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Worlds collide in our first proper look at The Flash when the first Official Trailer and Big Game TV Spot arrived during the Super Bowl – teasing multiple Batmen and an epic time twisting multiverse style adventure for the DC Universe! 

Ezra Miller stars as the Scarlet Speedster in The Flash, directed by Andy Muschietti. When Barry Allen uses his superpowers to travel back in time to change the events of the past, his attempt to save his family inadvertently alters the future! Trapped on a world without Superheroes, Flash must coax a certain Dark Knight out of retirement and rescue a Kryptonian…. but not quite the one he was expecting! But in order to right the time line and save the universe Barry will be faced with making the ultimate sacrifice!

It seem the Flash with feature no less than two Batmen: Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck, who both back to reprise their iconic roles as the Dark Knight! Sasha Calle also debuts as Supergirl, Kiersey Clemons is back as Iris West, Ron Livingston plays Henry Allen, and Michael Shannon also returns as Zod! , and just shows how badly. Despite all the major change at DC Studios and the controversy surrounding Ezra Miller I’m still pretty excited about this movie – mostly because Keaton is back as Batman! According to James Gunn, The Flash is reportedly “one of the greatest superhero movies ever made” and will reboot the entire DCU to usher in Gunn’s new era for the DC movies.

The Flash movie arrives in theaters on June 16th! 

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