Marvel’s New Trailer and Poster For Doctor Strange


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Marvel’s New Trailer and Poster For Doctor Strange

By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth this looks good!Check out the awesome new poster and trailer for Marvel’s Doctor Strange! Great to see Benedict Cumberbatch in action as Doctor Strange! Can’t wait for this movie!

And there’s a great new poster as well!

Doctor Strange Poster

See Marvel’s “Doctor Strange,” in theaters November 4, 2016.

First Wonder Woman Trailer & Teaser Poster


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First Wonder Woman Trailer & Teaser Poster

Wonder Woman

Check out the brilliant first Wonder Woman trailer that released by Warner Brothers and DC Films at Comic-Con 2016! So excited for this movie!

And here’s the awesome poster!

Wonder Woman Poster

First Trailer For Justice League!


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First Trailer For Justice League Released!

Justice League

Warner Bros. have released the first trailer for Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Check it out, this looks awesome!

Justice League’ is set for release November 17, 2017.


First Trailer For The Walking Dead Season 7


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First Trailer For The Walking Dead Season 7

 The Walking Dead Season 7 Banner SDCC

Here’s the first look at Season 7 of AMC’s The Walking Dead, from Comic Con International in San Diego. Of course the trailer doesn’t spoil Season 6‘s nerve jangling cliff-hanger, but it certainly gives us a taste of what‘s in store, and it looks as exciting as hell! We also glimpse the Kingdom, their leader, and his faithful friend…

Hurry up 23rd of October! Cant wait for Season 7 of The Walking Dead!


Green Arrow #3 Review


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Green Arrow #3

Review by Paul Bowler

Oliver Queen’s life has been torn apart. Betrayed by those closest to him, he was left for dead, vilified by the media, and lost everything. Now in Green Arrow #3 the Emerald Archer’s enemies are closing in. Green Arrow has become an outlaw in his own city. Breaking into Queen Industries to investigate those responsible for his downfall, Green Arrow must confront his former ally – the assassin Shado – who has been sent to stop him uncovering the truth…

Green Arrow #3 finds Oliver Queen going on the offensive against the mysterious cabal that has engineered his fall from grace. From the opening moments, writer Benjamin Percy throws us – and Oliver Queen – right into the thick of the action, as Green Arrow brakes into Queen Industries in search of answers. I really like the way Green Arrow takes out the guards and swiftly bypasses the buildings advanced security, but this all proves to be just an appetiser for the intense excitement, action, and revelations which soon follow.

Green Arrow #3 COVER

Benjamin Percy maintains the frenetic pace of the previous issue. The narrative feels much more measured and assured in this issue, cleverly unfolding on several fronts, we learn more about the mysterious cabal known as the Ninth Circle, with James Diggle – a brilliant surprise addition to the series last issue – conducting his own investigation in Italy, while Green Arrow discovers the full extent of the betrayal and corruption lurking right at the heart of Queen Industries, and Black Canary looks into the shipping containers the Underground Men used for their people trafficking operation.

Having hit the ground running with DC’s Rebirth, Benjamin Percy’s gripping new Green Arrow storyline has quickly gathered momentum, and completely reenergized the character of Oliver Queen / Green Arrow. It’s also been fascinating to see how Oliver has clawed himself back from the brink after his life was so spectacularly and publicly ruined. We gain more insight into Black Canary and James Diggle in Green Arrow #3, as each in turn presents us with very refreshing, and contrasting viewpoints on Oliver’s character, together with the current situation, and their faith in him never wavers for a moment – even though they believe he’s dead.

Another key factor that has made Green Arrow standout from the crowd during DC’s Rebirth event has been the work of artists Otto Schmidt and Juan Ferreyra and letterer Nate Piekos on this title. Green Arrow #3 is Juan Ferreyra’s first issue on the series’ interior art, his artwork is stylishly dynamic, the intricately structured panels are layered with subtle details that catch the eye and makes the action flow seamlessly across the page, and the rich use of color brings added texture and definition to every scene. Green Arrow’s moonlit transit from the Space Needle to gain access to Queen Industries is a joy to behold, a fiery confrontation with the forces of the Ninth Circle finally allows Green Arrow to strike back at his enemies, the intriguing interlude on The Inferno as honcho Dante plots and schemes with Emiko Queen, and the high-speed face-off with Shado – were we finally learn the reasons for her betrayal – are just some of the many highlights in this issue. Nate Piekos letters skilfully accentuates the tone and pace of the narrative, and the cover by Juan Ferreyra, needless to say, is absolutely stunning.

