New Doctor Who Series 9 Trailer 2


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New Doctor Who Series 9 Trailer!

Check out the New Doctor Who Series 9 Trailer 2!

Doctor Who S9 Wallpaper

Wow! another fantastic trailer, can’t wait for series 9!

Doctor Who returns to BBC One on Saturday 19th September 2015

Batman #43 Review


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Batman #43

Review by Paul Bowler

In the aftermath of Endgame, Jim Gordon is now Gothams new robo-suited Dark Knight. Batmans investigation into the deceased criminals with enhanced abilities, who were poisoned by the radioactive implants that gave them super-powers, has now become personal. In Batman #43 a new super-villain begins to make his presence felt in Gotham City, but what can Batman uncover about this mysterious Mr Bloom?

Batman #43 sees Jim Gordons life as Gothams new corporate funded Batman getting even more challenging, as Scott Snyders and Greg Capullos new story-arc finds the former marine and Police Commissioner seeking assistance in his investigation from someone with a connection to the Bat-Suit’s technology – Bruce Wayne!

Entwining flash-forwards, flashbacks and the present with superlative ease, Superheavy Part 3 continues to enrich and develop Jim Gordons new role as Batman. Following Bruce’s apparent death in Batman #40 while battling the Joker, issue #41 and #42 then went on to reveal that Bruce Wayne had indeed survived, and was now working at a Recreation Center in Gotham. Now in Batman #43 last issues surprise cliff-hanger begins to unfold as Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne meet for the first time since Jim took over as Batman.

Batman #43 Cover

Scott Snyder deftly wrong-foots us again with another surprise plot-twist that few could have expected or predicted. Yes, Bruce’s back, well, sort of, but he’s not exactly the same man he used to be either. Bruce is working at the Lucius Fox Center for Gotham Youth, where he has dedicated himself to the charity helping the neighbourhoods badly affected by the chaos unleashed in Endgame. Gordon has gone to Bruce to ask for his opinion on the seed-like implants Mr Bloom has been selling to criminals in the area. But Jim also needs Bruce’s help with the co-opted Waynetec in the Robo-Bat-Suit, so he can work more covertly as Batman without his every move being monitored by Powers Corp and the GCPD. However, this is a very different Bruce Wayne now, one whose been building the foundations of a new life – with goals and ideals which he cares deeply about.

As much as the Superheavy arc has been about Jim stepping into the role of Batman, this issue illustrates how its still very much a story about Bruce Wayne, primarily by address the burning issues of how Bruce Wayne came back, and why he stopped being Batman. As detailed in Alfred’s especially moving account to Clark Kent, the extraordinary circumstances of Bruces resurrection means his life is now free of the dark shadow of his parents murder, and in this remarkable issue Scott Snyder provides us with a fascinating insight into what kind of man Bruce would be if the Batman died and only Bruce Wayne came back. While Bruce is not exactly suffering from amnesia, hes now a man who could no longer be the Batman, certainly not in the way we once knew, and on the flipside, with Jim Gordon becoming the new Batman, its also highlighted the enduring power of Batmans legacy like never before whilst simultaneously re-examining why the Dark Knight matters so much to the people of Gotham, and the world itself.

Batman #43 (Preview 1)

Characters from Zero Year also return in Batman #43, including young Duke Thomas, and Bruce’s former girlfriend, Julie Madison, is back as Bruces new love interest. Julie Madison is also working with the kids at the Rec Center set up by Lucius Fox; which is open to all the neighbourhoods of the Narrows to provide a safe environment for the kids to play and meet up. Julie brings a fascinating dynamic to this storyline, shes someone who understood Bruce long before he was Batman – and it’s clear she will have a key role to play in this arc. Alfred also makes a welcome return this issue – in perhaps one of Snyder’s best scripted scenes ever – alongside a rather bemused Clark Kent as the circumstances of Bruces miraculous return become apparent

Batman #43 is a glorious fusion of story and art. Greg Capullo’s work on this issue is nothing short of outstanding: from the barbed enticement of a flowers allure on an impressionable young mind, to the everyday setting of the rec center, along with the beautifully dream-like quality of Alfred’s monologue, the unsettling implications of the final invention, and the excitement of the action-packed closing moments all collectively – in my humble opinion – make this one of Capullo’s finest issue to date. Every aspect of this issue is brought to life in vivid detail; each emotional beat of the story resonates perfectly, effortlessly drawing us into the characters lives and their surroundings.

