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Transforms Lost Light #3

Review by Paul Bowler

Transformers Lost Light #3 finds Rodimus and Co confronting the bizarre status-quo on the alternative Cybertron, just as the Functionist council prepare to reveal an ancient secret. Meanwhile, back on Necroworld, Anode has to address questions about her past, while Swerve, Ten, and Whirl awaken a terrifying monstrosity!

The adventure of Rodimus, the pacifist Megatron, and the miss-matched Autobot Transformer crew of the Lost Light from IDW’s brilliant Transformers More Than Meets The Eye series – where the trials and tribulations that accompanied Rodimus’ crew in their search to find the mythical Cyberutopia saw them loose their only map, their starship, and even their lives for a short while when Necroworld exploded from inside – continues in IDW Publishing’s brand new Transformers Lost Light comic books series by writer James Roberts (Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye) and artist Jack Lawrence (Skylanders, Micronauts).

Having being stranded on Necroworld to face the Decepticon Justice Division after Getaway led a mutiny and stole the Lost Light, Rodimus, Megatron, and their Transformers shipmates tried to return to Cybertron using Brainstorms cobbled together teleporter device. It worked, the only trouble is they ended up in a parallel universe, arriving on an extremely different version of Cybertron where Megatron never existed and the Functionist council now rules.


Transformers Lost Light #3 is a magnificently structured and densely plotted issue by James Roberts. From the – oh dear I really don’t think you should’ve pressed that switch – opening moments back on Necroworld, Dissolution Part 3: A World Misplaced quickly sets the narrative in motion with some truly delightful moments when Rodimus’ interstellar parallel universe communiqué gives Brainstorm and Nightbeat permission to Squeee! From there the issue rattles along at high velocity as Whirl takes on his hulking Nemesis, Rodimus, Megatron, and other others witness the revelation of one of the Transformers universe’s biggest mysteries, and the ongoing mystery surrounding the archaeologist Anode‘s past, together with her trusty sidekick Lug, faces some extremely difficult questions when she’s accosted by Velocity and Nautical.

Jack Lawrence’s artwork impressively captures the likenesses of each and every Transformer character, there’s a vast roll call of Transformers in this issue of Lost Light as well, and Lawrence deftly ensures that scenes on both Necroworld and the alternative Cybertron are lavishly realized while still retaining a distinct identity all their own. It’s also interesting to spot the variances and similarities with some of the Transformers parallel counterparts. The fight with the Nemesis (Killmaster) is fast and frenetic, the emotional scenes with Anode are also handled beautifully, and the big reveal of Rung’s true alt-mode is real scene stealing moment. The colors by Joana Lafuente stylishly complements the mood and tone of each scene, each of the Transformers liveries boasts a gorgeous mix of vividly portrayed hues and sheens that gleam from the page, and the skilful deployment of velvety shadows heightens the ominous sense of encroaching dread during key moments.

The issue rides a crest of exposition towards an unexpected cliff-hanger of epic proportions that perhaps poses almost as many questions as it answers. I was a huge fan of IDW’s Transformers More Than Meets The Eye, so this new Transformers series had a lot to live up to, but I’m happy to say that Transformers Lost light is shaping up to be every bit as wonderfully exciting, wildly mind-boggling and complicated, hilariously funny, and as big an emotional a roller coaster ride as Transformers: MTMTE ever was.

Transformer Lost Light #3 is another excellent issue from James Roberts, Jack Lawrence, and Joana Lafuente; it has distilled everything that was so loved about Transformers: MTMTE, and then some! This is an issue that demands your attention though, new readers might find the plot a tad overcomplicated in places, but the sheer level of characterization and Transformer action make this new series a veritable delight for Transformers fans!

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Writer: James Roberts / Art: Jack Lawrence

Colors: Joana Lafuente / Letters: Tom B Long

Regular Cover: Jack Lawrence & Joana Lafuente