The is perhaps the most satisfying issue of this new Green Arrow series so far, the story, the art, everything meshes together here perfectly as the creative team really hits their stride, and the issue builds to a thrilling double edged cliff-hanger that spells terrible danger for Oliver Queen and one of his closest allies. With its exciting story be Benjamin Percy and great artwork by Juan Ferreyra, Green Arrow #3 is one of those comics you want to read again right away as soon as you‘ve finished it. This is the Emerald Archer at his very best!

Publisher: DC Comics / Writer: Benjamin Percy / Art and Color: Juan Ferreyra

Lettering: Nate Piekos of BLAMBOT / Cover: Juan Ferreyra

Variant Cover: Neal Adams and Sandra Hope and Dave McCaig


New Rogue One: A Star Wars Story BTS Featurette & Poster


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New Rogue One: A Star Wars Story BTS Featurette & Poster

Check out the awesome new poster and behind-the-scenes featurette from Gareth Edwards’ Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which was shown during the Star Wars Celebration in London.!

Rogue One Poster

Detective Comics #936 Review


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Detective Comics #936

Review by Paul Bowler

A new threat is rising in Gotham City. Batman and Batwoman have assembled a new generation of heroes against this secret army of the Colony and their extreme tactics. Now, in Detective Comics #936, Batman is missing, and the time has come for Batwoman to take charge. But will she able to make Spoiler, Red Robin, Orphan (Cassandra Cain), and erratic super-villain seeking redemption Clayface work together as a team?

Rise of the Batmen Part 3: Army of Shadows, continues the brand new story-arc by James Tynion IV, where Batman and Batwoman have begun training a new strike force of young heroes to face the soldiers of the Colony that have modelled themselves on the Dark Knight and begun scouring the city, ruthlessly dealing with anything perceived as potential a threat – including it now seems, even Batman himself!

Tynion deftly builds on the series’ new direction and concept with Detective Comics #936, as Kate Kane confronts her doubts about training Batman’s team over a drink with former love interest Renee Montoya (she was also the Question), who makes a long awaited return here after being absent from the DC Universe – for the most part – since the New 52 reboot. It is a powerful, moving, and insightful scene for both characters. However, Montoya can easily see though Kate’s tough façade, and her parting words of advice are tinged with bittersweet sincerity for them both. From there an emergency call brings Batwoman to the teams new Belfry HQ, where Red Robin presents Kate with the news that Batman has been ambushed by the Colony, and that its now up to her to must decide what they do next.

Detective Comics #936

This issue rattles along at a cracking pace. Batwoman quickly ascertains the Colony forces have military form, but it is Red Robin who really helps Kate to address her issues concerning Batman and her ability as a leader. It’s a great scene for both characters, and it offers a fascinating insight into how they both perceive Batman and feel they’ve earned his trust. The time has come for Batwoman and Red Robin to summon Spoiler, Orphan, and Clayface to the Belfry and to bring them up to speed with their mission, together with some expert advice from Kate’s father, to prepare them for what they must face with Batman now MIA.

Detective Comics #936 is a mighty fine looking issue, with pencils by Alvaro Martinez and inks by Raul Fernandez, every scene flows seamlessly into the next, and the staggering level of detail on every page skilfully accentuates the many subtleties and nuances of Tynion’s excellent scrip. From Kate’s musings on her past reflected in a her own beer glass during a quiet drink in a bar with Renee Montoya, to the dual functionality and visual spectacle of the Belfry’s huge window, this issue also delivers its fair share of big-action set–pieces as well. The colors by Brad Anderson are another major highlight of this issue of Detective Comics, with glorious tones and rich shades enhancing ever scene, especially those set in the Belfry.

James Tynion IV has done a fantastic job with this issue; it’s packed from cover to cover with action, suspense, and great characterization. Everything builds to a thrilling cliff-hanger in Detective Comics #936, a hidden agenda is revealed, the Belfry comes under attack, Clayface’s unpredictable abilities prove crucial, and Batwoman finally learns that she has what it takes to be the leader that Batman trusted her to be.

Of all the new comics that I’ve been reading recently, Detective Comics has easily been the standout new Bat-title from DC’s Rebirth event for me. Everything from the writing, the art, and its exciting cast of characters just seemed to click together right from the start. This creative team have really raised the bar with Detective Comics, its fresh, different, and TEC #936 is another excellent issue in this new story-arc.

