence Trailer

ID Resurgence

The Aliens attack in the exciting new trailer for Independence Day Resurgence. Directed by Roland Emmerich, Independence Day: Resurgence stars Liam Hemsworth, Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, Judd Hirsch, Vivica A. Fox, Brent Spiner, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jessie Usher, Maika Monroe, Angelababy, William Fichtner, and Sela Ward. The movie will be released to theaters on June 24th, 2016.

Godzilla Oblivion #2 Review


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Godzilla Oblivion #2

Review by Paul Bowler

King Ghidorah is unleashed in Godzilla Oblivion #2 into a world were monsters have never existed! When a team of scientist opened a portal to another dimension, they visited a parallel Earth where monsters rule and the surviving humans have allied themselves with Godzilla. Now, after making a desperate bid to return home, King Ghidorah has followed them back through the portal and invaded their world. The military and scientists of their Earth are powerless to stop King Ghidorah, his rampage seems unstoppable, only a miracle could help them now, but there is still one frightening option left that could save their world….

The King of the Monsters new five-part comic series from IDW Publishing continues in Godzilla Oblivion #2, as writer Joshua Hale Fialkov and artist Brian Churilla build on the scene setting first issue to bring us even more monster carnage and mayhem on an Earth were there have been no monsters. This uncanny What If? style concept has provided us with a bizarre and imaginative new take on the Godzilla franchise, the whole idea of having parallel worlds and monsters crossing dimensions has been wonderfully handled by Joshua Hale Fialkov and Brian Churilla, and now in this exciting second issue Godzilla Oblivion really cranks up the action!

We pick up events two weeks later as writer Joshua Hale Fialkov details the extent of King Ghidorah’s devastating impact on this world since the creature arrived. Told via a series of television news reports it seems the U.S. Government, NATO, and the U.N. have all been unable to repel King Ghidorah’s onslaught, major cities have fallen, and all hope seem lost. However, Doctor Talbert and Miss Yamada are being held by the military following their return, and now face the unthinkable – in order to save their world they are going to be sent back through the portal to the parallel Earth to get help from the human survivors in that dimension.

Godzilla Oblivion #2 cover

One thing I really like about Godzilla Oblivion is the way Joshua Hale Fialkov balances the seriousness and wry humour that’s so skilfully interwoven throughout the pot, it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and the snappy dialogue between Talbert and Yamada makes them a great double act. Their return to the barren alternative Earth via a newly constructed machine, along with a crack team of troops to help accomplish their mission, soon leads to the formation of a plan that might enable them to defeat King Ghidorah back on their world. Even though Godzilla Oblivion #2 initially feels a bit like a retread of the first issue the action is still literally non-stop, while the plot twist involving Godzilla is not exactly surprising, Joshua Hale Fialkov does everything with such style and fun that you cannot help but be swept along with all the excitement, and there’s even a knowing nod to one of our favourite Star Wars lines at a particularly critical moment!

While the first issues art was a bit hit and miss, with characters and proportions feeling a little sketchy at times, Brian Churilla’s artwork for Godzilla Oblivion #2 now seems much more focused and detailed than the series’ debut issue. There’s a new version of the Stargate-style device used to create the portal, only this time it’s on a much larger scale. Brian Churilla ensures that all the set-pieces are equally epic, there are a number of really impressive two-page spreads in this issue, we also get some excellent monster scenes – the opening moments with King Ghidorah are great and Godzilla looks magnificent and powerful when he stomps into action! The colors by Jay Fotos really make this book come to life, with the grim shades of apocalyptic landscape of the alternative Earth being a particular highlight, bright energized tones define King Ghidorah’s carnage, and rich shadows enhance Godzillas lumbering presence to the absolute max.

Godzilla Oblivion #2 charges into a brilliantly staged cliff-hanger as the team make another nail biting escape back to their own dimension, only this time they are hell bent on brining something back with them… With the minor quibbles of the first issue more of less ironed out, Godzilla Oblivion #2 continues this five-part series in fine style, featuring a terrific main cover by Brian Churilla – along with a host of great variant covers to choose from – this issue sees writer Joshua Hale Fialkov setting everything on course for an epic monster smack down. One things for sure, Godzilla Oblivion is shaping up to be a really fun and exciting mini-series!

