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Spawn #333

Review by Paul Bowler.

Schemes and betrayal mount in Spawn #333 following Spawn’s audience with his former mentor, Cogliostro, now known as the all-powerful Sinn! Their clash revealed just how much Sinn’s power has grown. In fact, Spawn got his butt well and truly kicked. Now Al has become totally obsessed with hunting down and stopping Sinn, but Spawn’s allies have all-but abandoned him, and a new even deadlier threat is growing. Recent issues of Spawn have seen Al becoming more and more isolated from his friends after he resolved to go it alone as the power struggle for Throne of Hell escalated. Spawn #333 sees friends and foes alike plotting against Spawn. Writer Rory McConville’s deftly juggles numerous plot strands and characters in this issue, with additional script by Todd McFarlane, and its these powerful-scenes and sinister machinations that form the driving force for much of the narrative. At times there seems a bewildering array of dark skulduggery brewing, each with the sole aim of taking Spawn down and wresting control of the Dead Zones from him. 

Even Haunt and Marc are seemingly prepared to betray Spawn, although Marc still feels uncertain about it and wants to try and reason with Spawn first directly. Meanwhile Sinn is conducting his own gruesome recruitment drive, but newcomer Cadiiclus, a former servant of the Clown, may yet proved Sinn with a way to seize the throne and reopen the Dead Zones without Spawn’s power.

This is one hell of a stylish looking issue as well. Carlo Barberi’s finely detailed artwork together with Jay David Ramos’ vivid colors make for a winning combination, and the dark brooding atmosphere they craft makes this a truly riveting issue to read. The characters are all superbly rendered too, no mean feat considering the wealth of different characters featured over the course of this issue, and there is a real sense of growing dread as so many different and opposing factions close in on Spawn. 

If you’ve been following recent developments across the Spawn’s Universe of titles then this issue of Spawn delivers on every level, newcomers though might find it all a bit overwhelming. Perhaps the biggest highlight of this issue cones in the furious exchange between Spawn and Marc. Its a dramatic, no-holds-barred diatribe of home truths and shock revelations that might well change their friendship forever. It is this tumultuous turning point, along with its mix of intrigue, plots and all-out action that makes this another cracking good issue, and essential reading for Spawn fans. 

Publisher Image Comics

Writer Roy McConville / Todd McFarlane (Additional Script)

Art Carlo Barberi / Colors Jay David Ramos

Lettering Tom Orzechowski 

Cover Artists Francesco Mattina & Carlo Barberi

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