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Spider-Man Man – Man Wolf at Midnight Epic Collection

Review by Paul Bowler

Man Wolf at Midnight is Marvel’s latest addition to their Spider-Man Epic Collection range. Weighting in at a whopping 416 pages of Bronze Age goodness, it heralds a stark era of change for our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man in the aftermath of what was arguably one of the darkest periods of Peter Parker’s life – the death of Gwen Stacy. There’s also a wealth of iconic events and introductions too as this collection revisits the origins of The Punisher, Man-Wolf, and the Spider-Mobile! This extensive collection features stories from The Amazing Spider-Man #124-142, and Giant Sized Super Heroes, all written by Gerry Conway, and with artwork by Gil Kane, Ross Andru, Paul Reinman, John Romita, Sr., Tony Morello, Jim Mooney, Frank Giacoia, Dave Hunt, and Mike Esposito.

Gwen Stacey’s death hangs heavily over the opening issues, with Peter an emotional wrecks as he struggles to come to terms with his girlfriends demise. Peter’s peers and supporting cast also feature prominently throughout this Epic Collection as they rally round their friend during this difficult time. This inevitably leads to some emotionally fraught moments as Peter begins to crack under the strain of his grief and his wall-crawling adventures as Spider-Man. 

Over the course of this volume Peter finally moves into his own apartment, his relationship with Mary Jane also begins to take shape, all while juggling his studies and work at the Bugle with the ever increasing demands of being Spider-Man. 

Indeed, this Epic Collection is a treasure trove of first appearances and iconic moments for Spider-Man amongst all this personal turmoil, most notably the first appearance of The Punisher, as well as Col. John Jamerson as Man-Wolf, the deadly Tarantula, and the debut of the Spider-Mobile; the super-charged beach buggy Spidey builds with the help of Johnny Storm. On top of all that we have the shocking reveal of Harry Osborne as the new Green Goblin, Aunt May’s not-quite wedding to Doctor Octopus, and the Jackal hatching nefarious schemes in the background. A wealth of other villains from Spider-Man’s colourful rogues gallery feature as well including: The Vulture, Kangaroo, Mindworm, Mysterio, The Grizzly, Hammerhead, Molten Man and Morbuis.

While this Epic Collection might not exactly be up there with the classic runs of Spider-Man comics, there is still loads to enjoy here, and I’m sure plenty of nostalgia for many too as they revisit this formative era of Spider-Man.

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