Bruce is also sporting a new look, with slightly longer hair, and with the beard completing the transformation, Lumber-Bruce will certainly be an interesting change of pace for the character. The scenes between Gordon and Bruce were another big highlight of this issue, surpassed only by the interlude with Alfred and Clark, and of course we also get our first look at the new villain of the piece – Mr Bloom – whose gangly distinct look sublimely befits the character in more ways than one. Danny Mikis inks bring added flourish to enhance Capullos art further, making every detail jump from the page, and FCO Plascencias wonderful colors are as exquisite as ever.

As you may have guessed from Greg Capullos stunning cover for Batman #43, Mr Bloom finally steps from the shadows in this issue. So far, Mr Bloom’s true motives have remained unclear, although Jim has a hunch about links with events that happened in Gotham years ago. Mr Blooms plans begin to take shape this issue, as his unique brand of evil – which has taken root in the cracks in society caused by Endgame – begins to flourish in the Narrows of Gotham. Scott Snyder has created a complex and compelling new adversary for Jim Gordon, and it looks like Mr Bloom will certainly be a challenge for the new Batman.

Batman #43 variant

This issue builds to a tense and menacing climax. Stepping out from the Bat-Bot for the evening, Jim takes to his black and yellow-trimmed EVA Bat-Suit to investigate a warehouse – with Julia Pennyworth providing backup via the com-link – and figure out how Mr Bloom has drawn all the gangs to him. Web spinning wisecracks and Robocop references quickly spiral into a mash-up of bullets, sharks, and batarangs that tips Batman out of the frying pan and into the fire while Mr Bloom’s clandestine business dealings proves that he is no mere weed as be begins blossoming in the fertile soil of Gotham’s dark garden of crime

If any doubts remain about the direction of this current arc, this issue goes a long way to put them to rest. Far from just killing Bruce off in Endgame simply for the sake of it and putting Jim Gordon in the Bat-Suit to shake things up in the Bat-Universe, we can now begin to see the whole picture, and its evident that Scott Snyder is crafting a story here that brings a new aspect to the 75 year mythos of Batman in a way that’s entirely fresh, and exciting.

With Bruce’s return I was expecting this to be a less Gordon-centric issue, fortunately that’s far from the case, if anything, it actually puts Jim and Bruce right at the heart of this storyline, and I’m really enjoying how this arc is developing. Batman #43 is a sensationally good issue, this is a master class in storytelling from Scott Snyder, and Greg Capullo’s art continues to make every issue of Batman a visual epic on every level.



American Vampire Second Cycle #9 Review


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American Vampire #9

Review by Paul Bowler

Having snuck into Area 51, Pearl Jones and Felicia Brook must now escape from the top secret facility in American Vampire Second Cycle #9, while Skinner Sweet takes a perilous journey into space with Agent Pool to stop the Grey Traders people acquiring film from a Russian satellite. As Pearl and Felicia confront the terrifying horrors lurking behind the walls of Area 51, they might become test subjects themselves, just as Skinner encounters a deadly new threat in space as his mission reaches a crucial moment…

The critically acclaimed smash hit Vertigo Comics series American Vampire Second Cycle blasts into space as #1 New York Times best-selling writer Scott Snyder and renowned artist Rafael Albuquerque take Pearl’s and Skinner’s missions with Felicia Brook, the director of the Vassals of the Morning Star, to new heights of unparalleled terror that are – quite literally – out of this world. The cold war and the space race are now inexorably entwined with the ancient threat posed by the Grey Trader, and the stakes have never been higher for Pearl and Skinner!

American Vampire Second Cycle #9 is a veritable roller coaster ride of non-stop action. Scott Snyder continues to build the creeping sense of dread and tension that has permeated every corner of this new arc, over the course of this issue the individual strands of Skinner’s and Pearl’s separate missions gradually begin to converge as the pieces start falling into place, and the nail-biting action doesn’t let up for a moment.