Publisher: IDW Publishing / Writer: Joshua Hale Fialkov / Art: Brian Churilla

Colors: Jay Fotos / Letters / Creative Consultant: Chris Mowry

Cover: Brian Churilla

The Walking Dead #153 Review


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The Walking Dead #153

Review by Paul Bowler

Brandon attacked Rick Grimes to get revenge after Rick killed his father, but Rick easily defeated and humiliated him. After disobeying the order to return to the Hilltop community, Brandon foolishly decided to free Negan from his cell and help him escape from Alexandria. Now, Negan is on the loose in The Walking Dead #153, and it doesn’t take the former Saviors leader long to resume his murderous ways…

In the wake of Negan’s long-awaited debut in the Season Six finale of The Walking Dead TV series, it’s perhaps no surprise that the characters role in the Image Comics series now takes centre stage once more. Yes, after his long incarceration in Alexandria after the events of All Out War, Negan is free at last! After Rick rallied the people of Alexandria to face the threat posed by the sinister Walker-Skin wearing Whisperers in the series’ landmark 150th issue, Rick and Dwight started training a new Alexandrian military force to fight the Whisperers, along with a new recruit – Father Gabriel. Michonne is now set to become the next leader of the Kingdom, and Eugene has managed to make contact with an unknown group via his radio experiment.

This issue of The Walking Dead really gives the series a new sense of momentum. Right from the opening moments, where Negan dons his jacket once more, Robert Kirkman skilfully builds the tension as Rick faces the prospect that his old enemy is out there somewhere plotting his downfall. The scenes with Negan and Brandon are some of the issues finest moments, Negan is at his foul-mouthed best, its great to see the character taking such a prominent role again, and Brandon’s plan certainly points him in the right direction for revenge against Rick and Alexandria.

The Walking Dead #153 (Cover)

Rick and Michonne soon figure out that Negan and must have snuck out with Maggie’s group as they left Alexandria to return to the Hilltop. But, while Aaron and Michonne go looking for Negan, tensions run high at Alexandria, a near fatal mistake by one of the Alexandrians causes Rick to question his recent actions, and the price his community might pay for the intense methods he’s used to prepare them for war against the Whisperers. Dwight also gets some great moments while training a group of Alexandrians. Since renouncing his leadership of the Saviors to work alongside Rick, Dwight has really come into his own as a reformed character now, and we also get to understand his reasons for brining the Lucille with him after he uses the notorious baseball bat to dispatch some Walkers after his team get caught off guard while training in the woods.

The Walking Dead #153 features some great artwork by Charlie Adlard, the brooding menace caused by Negan’s escape seems to permeate though every scene, and we are left in no doubt just how serious the situation is becoming. Adlard realizes several different characters and locations throughout this issue, with Stefano Gaudiano’s inks and Cliff Rathburn’s grey tones giving each scene its own distinctive look and atmosphere. Negan looks every bit the series’ big bad, all he needs now is a certain baseball bat to complete the look! There’s also some great zombie action when Dwight and his team come under attack, but it is the scene where Rick questions Paul that is probably one of this issues – if not this arcs – most defining moments.

Although the newer characters introduced since All Out War still need some pretty major development to make them anywhere even half as interesting as the comic book series’ major characters, this issue feels very much like a step in the right direction to accomplishing just that. Negan’s escape is another great move on Kirkman’s part, it’s certainly sure to shake up the new status quo, and spell big trouble for Rick and his friends. The Walking Dead #153 closes with one of the most ruthless and callous moments that we’ve seen in a long while, oh yeah, Negan is back, he’s as nasty as hell, and we wouldn’t want it any other way!

