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Bullet Gal #2

Review by Paul Bowler

Bullet Gal #2 is the brand new issue from Australian author Andrez Bergen, writer of the acclaimed detective style noir superhero novel Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa?, IF? Commix book series Tales to Admonish, and the anthology Black White. Now, along with the upcoming release of his new novel, Depth Charging Ice Planet Goth (July 2014), and graphic novel Tobacco Stained Mountain Goat (Aug 2014), Japan based writer Andrez Bergen’s latest IF? Commix title, Bullet Gal #2 will also be published in print form in August 2014 in Australia.

The Bullet Gal series is a prequel to some of Andrez Bergen’s earlier works, ongoing themes and settings are masterfully drawn into the dark narrative of this new series by Bergan, as he charts the exploits of the young woman, Mizi, who will eventually go on to become Bullet Gal, while seamlessly weaving her origin into the rich tapestry of the noir-style world that he has already established his novels and comic books.

Set in the city of Heropa, the first issue of Bullet Gal saw femme fatale Mizi (her last name is still a mystery) targeting and assassinating citizens of ill-repute. From there we were introduced to the mysterious Lee, who offered Mizi a chance to join a Cape group called The Crime Crusaders Crew, but Lee must also be reign in Mizi’s unpredictable nature so she can be fully accepted into the ranks of the group. But does Mizi really want to be a member of The Crime Crusaders Crew, and can her new mentor be trusted?

Bullet Gal_issue 2_digital variant cover_Sept 2014_IF Commix

Bullet Gal #2 continues to reveal more about Mizi’s past, as we lean about her arrival in Heropa when she was seventeen, with only her duffel bag, twin star model B pistols, a taste for strong espressos, and her steely resolve to meet out her own brand of truth and justice. A month has past since she first met Lee; her training has gone well so far, now she is ready to carry out her first mission.

Gun Happy throws us right into the middle of Mizi’s first assignment, yet even with the target firmly in her sights, and everything going according to plan, Mizi cannot resist overstepping the mark with Lee. Bullet Gal #2 shows how Mizi and Lee struggling to work together, she is still as wild as ever, while he remains as cryptic as he is disciplined, and this issue highlights the fraught, and often tempestuous partnership that makes these characters so compelling.

Meanwhile, on the seedier side of town, we descend down a shadow staircase to a secret meeting with the Gangland leader Sol, who has gathered his associates together to deal with Mizi and the way she has been attacking their rackets all over town. Mizi is causing too much trouble, Sol wants the problem dealt with as quickly as possible, and as chance would have it, it seems like he has found just the right person for the job…

The story and art by Andrez Bergen for Bullet Gal #2 is superb. He gives this noir style, hardboiled pulp romp a very distinctive style artistically, one that perfectly complements his well executed storyline, until it completely immerses you within the dark metropolis of Heropa itself and the stylishly noir infused narrative.

Bullet Gal #2 is going to be available in print-form in Australia in August 2014, but the digital form (available worldwide) is something really special indeed. With its stunning variant cover, the digital version of Bullet Gal #2 will include the entirety of issue #1 at the back of the book, as well as an exclusive preview of Andrez Bergen’s other new project: The Tobacco Stained Mountain Goat graphic novel, that will also be released in August. Bullet Gal #2 is another terrific issue from Andrez Bergen, features great story and art, this finely crafted tale of noir and suspense will be available direct from the IF? Commix website.