A 24 caret blood transfusion may have stemmed Skinner’s infection for now, temporarily holding off his inevitable transformation, but we are soon made all too aware of just how tenuous a reprieve this really is for Skinner. While the mission in space approaches its objective, the bond between Skinner and Agent Pool continues to develop, and Pool’s story about his brother reinforces this arcs social and political backdrop in the most tragic of circumstances. Back on Earth, Pearl and Felicia are now captives inside Area 51, were they face the disquieting horror of a secret chamber that can erase anything; an area which also has far reaching links to the search for The Beast that leave a decidedly aquatic subtext swirling in the historic eddies of its wake…

Scott Snyder crafts some excellent character building moments during this issue of American Vampire, striking key emotional beats, melding humour, and stark, outright terror, which sublimely evolve into the issues most dynamic scenes. Skinner’s and Pool’s mission thoughtfully blends melancholy memories with the awe-inspiring majesty of space, while Pearl’s and Felicia’s experiences in Area 51 see them witnessing grotesque torture as they face a desperate struggle to find a way out and escape in one piece. This is American Vampire at its very best, thought provoking, dark, and unflinchingly graphic, this issue has it all!

Needles to say, Rafael Albuquerque’s phenomenal artwork on this series remains as outstanding as ever. From an apocalyptic Las Vegas lost between somewhere and forever, Albuquerque infuses Skinner’s nightmarish vision into our imagination with some deeply unsettling, and disturbing scenes as the Grey Trader’s influence bubbles away under the surface, festering, and worming its way into Skinner’s consciousness. Likewise, the scenes in space are stunning, and the dawn of a new day is simply breathtaking. Area 51’s interior is chillingly dark and ominous, which serves to heighten the even tension further. The colors by Dave McCaig accentuates the feel of the different environments perfectly: the way the burnt orange glow inside the capsule dissolves into the beautiful golden hues of the dawn is beautiful, cold blue and vivid green tones make Area 51 feel more like a high-tech slaughterhouse of horror, and the inky void of space is a beautifully silent sight accentuated by the faint shimmering glow of the Earth’s atmosphere.

American Vampire Second Cycle #9 rockets towards a thrilling climax when the grim reality of a death trap begins to sink in for Pearl and Felicia just as Skinner and Pool make a shocking discovery in space. Enthralling from cover to cover, with its excellent story by Scott Snyder and terrific art by Rafael Albuquerque, American Vampire Second Cycle #9 excels on every level and is another stand out issue in this remarkable series.


Reyn #6 Review


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Reyn #6

Review by Paul Bowler

Having braved the depths of the Rift and infiltrated the Venn stronghold, Reyn, Seph, and the Followers of Teck uncovered the startling truth about the Land of Fate. Now in Reyn #6 the secret history of their fabled world is revealed at last. Reyn and Seph must learn to deal with the new reality they now face, but time is a luxury they don’t have, the Venn are readying their forces to attack, and soon tragedy will strike…

Reyn #6 expands the grand scope and scale of the Land of Fate like never before as this Image Comics fantasy series, written by Kel Symons (The Mercenary Sea), with art by Nate Stockman, colors by Paul Little, and lettering and Design by Pat Brosseau, sees Reyn, Seph, and their allies confronting the out-of-this-world revelations that have turned all of their lives upside down and shattered everything they once believed in.

Reyn #6 Cover

Following on from last issues Swords and Sorcery / Sci-Fi infused game changing cliff-hanger ending, Reyn #6 keeps the shocks and surprises coming for Reyn and Seph as the hidden past of the mysterious Land of Fate becomes inexorably entwined with the present. Kel Symons continues to build the suspense, Sephs father, Adon, faces some difficult questions which even he cannot fully answer, and even Reyn’s ethereal guide Aurora mistress of Light, is unsure how to explain what the Warden of Fate is actually seeing. However, once everyone calms down and the initial shock of what their true world is subsides, its Reyn’s common sense approach and wry outlook that get things back on track. Soon the full extent of the great cataclysm becomes clear, as the past unlocks the salvation of humanity and a mission tinged with hope, destiny, and fate…

Nate Stockmans artwork makes this issue an absolute joy to behold. The Sci-Fi and Fantasy elements all fuse seamlessly together with Symons intricate narrative to bring a whole new aspect to Reyn’s world. From the spectacular views into the great beyond past the view-port, to the moments of tension between the characters, it is the spectacular way Stockman illustrates the great cataclysm itself that really earmarks this issue as something very special indeed. The sheer attention to detail and depth of storytelling in these sequences are breathtaking. Paul Little’s colors are excellent as well, bold and vibrant, every beat of the story is captured impeccably, and the lettering and Design by Pat Brosseau is also as exceptional as ever.