Publisher: DC Comics / Writer: James Tynion IV / Pencils: Alvaro Martinez

Inks: Raul Fernandez / Colors: Brad Anderson / Letters: Marilyn Patrizio

Cover by: Martinez, Fernandez & Morely

Variant Cover: Rafael Albuquerque

Invincible Iron Man #11 Review


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Invincible Iron Man #11

Review by Paul Bowler

Civil War II steadily advances in Invincible Iron Man #11, as Tony’s undercover mission in Osaka brings him ever closer to infiltrating the Techno Golem Tomoe’s terrorist cell of biohack ninjas. Meanwhile, as Mary Jane Watson attempts to prevent Tony’s company being taken over by the board of investors, Rhodey has been busy developing an Avenging contingency measure of his own, because Iron Man is going to need his allies more than ever as the storm clouds of Civil War II gather on the horizon of the Marvel Universe.

It all kicks off in Invincible Iron Man #11 as the Road to Civil War II marches inexorably on. Writer Brian Michael Bendis skilfully maintains the fine balance between several key plot threads that have been running parallel to each other over the course of The War Machines story-arc, now everything begins to come together, and the net result is a densely plotted issue where the drama, characterization, and action fuse seamlessly as one.

Beginning with a power walk of investors storming into Stark Headquarters to wrest control from Tony’s AI, Friday, they plan to use the criminal, Ghost, to beak into Stark’s lab and gain access to the servers. Fortunately, Friday also has an ace up her digital sleeve, namely, Mary Jane Watson, and the way MJ and Friday collectively defuse the situation with the board of directors is absolutely priceless. Events also took a startling turn last issue when Richard Franco (Tony) finally met Tomoe, and discovered she was an Inhuman with the ability to control live technology. Tony may have elaborately faked his own death to gain access to Tomoe’s organization (by utilizing some nifty facial disguise software to become Ex-S.H.I.E.L.D agent Richard Franco ), but Rhodey, S.H.I.E.LD, and the all-new all-different Avengers have formed a plan of their own – the only question is will they be going to Japan to rescue Tony Stark or to avenge him?

Invincible Iron Man #11 (CVR)

Engaging characterization, though-provoking dialogue, and big action set-pieces are the order of the day in Invincible Iron Man #11, as Brian Michael Bendis interspaces the narrative with some wonderfully crafted moments: primarily a clandestine meeting between Tony and Rhodey where not everything is quite as it seems, and there’s even an interlude with new armored superhero, Riri Williams, as she makes her first foray into being a superhero.

The artwork by Mike Deodato during this story-arc has been astonishingly good; indeed, Invincible Iron Man #11 is arguably one of Deodato’s finest issues on the series so far. Mike Deodato and Brian Michael Bendis make a fantastic team, Deodato intuitively bring every nuance of Bendis’ exemplary storytelling and characterization to life on the page. From the moment that Mary Jane makes that head-turning entrance in the lab, she proves what a worthy addition her character is to this series’ terrific ensemble cast. Likewise, Deodato ramps us the tension with glorious views from Tomoe’s penthouse in Osaka, as the Techno Golem and her trusted right-hand-lady, Zhane, realize that their organizations closely guarded anonymity has been compromised. Frank Martins colors are another big highlight of the issue, with sumptuous tones and shades heightening the atmosphere of key scenes, before exploding into vivid hues when the bombastic action kicks into overdrive as War Machine, S.H.I.E.L.D and the Avengers enter the fray.

Invincible Iron Man #11 rapidly builds towards a rousing final act, however, Tony’s undercover identity still has an important role to play, and the powerful coda certainly gives us plenty to ponder over in the final moments. Now that Civil War II is well under way, there are some events during this issue – and indeed throughout the entire arc – which now seem far more poignant and insightful in hindsight given the events of Civil War II #1.

After all the build up and mystery surrounding Tomoe and the biohack ninjas, Invincible Iron Man #11 does feel a little like its racing towards the finish line to catch up with Civil War II, but that’s only a minor quibble, and the conclusion actually proves as equally satisfying is it is ambiguous. Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato have done an amazing job with this issue, The War Machines and Road to Civil War has been a terrific Invincible Iron Man storyline, now everything is set for the next issue, and the first of the Civil War II tie-ins!

