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Batman Beyond #48

Review by Paul Bowler.

The future and the past collide in Batman Beyond #48 when Terry McGinnis’ mentor Bruce Wayne suddenly turns against him! Luckily histories greatest unknown hero – Booster Gold – is on hand to whisk Batman Beyond back to the Gotham of yesteryear, to the time when Bruce Wayne is Batman. It looks as if Batman and Batman Beyond are finally going to meet at last… or will they?

Its time for Batman Beyond to go all back to the future — well sort of — but with a fun twist as writer Dan Jurgens turns familiar tropes on their head and sends him back to the present day instead. Events unfold extremely rapidly from the outset, throwing us right into the heart of this intriguing time travel quandary Terry McGninnis faces, and the stakes are deeply personal for him as well.

The addition of Booster Gold is the real masterstroke here. Not only is it a good old-fashioned team-up, the banter between Batman Beyond and Booster Gold is also very funny, and I really like the quirky dynamic between them. Given that Dan Jurgens is at the helm we can rest assured Batman Beyond’s time travelling shenanigans with Booster Gold are in safe hands, other writers have used Booster Gold very poorly of late in my opinion, so it’s great to see Jurgens redressing the balance.

Visually this is quite a striking issue of Batman Beyond from penciler Paul Pelleteir, along with inks by Norman Rapmund and bold colors by colorist Chris Sotomayor that seamlessly melds the two different eras this issue bridges to great effect. The action flows at a fast, almost unbroken pace for virtually the entirety of the issue as Batman Beyond and Booster Gold go through the ubiquitous team-up squabbles and fisticuffs before they join forces to achieve their goal — to prevent the time delayed subliminal message that caused Bruce Wayne to turn against Batman Beyond in the future from ever being implanted by the telepath Blanque. Characters, locations and emotional beats are all rendered in rich detail and vibrant color by the artistic team — along with a terrific final page that nicely encapsulates the tone of this issues eye catching cover by Dan Mora.

A hugely enjoyable issue in its own right, Batman Beyond #48 feels like a breath of fresh air in the DCU at the moment. I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Batman Beyond who became a part of the DCU after the success of the Batman Beyond animated series (1999-2001), this has been the characters longest running comic book series to date, and I’ve really enjoyed it. I’m also a fan of Booster Gold, so I’m really happy to see him being written in the way he should be again, and teaming up with Batman Beyond is the icing on the cake! Batman Beyond in 2020 is such a great concept as well, its just a shame its taken until nearly the end of Dan Jurgens iconic run for it to finally happen.

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Dan Jurgens / Penciller: Paul Pelleteir 

Inks: Norman Rapmund / Colorist: Chris Sotomayor

Letterer: Travis Lanham / Cover: Dan Mora

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