This issue concludes as the Venn begin their attack, the battle is furious, and a terrible loss will be suffered. Reyn #6 is another really exciting issue, it gets the new story-arc off to a great start, there are some interesting character and plot developments along the way, and the ending is certainly one of the series’ most shocking so far! Reyn #6 continue to impress with every issue, with its terrific story by Kel Symons and superb art by Nate Stockman, this sci-fi embellished fantasy adventure series is certainly one that I would highly recommended, don‘t miss it! Oh, be sure to check out the superb Reyn Vol 1: Warden of Fate Trade-Paperback (collecting issues 1-5) which is also available now, perfect for fans of the series and for new readers to catch up with Reyn’s adventures.

Batgirl #42 Review


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Batgirl #42

Review by Paul Bowler

Life’s just got a whole lot more complicated for Barbara Gordon. Her dad’s the new robo-suited Batman, her roommate, Frankie, knows her secret and wants to help Batgirl fight crime, and now Livewire is on the loose! Batgirl #42 continues the upheaval in Batgirl’s life, she’s already had a run in with the new Batman, now Batgirl’s got to contend with Livewire as well, and she’s looking to take down Batman and Batgirl in an electrifying showdown!

There’s no way Batgirl can evade the new Batman for long in DC Comics Batgirl #42, as writers Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher builds on the initial skirmish between Batgirl and the new Batman with another confrontation. However, Batman takes the opportunity to talk to Batgirl without the suits surveillance systems online. It seems Powers International has a policy that Gordon is clearly uneasy with, and he is willing to give Batgirl a chance. Seeing how Jim Gordon told Barbara that he was the new Batman last issue, it’s fascinating to see Batgirl interact with Batman in these circumstances while still maintaining her secret identity, and the way the discussion resonates emotionally with Barbara’s memories is handled beautifully.

Batgirl #42

With Frankie’s help, and a quick search of the web, Barbara soon gets the low down on Livewire and where to find her. Having her roommate in on her secret has its advantages. But after Frankie was injured last issue Barbara doesn’t want her doing fieldwork, so this time she provides backup for Batgirl via the com-link. Following a quick detour for some high-tech help, Batgirl is soon ready to join the fight as Batman takes on Livewire at the power plant.

The exciting story in Batgirl #42 is equally matched by Babs Tarr’s classic cartoony-style art, virtually every moment of Surge Protection leaps off the page at you in a flurry of frenetic scenes and marvellously designed page layouts. I especially liked the hazy thought-bubble-like flashback which opens this issue. Its great to see Batgirl working alongside the new Batman as well, especially as Jim gets to step outside the Bat-Bot this issue in his black and yellow trimmed Bat-EVA suit (which I actually prefer more than the robo-suit if I’m honest), while the scenes with Frankie and Barbara at the apartment are both emotional and tinged with humour.

It’s good to see Batgirl talking on this re-vamped Livewire. Batgirl crashes into the early stages of the fight between Batman and Livewire just at the right moment, the tactics that Batgirl employs quickly set the pace of the action, and the subsequent battle certainly packs an electrically charged punch. The colors by Serge Lapointe really stand out in these scenes, especially how the bright vivid tones and crackling energy highlights the kinetic action.

The new Batman and Batgirl make a good team, and I like how Batgirl gets to call some of the shots. Jim Gordon’s Batman still has a few signature Dark Knight moves that he needs to perfect, but he doesn’t do too badly – for a “rookie”! Batgirl #42 is an exciting and fun issue from Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher, with great art by Babs Tarr, the team-up between the new Batman and Batgirl is really well staged, and there’s even time to include a nice surprise for Barbara Gordon in the issues closing moments. Batgirl #42 is a great issue, the Batgirl Annual #3 is also out now as well, and I’d certainly recommend them both!


