New Guardians of the Galaxy VOL.2 Trailer!


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New Guardians of the Galaxy VOL.2 Official Trailer!


Fasten your seatbelts! Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket and Baby Groot are back in the new official trailer first shown on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, – coming to UK cinemas 28th April 2017. The Guardians must fight to keep their newfound family together as they unravel the mystery of Peter Quill’s true parentage.

Great trailer, love the bit at the end!

And there’s an explosive new poster as well!


Starring Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, featuring Vin Diesel as Groot, Bradley Cooper as Rocket, Michael Rooker, Karen Gillan, Pom Klementieff, Elizabeth Debicki, Chris Sullivan, Sean Gunn, Tommy Flanagan, Laura Haddock and Kurt Russell. Directed by JamesGunn.


New Doctor Who Series 10 Teaser “A Time For Heroes”


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New Doctor Who Series 10 Teaser “A Time For Heroes”


Check out the new Doctor Who Series 10 Teaser “A Time For Heroes” Its an interesting little trailer, narrated by the Doctor’s new travelling companion Bill:”I wouldn’t miss it for the world…” Doctor Who Series 10 will be Steven Moffat’s final season as Doctor Who show runner, and it stars Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, with Pearl Mackie as new companion Bill, along with Matt Lucas as Nardole.

How excited are you for the new series?!

Catch the brand new series of Doctor Who launching on Saturday 15th April 2017!

Transformers Lost Light #3 Review


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Transforms Lost Light #3

Review by Paul Bowler

Transformers Lost Light #3 finds Rodimus and Co confronting the bizarre status-quo on the alternative Cybertron, just as the Functionist council prepare to reveal an ancient secret. Meanwhile, back on Necroworld, Anode has to address questions about her past, while Swerve, Ten, and Whirl awaken a terrifying monstrosity!

The adventure of Rodimus, the pacifist Megatron, and the miss-matched Autobot Transformer crew of the Lost Light from IDW’s brilliant Transformers More Than Meets The Eye series – where the trials and tribulations that accompanied Rodimus’ crew in their search to find the mythical Cyberutopia saw them loose their only map, their starship, and even their lives for a short while when Necroworld exploded from inside – continues in IDW Publishing’s brand new Transformers Lost Light comic books series by writer James Roberts (Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye) and artist Jack Lawrence (Skylanders, Micronauts).

Having being stranded on Necroworld to face the Decepticon Justice Division after Getaway led a mutiny and stole the Lost Light, Rodimus, Megatron, and their Transformers shipmates tried to return to Cybertron using Brainstorms cobbled together teleporter device. It worked, the only trouble is they ended up in a parallel universe, arriving on an extremely different version of Cybertron where Megatron never existed and the Functionist council now rules.


Transformers Lost Light #3 is a magnificently structured and densely plotted issue by James Roberts. From the – oh dear I really don’t think you should’ve pressed that switch – opening moments back on Necroworld, Dissolution Part 3: A World Misplaced quickly sets the narrative in motion with some truly delightful moments when Rodimus’ interstellar parallel universe communiqué gives Brainstorm and Nightbeat permission to Squeee! From there the issue rattles along at high velocity as Whirl takes on his hulking Nemesis, Rodimus, Megatron, and other others witness the revelation of one of the Transformers universe’s biggest mysteries, and the ongoing mystery surrounding the archaeologist Anode‘s past, together with her trusty sidekick Lug, faces some extremely difficult questions when she’s accosted by Velocity and Nautical.

Jack Lawrence’s artwork impressively captures the likenesses of each and every Transformer character, there’s a vast roll call of Transformers in this issue of Lost Light as well, and Lawrence deftly ensures that scenes on both Necroworld and the alternative Cybertron are lavishly realized while still retaining a distinct identity all their own. It’s also interesting to spot the variances and similarities with some of the Transformers parallel counterparts. The fight with the Nemesis (Killmaster) is fast and frenetic, the emotional scenes with Anode are also handled beautifully, and the big reveal of Rung’s true alt-mode is real scene stealing moment. The colors by Joana Lafuente stylishly complements the mood and tone of each scene, each of the Transformers liveries boasts a gorgeous mix of vividly portrayed hues and sheens that gleam from the page, and the skilful deployment of velvety shadows heightens the ominous sense of encroaching dread during key moments.

The issue rides a crest of exposition towards an unexpected cliff-hanger of epic proportions that perhaps poses almost as many questions as it answers. I was a huge fan of IDW’s Transformers More Than Meets The Eye, so this new Transformers series had a lot to live up to, but I’m happy to say that Transformers Lost light is shaping up to be every bit as wonderfully exciting, wildly mind-boggling and complicated, hilariously funny, and as big an emotional a roller coaster ride as Transformers: MTMTE ever was.

