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Hi everyone! As you may remember in 2019 I went into hospital for an operation. Well, I’ve been in hospital for another operation, a reoccurrence of the same longstanding condition that’s been giving me a bit of trouble again. Please don’t worry. This surgery was and planed ages ago, its non urgent, but obviously the pandemic led to it being considerably delayed. As I also have a somewhat weaker lung function as well (you may recall I spent time in hospital a few years ago because of a bad chest infection), I was advised to have a spinal again for my operation as it would be safer for me than a general anaesthetic.

Even though I’ve been through this procedure before it was a still a bit of a scary experience being awake while I was being operated on, but the staff were all really nice and looked after me. It’s been a few days since my operation. I’m now home and recovering well. Obviously I’m under Doctor’s orders to take things easy for a bit. So that’ll mean plenty of binge watching box sets and movies for me while I recover over the holiday season – just what the doctor ordered!

Take care and I’ll see you all soon.


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