Transformers #43 Review


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Transformers #43

Review by Paul Bowler

Cosmos takes centre stage as IDW’s Transformers #43 takes one misunderstood and undervalued Autobot, a recon mission to a Decepticon space station, and engineers a meeting between Soundwave and Cosmos… South of Heaven, written by John Barber, with art by Andrew Griffith, and colors by Josh Perez, takes this IDW series into new, and unexpected territory in Transformers #43 as Cosmos faces Soundwave alone…

Transformers #43 continues to build on the more interesting plot threads from The Combiner Wars and its aftermath. Sent by Arcee to investigate Soundwave’s new Space Station commune orbiting Jupiter, which also incidentally coincides with Onyx CEO Garrison Blackrock’s and Earth Defense Command Director Marissa Faireborn’s visit to the station. As the Decepticons and humans tour the facility, Cosmos’s stealth pant provides the necessary cover for the Autobot to get in close to the station, but Soundwave has exceptional hearing, and its not long before the Decepticon and Autobot are facing-off. But, as Cosmos soon discovers, there’s more than meets the eye going on here, because is seems Soundwave just wants to talk, and Cosmos certainly wasn’t expecting that!

Transformers #43 Cover

John Barber really gets back to the core story elements and motives that drive the characters in this issue. Cosmos’ mission serves up a bizarre situation that has the Autobot expecting the worse to happen when Soundwave tracks him down, and their initial skirmish quickly gives way to a thought provoking and enlightening exchange between the Decepticon and Cosmos. I really like how Soundwave’s viewpoint uncannily resonates with Cosmos, and how some Autobots attitudes towards little drones like D.O.C are also unsettlingly mirrored by Soundwave’s opinion of his expedient human allies.

Andrew Griffith’s art is excellent, the Transformers are all incredibly detailed, and the humans are well defined too. The exterior scenes of the Space Station look stunning with Jupiter in the background, the interiors of the station are vast and gleaming, and the chase between Soundwave and Cosmos provides some great action sequences. The colors by Josh Perez complements Griffith’s art nicely, brining added definition and clarity to every page.

Although the scenes with Cosmos and Soundwave are undoubtedly the main highlight of the issue, there’s a lot going on in the background as well to keep the plot bubbling along. The fact Mr Blackrock’s Onyx computers and operating systems are based on code derived from old Cybertronian systems doesn’t exactly bode well, there’s also some really fun moments with Laserbeak and Buzsaw, and the issues conclusion turn out to be remarkably poignant.

Transformers #43 is another solid instalment, with its concise story by John Barber and impressive art by Andrew Griffith, this superb IDW Transformers title constantly goes from strength to strength, and remains a thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable series.


New Spectre Trailer James Bond 007


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New 007 James Bond Spectre Trailer!

spectre p

Check out the brand new trailer for the 24th James Bond adventure Spectre!

After the cryptic teaser trailer, this new Spectre trailer looks really exciting!

Bullet Gal #12 Review


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Bullet Gal #12

Review by Paul Bowler

The Reset has been initiated… Bullet Gal #12 brings this 12 issue IF? Commix prequel story arc to a sensational climax as Mitzi, our gun-toting heroine with a taste for wanton destruction and strong espresso, prepares to face Heropa’s newly augmented digital reality alongside her mentor Lee following the Reset. A new era begins with the debut of new super team the Equalizers, but dark forces are already scheming against them. Mitzi still has some old scores to settle, but some will prove far from easy to resolve. Now, with Lee by her side, and her new role with the Equalizers, Heropa’s bright new future awaits…

After the recent release of the Bullet Gal trade paperback collection: It’s Not You It’s Me, this final issue of the 12 part arc with story and pictures from Andrez Bergen, author of the noir-style superhero detective novel Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa, IF? Commix series Tales to Admonish, graphic novel Tobacco Stained Mountain Goat, and the novel Depth Charging Planet Goth, wraps Bullet Gal’s prequel story up as the full ramifications of the Reset that Lee #3 (That’s our Bullet Gal’s own Lee, one of the eight identical duplicates spliced from the personality of the man who created Heropa, and he’s also Major Patriot!) has engineered to create an entirely new world for him and Mitzi while vanquishing their enemies in the process.