Transformer Lost Light #3 is another excellent issue from James Roberts, Jack Lawrence, and Joana Lafuente; it has distilled everything that was so loved about Transformers: MTMTE, and then some! This is an issue that demands your attention though, new readers might find the plot a tad overcomplicated in places, but the sheer level of characterization and Transformer action make this new series a veritable delight for Transformers fans!

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Writer: James Roberts / Art: Jack Lawrence

Colors: Joana Lafuente / Letters: Tom B Long

Regular Cover: Jack Lawrence & Joana Lafuente

Alien Covenant Official Prologue: Last Supper


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Alien: Covenant Official Prologue: Last Supper


Check out the prologue to Alien: Covenant introducing us to the crew of the mission. Set on board the Covenant, a colonization ship on its way to a distant planet to form a new human settlement, the main crew and their android, Walter, for a meal before cryosleep… Ridley Scott returns to the universe he created, with ALIEN: COVENANT, a new chapter in his ground breaking ALIEN franchise. The crew of the colony ship Covenant, bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a dark, dangerous world. When they uncover a threat beyond their imagination, and they must attempt a harrowing escape…

Directed by Ridley Scott, Alien Covenant stars: Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, Danny McBride, Demián Bichir, Carmen Ejogo, Amy Seimetz, Jussie Smollett, Callie Hernandez, Nathaniel Dean, Alexander England, Benjamin Rigby

In Theaters – May 19, 2017

Thanos #4 Review


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Thanos #4

Review by Paul Bowler

Thanos #4 delves ever further into the mad Titan’s dark world in Marvel’s new ongoing series from Jeff Lemire, Mike Deodato, and Frank Martin. Thanos’ quest to find a cure for the mysterious aliment that is killing him led to a titanic face-off with Shiar Imperial Guard, but shockingly it was a battle that Thanos ultimately lost! Now even Thanos’ own son, Thane, conspires to destroy him. But as we will soon discover, this isn’t the first time that Thane has schemed to seize power from Thanos and claim his birthright…

When it comes to big-bad super-villains, there are few in the Marvel Universe that can match Thanos for his sheer raw power, ambition, and unflinching evil. This new series from writer Jeff Lemire, artist Mike Deodato, and color artist Frank Martin continues to raise the bar with each issue, the sheer scope and scale of the storylines and art constantly impresses, and Thanos #4 is arguably one of their best issue so far.


Following Thanos‘ defeat at the hands of the Imperial Guard on Gilgrath, the spotlight now falls on Thane, and writer Jeff Lemire skilfully uses this issue to explore the series of events that led to Thane’s current scheme to rid himself of Thanos once and for all. Unfolding across a series of intermittently spaced flashbacks Thanos #4 gives us a tantalizing insight into Thane’s previous bid to take control of The Black Quadrant with Ebony Maw, but Corvus Glaive is not to be underestimated, and Thane’s subsequent fall from grace and incarceration proves crushing both mentally and physically for the son of Thanos. The unlikely alliance between Thane and Tryco, The Champion of the Universe, is also explored by Lemire, and it is these scenes that ultimately drive the narrative whilst sublimely filling in their back story and motivations as time progresses.

The panel layouts are beautifully structured by artist Mike Deodato to great effect. The synchronicity that Dedato manages to strike with Jeff Lemire’s character driven script is astonishing, judicious use of compact panel layouts effortlessly draw you into the story, and even the big two-page action scenes have a distinct pace all their own that so indicative of Dedato’s work. There are some truly spectacular scenes too, with Black Order brothers battling, The Coven are also hauntingly realized as they attack Thane, later Tryco the Champion’s wry humour lightens the tone somewhat, but it is Thane’s experiences in solitary confinement that delivers the issues most powerful and disturbing moments. Frank Martin’s colors provide a glorious swath of rich crimson hues for combat, while a blend of cool shades masked in ominous shadows make Thane’s imprisonment feel every bit as cold and dark as Thanos’ heart itself.

With a deal forged in darkness, Thanos #4 seamlessly bookends with the present as Thane’s plan to kill Thanos with the help of his uncle, Eros (the Avenger formerly known as Starfox), the mercenary Nebula, and Tryco The Champion of the Universe, unites their collective fates in the most surprising way imaginable!

Thanos #4 gives us a fascinating, chilling, and increasingly insightful glimpse into the dark machinations that have shapes event in this new Marvel comic book series. Jeff Lemir, Mike Deodato, and Frank Martin have truly excelled themselves again, as Thanos #4, with its engaging multifaceted storyline and fantastic artwork, reaffirms exactly why this series is such a compelling and gratifying sojourn to the darker side of the Marvel Universe.