Publisher: Marvel / Writer: Brian Michael Bendis / Art: Mike Deodato

Color Artist: Frank Martin / VCs Clayton Cowles: Letterer & Production 

Cover Artists Mike Deodato & Frank Martin

Micronauts #3 Review


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Micronauts #3

Review by Paul Bowler

Captain Oziron “Oz” Rael and the crew of the Heliopolis face imminent danger in Micronauts #3 as the universe grows ever more divided by war. Marooned on a backwater world and attacked by Baron Karza‘s forces, the Micronauts now, by chance, find themselves prisoners of Force Commander – Baron Daigon – who also knows Oziron Rael – and that connection is one that could make Rael and his crew even more of a target for Baron Karza’s forces!

The new Micronauts series from IDW Publishing, written by Cullen Bunn, with art by Max Dunbar, and based on the fondly remembered toy line and the original Marvel comic book series, continues the adventures of space pirate Oziron Rael, thrill-seeking Space Glider Phenelo-Phi, Space-Warrior Acroyear, Orbital Defender Larissa, a stolen Biotron unit, and Ozs witty first mate, the small robot Microtron. Having fended off a deadly Acroyear Swarm to protect the local population on this barren world, the Micronauts relief when the Space Glider’s turned up to help proved short lived, as they are now… guests of the enigmatic Force Commander, and it looks like Oz’s past is starting to catch up with him…

I really like the way writer Cullen Bunn begins to flesh out the characters more in Micronauts #3 as Oz and his crew find themselves incarcerated and taken aboard Baron Daigon’s star ship. It quickly becomes clear that Oziron Rael has had dealings with this Barron of the Ministry of Science before, and he’s even afforded a modicum of “special treatment” which he capitalizes on to keep his crew together. However, news of Daigon’s intervention and the destruction of the Valtricos Research Station soon reaches Barron Karza on the Ministry of Defence deep space outpost situated on the fringes of the entropy cloud, where it seems deceit, paranoia, and suspicion make uneasy bedfellows in these troubled times of interstellar conflict.

Micronuats #3 COVER

After all the non-stop action of the first two issues, Cullen Bunn instigates a refreshing change of pace with this issue of Micronauts. It gives us a chance to pause for breath and to really get to know the characters more, especially Ozrion Rael, as we discover where he comes from, and the role his race played in the grand scheme of things in times long since past. Bunn’s new take on the Micronauts really begins to form a clearer narrative now with these revelations. The characterization also shines, with the banter between Oz, Microtron, and Acroyear proving to be another highlight of the issue, and great fun at times, Phenolo-Phi and Larissa also begin to forge a close bond, and the simmering undercurrent of mistrust between Baron Karza and his wife, the Mistress of Spies, Shazrella, is a gloriously warped and duplicitous state of unholy matrimony!

Max Dunbar’s artwork for this issue is also highly impressive. Unfussy, yet concise, page layouts ensure the story flows seamlessly between characters and locations. The opening scenes provide a sweeping backdrop for Baron Daigon’s forces as Oz and his crew are processed for departure, while the interchangeable nature of the classic Micronaut toys is powerfully realized by Dunbar as Karza throttles his would be assassin, and the insightful moments in the cell really conveys the raw emotion of Oz’s story as he discusses his past with his crewmates. The colors by David Garcia-Cruz are fresh and vibrant throughout, providing excellent contrasting shades and tones between the many locales. For me though, the standout moment is a flashback to a key point in the history of this micro universe, where mysterious time chambers, Pharoids, and the legacy of the Time Travellers entwine with all encompassing paradox of the entropy storm that now threatens all existence.

Events in this issue build towards a tantalizing cliff-hanger, when Oz is summoned for a meeting with Baron Daigon. It’s a pivotal scene, especially when Oziron’s pacifism challenges the Force Commanders scientific reasoning, because there’s no escaping the fact that when it comes to the crisis now tearing their universe apart the role of scientist and warlord has now become virtually indistinguishable from the other.

Micronauts #3 steers this new IDW series to even greater heights, with its engaging storyline by Cullen Bunn and dynamic artwork by Max Dunbar, miracles, science, technology and faith, are skilfully threaded through the narrative of this new Micronaut universe in the most sublime and exciting way imaginable.

Publisher: IDW Publishing / Writer: Cullen Bunn / Art: Max Dunbar

Colors: David Garcia-Cruz / Letters: Tom B. Long

New Star Trek Beyond Trailer Featuring “Sledgehammer” by Rihanna


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New Star Trek Beyond Trailer

Star Trek Beyond BANNER

Check out the third action-packed trailer for Justin Lin’s  Star Trek Beyond, featuring offers new footage and Rihanna’s latest single, Sledgehammer.

Star Trek Beyond is set for release on July 22nd, 2016


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