Bullet Gal #12 possesses an air of nervous anticipation coupled with a somewhat upbeat finality, while loose ends are gathered; characters prepare to step into a new order where the noir-shrouded streets offer untold potential for the future. As this issue of Andrez Bergen’s IF? Commix prequel series brings Mitzi’s early adventures in Heropa to a close; we experience the Reset from a dazzling variety of viewpoints and timeframes. Game changing rules are quickly established as the digital framework of Heropa embraces the embryonic code of the Reset to become a new reality. Lee’s grand design rings in the changes on a vast scale, one entwined within a loop of logic and fate that coalesces the narrative and pizzazz of the imminent press conference at Timely Tower to introduce the new order that will set the foundations of a silver age for tomorrow.

Bullet Gal #12 Cover

Having survived her recent brush with death, it is perhaps no surprise then that the Reset heralds some fairly significant changes in Mitzi’s life. Even though Bullet Gal now faces the end of all she knows and the beginning of everything she will become, Lee is there with her every step of the way, and the chemistry between them is electric. As for Brigit, the crazed French hit woman who organized the attempt on Bullet Gal’s life, well, it would seem the Reset has wrought the most ruthless and fitting revenge imaginable for our heroines arch nemesis. Mitzi may feel naked without her trademark guns, but her new role and identity as Aerialist more than compensates for any misgivings she has. Indeed, her characters new stance here makes us fall in love with her all over again, her new identity fits her like a glove, and the jetpack is an added bonus!

The distinctive look and tone of Bullet Gal is undoubtedly one of the series’ biggest factors in making it stand out from the crowd. Andrez Bergen has fashioned a striking and bold aesthetic in terms of comic book art with Bullet Gal, with a mix of vivid black and white imagery, digital photomontages, and the sublime fusion of pulp noir themes, Dadaist influences, and throwbacks to the rich history of the comic books of yesteryear, every issue has been stylishly realized. Bullet Gal #12 is the very embodiment of Bergen’s vision: whereby the sprawling code of the Reset gives way to the rain swept streets of Heropa, behind-the-scenes a new team is forged from the ashes of the old, clandestine meetings unfold, we even join an old enemy for tea, a spectacular new tower now graces Heropa’s skyline, Little Nobody also gets to join in the party mood, and villains begin plotting to scratch the sheen from this brave new world. Add in the tantalizing hints of color emerging throughout the pages of this issue, and Bullet Gal #12 rounds the series off in fine style.

With a press conference to introduce The Equalizers to the world, the stage is set, quite literally and figuratively, for the Great White Hope, Milkcrate Man, and the Aerialist to step into the limelight. So, even though it looks like Mitzi has now set aside her late fathers twin polished nickel 9mm Star Model B pistols for good, its clear Mitzi’s bond with Lee is stronger than ever, and with its breathtaking final page delivering a symbolic fresh start all that remains is for us to heed the words of “Sir Omphalos” and enjoy the view as a new era dawns…

Bergen’s phenomenal Bullet Gal prequel series concludes magnificently with Bullet Gal #12. Taken as a whole, the series has been an unqualified success. This hardboiled pulp-style adventure, with its nor-spliced digitally enhanced reality and plethora of subliminal subtexts, has been an exciting and extraordinary journey. The end is near, but the Reset has given Mitzi and Lee a second throw of the dice, and the future is now sublimely entwined in the pages of Bergen’s novel Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa? Bullet Gal’s adventures may be over for now, but there’s still plenty to look forward to. With Bergen’s new IF? Commix 70’s style crime-saga homage Trista and Holt Vol 1 (collecting issue 1-6) and a trade paper back collection of Tales To Admonish both due for release in August 2015, with issue #7 of Trista and Holt following in September 2015, and a new novel in the works, Andrez Bergen’s distinct artistic style and storytelling will continue to bring us even more exciting characters and adventures. The future is looking very bright indeed!

Bullet Gal #12 Is Published 1st August 2015 Hard Copy $5 Digital $1 IF? Commix


Suicide Squad’ Comic-Con Trailer Officially Released


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Suicide Squad’ Comic-Con Trailer Officially Released

Suicide Squad (Joker)

Warner Bros. have now released the official version of the new teaser trailer for David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. Check it out!

New Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice Comic-Con Trailer


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New Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice Comic-Con Trailer

Batman V Superman (Supes)

Check out the awesome full-length Batman V Superman Trailer from comic-con international at San Diego! Wow, looks incredible!


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