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Jeff Lemire / Artist: Mike Deodato

Colorist: Frank Martin / Letterer: VCs Clayton Cowles

Cover: Mike Dedato and Frank Martin / Variant Cover: Joe Jusko

The Flash #16 Review


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The Flash #16

Review by Paul Bowler

It seems the Rogues have pulled off the perfect crime in The Flash #16, after tricking the Scarlet Speedster into leaving Central City to fight Mirror Master and his mirror duplicates of the Rogues in Corto Maltese, the real Rogues struck back in Central City at five different locations! Now the Flash must race home, but can even the fastest man alive prevent this quintet of crimes when they are being carried out all at the same time?

Rogues Reloaded Part 3 illustrates just how ingenious the Rogues plan really is, and it highlights the shattering aftermath for the Flash because he was distracted by their mirror version on the other side of the world. Flash’s confidence certainly takes a knock in this issue, fortunately Iris West, who Barry has just started dating (although he hasn’t told her he’s the Flash), inspires him to use the Rogues new way of thinking and turn it to his advantage.


What I really like about the Flash since DC Comics Rebirth, is how writer Joshua Williamson brings such a fresh dynamic to the character of Barry Allen and his blossoming relationship with Iris West, and this issue really plays to those strengths. The Rogues Reloaded storyline has also given Williamson the opportunity to explore new facets of the bonds between the Rogues themselves, and how they operate. Heat Wave also plays a somewhat unexpected role in The Flash #16 which unveils a chilling glimpse into the warped machinations of his flame charred psychology – and proves he’s a villain never to be underestimated!

The fast and furious pace of the action is gloriously realized by artist Carmine Di Giandomenico, the Flash’s dynamically staged analysis of how the Rogues split up to conduct their multiple crime spree is brilliantly handled by Giandomenico. The interlude with Heat Wave is another big highlight, the drama and tension crackles from the page, and the build up to the Flash’s inevitable confrontations with the Rogues culminates in a stylishly handled spectacle of super-speed action. The colors by Ivan Plascencia effortlessly mirror the tone of each scene, from Flash surveying the dark, smouldering aftermath of Heat Wave’s rampage which he wasn’t able to arrive in time to stop, to the horrific memories of the past burn vividly from the page, and the realization of the speed force as is crackles around the Flash in combat during the issues final moment is utterly sublime.

Everything builds towards the moment that we’ve all been waiting for as the Flash finally confronts the Rogues, but it would seem that there’s not quite as much honour amongst thieves as we’ve been led to believe, and his final opponent has deadly surprise in store that even the Flash might not be able to escape from!

The Flash #16 is another excellent issue from Joshua Williamson, Carmine Di Giandomenico, and Ivan Plascencia. Rogues Reloaded has been a great super-powered heist caper, its really tested the Flash’s abilities and skills to the limit, Mirror Master, Golden Glider, Heat Wave, Weather Wizard, Trickster, and Captain Cold have all had a good share of the action, there’s been a myriad of plot twists that have all collectively added to the excitement, and now everything is in place for the epic conclusion of Rogues Reloaded!

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Joshua Williamson / Artist: Carmine Di Giandomenico

Colorist: Ivan Plascencia / Letterer: Steve Wands

Cover: Carmine Di Giandomenco / Variant Cover: Dave Johnson

Marvel’s Iron Fist first Official Trailer!


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Marvel’s Iron Fist first Official Trailer!


Marvel have just released the first full-length trailer for Iron Fist, the newest of their Netflix-exclusive “Defenders” TV shows. I think it’s a great trailer, always been a fan of the character, so really looking forward to this series!

Fifteen years after being presumed dead in a plane crash, Danny Rand (Finn Jones) mysteriously returns to New York City determined to reclaim his birthright and family company. However, when a long-destined enemy rises in New York, this living weapon is forced to choose between his family’s legacy and his duties as the Iron Fist. Marvel’s Iron Fist premieres March 17, 2017 exclusively on Netflix.

Transformers The Last Knight Big Game Spot Trailer!


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Transformers The Last Knight Big Game Spot Trailer!


Its Autobot Vs Autobot in the new Super Bowl spot that has been released for the hotly anticipated Transformers: The Last Knight!

The Last Knight shatters the core myths of the Transformers franchise, and redefines what it means to be a hero. Humans and Transformers are at war, Optimus Prime is gone. The key to saving our future lies buried in the secrets of the past, in the hidden history of Transformers on Earth. Saving our world falls upon the shoulders of an unlikely alliance: Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg); Bumblebee; an English Lord (Sir Anthony Hopkins), and an Oxford Professor (Laura Haddock).

There comes a moment in everyone’s life when we are called upon to make a difference. In Transformers: The Last Knight, the hunted will become heroes. Heroes will become villains. Only one world will survive: theirs, or ours.

