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Godzilla Oblivion #5

Review by Paul Bowler

It’s the end of the world as we know it in Godzilla Oblivion #5, the stunning final of IDW Publishings five-part comic book series, written by Joshua Hale Fialkov and featuring art by Brian Churilla, as monsters swarm from a ravaged alternative dimension to destroy the world! Battles rage across this Earth that has never known monsters, the foolhardy experiments of the scientists and the military to visit other dimensions have now doomed all civilization, can there be any possible hope of escape now? Get ready for the most epic Godzilla battle of them all!

Having lured Godzilla from the apocalyptic parallel Earth to their world to defeat King Ghidorah for them, their nuclear backup plan backfired when King Ghidorah was killed and Godzilla went on the rampage. In a desperate move employing replicated technology from the alternative Earth, the humans unleashed an army of Mechagodzillas to hold off Godzilla long enough for them to recover King Ghidorah’s body from the sea bed and use the technology to reanimate and control the creature’s body. But just as Godzilla and King Ghidorah were squaring up for round two, the portal machine suddenly powered up as the humans from the other Earth allowed the monsters of their world through to the scientist’s dimension!

Godzilla Oblivion 5 COVER

Joshua Hale Fialkov and Brian Churilla bring their uncanny world shaking What If? scenario to a close with Godzilla Oblivion #5, as the monstrous Kaiju of the alternative Earth now pour through the portal to their parallel counterpart . The scientists and military finally begin to understand the impact of their actions. Especially when they realize that without Godzillas help to keep the monsters in check on the alternative Earth, those monsters then grew more powerful and dangerous. That apocalyptic world was then left with only one choice – to send their monsters through the portal to the parallel Earth! Now the scientist and the military of this world must face the consequences of their experiments and the impending doom it has brought to their world.

Joshua Hale Fialkov builds the drama and tension brilliantly in this issue, as the world is ravaged by Godzilla’s all-out battle against this seemingly unstoppable legion of monsters, but with a worldwide nuclear strike about to be launched, its up to Ridley – with the help of a rather nifty looking neural network VR technology – to keep Mecha King Ghidorah going right in the thick of the action to buy the human race more time. One last ditch eleventh hour strategy still remains, but will it be enough to save the world from this ultimate monster smack down?

Brian Churilla’s artwork on this issue impressively presents the epic scale of Godzilla’s battle against hordes of his greatest enemies. Big sweeping page layouts convey the city levelling monster action, with Godzilla and Mecha King Ghidorah squaring up against the Kaiju onslaught, while the scientist work frantically to reprogram crucial technologies in their attempt to save humanity before the military deploy the global nuclear option.. Churilla also gets to focus more on the scientists and military characters in this issue to bring us some particularly emotional and moving scenes. The finale monologue by Ishiko Yamada is especially moving. These closing sequences are beautifuly illustrated by Brian Churilla, the colors by Jay Fotos wonderfully harness a subtle palette of tones and shades to bring the mini-sereis to a resounding conclusion.

One last act of self sacrifice ensures that Godzilla Oblivion packs one hell of an emotional punch during its closing moments. Godzilla Oblivion has been one IDW’s standout titles for me, with its fresh and different take on the Godzilla franchise, exciting the storyline by Joshua Hale Fialkov, great art by Brian Churilla, and colors by Jay Fotos, this mini-series has skilfully built on the potential of its unique premise, kept us all on our toes with unexpected plot twists, and Godzilla Oblivion #5 now provides an action-packed, emotional, and thought provoking finale to this excellent slice of monster mayhem from IDW Publishing.

Publisher: IDW Publishing Writer: Joshua Hale Fialkov

Art: Brian Churilla Colors: Jay Fotos

Letters / Creative Consultant: Chris Mowry

Cover: Brian Churilla