Publisher: Image / Writer: Robert Kirkman / Art: Charlie Adlard

Inks: Stefano Gaudiano / Grey tones: Cliff Rathburn / Letters: Rus Wooton

The Amazing Spider-Man #10 Review


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The Amazing Spider-Man #10

Review by Paul Bowler

Scorpio Rising continues in The Amazing Spider-Man #10 as our friendly-globe-trotting Spider-Man tackles the menace of Scorpio and Zodiac once more. In a startling turn of events, the 13th sign of the Zodiac has been revealed as The Spider! Now, after surviving re-entry from space, crash-landing in Paris and being attacked by Scorpio, Spider-Man’s fight for the future will span both sides of the English Channel, and when Parker Industries is also suddenly compromised Peter Parker’s life could be changed forever…

Following a mission into space with Nick Fury to regain control of the S.H.I.E.L.D satellites hacked by the terrorist organization Zodiac, Spider-Man used his emergency web-foam to make a daring free-fall from orbit to reach Paris and prevent Scorpio from gaining control of a mystical artefact – the Orrery. Following a ruthless attack by Scorpio, it looks like Spider-Man has lost his window of opportunity as Dan Slott propels the wall crawler’s cross-channel adventures to a whole new level, in Scorpio Rising Part 2: Power Play, as the stars align and Spider-Man’s battle with Scorpio spills over into the channel tunnel itself!

This issues kicks off with Scorpio on the cusp of victory after ambushing Spider-Man in Paris following Spidey’s fiery return to Earth. But writer Dan Slott skilfully proves, perhaps here more than ever, that even without all the fancy new Parker Industries gadgets and gizmos Spidey’s great power and responsibility wins out every time! Spider-Man even manages to find a major design flaw in Scorpio’s defences, but despite his efforts, the tide of the battle shifts when Scorpio exploit’s the wall-crawlers greatest weakness.

The Amazing Spider-Man #10 Cover

These opening scenes move along at a cracking pace as Spider-Man fights for his life, a fortuitous prediction however forces Scorpio’s hand, there’s also a scene where brave Parisians step in at a crucial moment that resonates powerfully, and we also have interludes featuring an ominous jail break back in New York…

Amazing Spider-Man #10 features some truly stunning artwork from Giuseppe Camuncoli. From the exciting opening scenes, Camuncoli keeps the action flowing seamlessly across numerous locales, with a fluid page layouts packed with breathtaking levels of detail across every panel. The moment where Anna and Brain the robot arrive to give Spider-Man a lift is another highlight, as Spidey thanks the civilians who helped him, before departing with a nod to David Tennant’s 10th Doctor’s catchphrase as they set off to take the fight back to Scorpio! Of course, as you may have guessed from this issue glorious Alex Ross cover, the main battle of this issue takes place in the channel tunnel – Mission Impossible style – atop the speeding Eurostar train. This electrifying face-off between Spider-Man and Scorpio showcases Giuseppe Camuncoli’s art like never before, and Camuncoli pulls out all the stops for this fabulous, nerve jangling confrontation!

Likewise, the inks by Cam Smith highlights the finer details of Camuncoli’s art, brining a real sense of speed and moment in the channel tunnel sequences, whilst inky shadows saturate the interludes during the New York jail break. The colors by Marte Gracia also shine in those aforementioned moments in Paris and the channel tunnel scenes, with vivid emerald hues crackling furiously from Scorpio’s energy attacks, to a sinister image lurking in the hazy glow of Brains robot eyes, and the opaque tones in a holographic conference call all collectively add up to make The Amazing Spider-Man #10 one hell of an impressive looking issue!

Even though Spider-Man won’t be able to prevent Scorpio reaching his next stop, Spider-Man, Anna, and Brain manage to uncover a vast hidden lair, one whose secrets could see Peter Parker lose everything that he’s worked so hard to accomplish… The Amazing Spider-Man #10 is another great issue in the new Scorpio Rising arc, with Dan Slott weaving in some stellar plot twists into the mix to keep us all on our toes, and brilliant artwork by Giuseppe Camuncoli, this Spider-Man series remains one of Marvel Comics finest!

Publisher: Marvel / Writer: Dan Slott /Art: Giuseppe Camuncoli

Inks: Cam Smith / Colorist: Marte Gracia

Lettering: VCs Joe Caramagna / Cover Artist: Alex Ross


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