Directed by Michael Bay and staring Mark Wahlberg, Josh Duhamel, Anthony Hopkins, Laura Haddock, Isabella Moner, Stanley Tucci, John Turturro.

Transformers is coming to theatres June 2017!

Sci-Fi Jubilee My YouTube Channel Resident Evil 7 Biohazard


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Sci-Fi Jubilee My YouTube Channel Resident Evil 7 Biohazard


Thank you so much for checking out my YouTube Channel everyone! Well, after a short break from PS4 while I‘ve been busy with reviewing comics, I’ve now started playing Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. I’m a huge fan of the survival horror genre, especially the Resident Evil game series. Resident Evil 7 brings the series bang up to date for this next gen era of gaming. Set after the events of Resident Evil 6, Resident Evil 7 takes place in a remote mansion in modern day rural America. You play as Ethan Winters who has set out to find his missing wife, Mia, after receiving an email from her, and after travelling to the derelict mansion owned by the deranged Baker family you are plunged into  the sinister mystery that lurks within in its walls and grounds in this truly disturbing and realistic horror game.


The game is also played from a first-person-perspective, a first for the Resident Evil series, and it also supports the new Playstation VR MODE. I must admit, I was a little hesitant about the FPS format, as I don’t tend to like FPS style games that much, but I have to say the format suits Resident Evil perfectly. Its brilliantly gruesome and frightening, I don’t have the VR headset, but I should imagine it makes the game even more scary!


This video features the start of the game and my initial look around the house. Its dark, scary, atmospheric stuff! I won’t say much about the storyline of the game because I don’t want to spoil it. Suffice to say, its really, really good, and I think Resident Evil 7 is a real return to form for the series. Hope you enjoy!

Resident Evil 7 embodies all the classic elements of the series that we know and love so well, and then some! I’ve had a great time playing it. I’ll keep posting my Resident Evil 7 gameplay videos on my YouTube Channel as I work my way through the game. Please feel free to like, share, and subscribe if you enjoy them, and thanks once again for all your awesome support for Sci-Fi Jubilee and my YouTube Channel!


Green Arrow #16 Review


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Green Arrow #16

The Emerald Archer goes on the offensive in Green Arrow #16, but the odds are stacked against him after being framed by the Dark Archer Malcolm Merlyn for a recent wave of murders in Seattle, hounded by a rogue team of corrupt cops called The Vice Squad, and vilified by a detestable mayoral candidate. Things don’t look good for Green Arrow and Co, but all that could soon change with the return of an old ally….Emiko Queen!

Emerald Outlaw Part 5 sees Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Chief Westberg setting out to deal with Sergeant Notting and The Vice Squad once and for all! First though, writer Benjamin Percy brings us the long awaited reunion between Green Arrow and his sister, Emi – AKA Red Arrow. Her tangle with her mother and the Yakuza bosses has made Emi tougher than ever, she’s back and – hugging aside – on her terms! From here Green Arrow #16 races along at a furious pace, as Benjamin Percy sets the scene for the showdown between the Emerald Archer, his allies, and The Vice Squad in a hanger outside Seattle, where the moral arguments of this arc become polarized like never before as the fists, bullets and arrows start flying left right and centre.


This is a mighty fine looking issue of Green Arrow, the terrific art and colors by Otto Schmidt are true spectacle to behold, and every page is crammed with action, speed, and motion as the face-off in the hanger unfolds towards its explosive and poignantly honourable conclusion. The initial reunion between Oliver and Emi is also nicely portrayed, and the running joke of everyone getting used to calling Emi by the moniker of Red Arrow is great fun. I also really like how Otto Schmidt’s chameleon-like use of color pitches the mood of each scene, perfectly matching them with the beats of the storyline, with vivid tones for the more emotional moments, while cool dark shades heighten the menace and danger of the fight in the hanger.

However, it is the multifaceted aftermath of this battle where story and art fuse beautifully as one, with media reports, a word in a mayoral candidates ear, and a tender repairing of bonds to make a family whole again that provides some of the most moving and heart-warming moments we’ve seen in this series so far, and it reaffirms my view that Green Arrow is one of the strongest titles to emerge from DC Comics Rebirth.

Green Arrow #16 is the kind of issue that makes us love these characters so much. Benjamin Percy and Otto Schmidt have delivered another remarkable issue with Green Arrow #16, the jaw-dropping and emotionally charged ending of this penultimate issue of Emerald Outlaw raises the stakes to a whole new, and entirely unexpected level, and it sets everything up for a momentous action-packed finale for this brilliant story arc.

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Benjamin Percy Art and Color: Otto Schmidt

Letters: Nate Piekos of BLAMBOT