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Batman White Knight: Presents Red Hood #1

Review by Paul Bowler.

The one missing piece of lore from Sean Murphy’s White Knight alternative Batman universe has always been a particularly intriguing quandary. A quirk of writing on Murphy’s part had Jason Todd portrayed as the first Robin by the acclaimed Batman White Knight series. Now the mystery of what happened to Jason Todd is finally revealed  in Batman: White Knight Presents Red Hood #1, as Murphy’s Esleworlds style White Knight saga continues to expand in DC Black Labels new two-part miniseries. Co-written by Murphy along with Clayton McCormack, with art by Simone di Meo and colorist Dave Stewart, Batman: White Knight Presents Red Hood delves into Jason Todd’s fall from grace as the first Robin – where he gave up Batman’s secret identity  to the Joker and unbeknown to the Bat-Family was actually still alive out there somewhere. That juicy narrative thread is the tantalising hook which provides the catalyst for this miniseries’ premise and the fascinating insight it offers into Jason Todd’s character. 

Jason’s story is one that has reverberated throughout the White Knight universe and impacted on virtually every character. Having cheated death at the hands of the Joker by betraying Batman in the opening flashback, the issue flash forwards to even darker times in Neo Gotham. Jason Todd has spent years going form pillar to post, he’s been kicked out of the military and turned his back on the Superhero game for good. Now older, drunker and seemingly non-the-wiser our red-motorbike helmet wearing vigilante has taken to stealing from street gangs. That is until he crosses paths with a new Robin girl wonder wannabe  called Gan. 

The writing is really pacy, emotive and injected way more fun into this story than I was expecting – especially after the grim opening scenes. I really liked the dynamic between “Beer Guy” and this new Robin as the crime-fighting lessons begin. Jason is determined to do a better job training this Robin than Batman did with him, the dialogue and sentiment proves quite moving at times as well. Simone Di Meo’s art has a distinct Manga quality that is very different from Murphy’s work on this universe, but in the context of this story the different artistic style and warmer color pallet Dave Stewart employs works extremely well. Batman: White Knight Presents Red Hood #1 delivers  a long-awaited insight into the legacy of the Red Hood and his place in the White Knight universe. His mentorship of the new Robin also makes for a terrific read and I’m excited to see how this story plays out.

Publisher DC Comics

Story Sean Murphy / ScriptClay McCormack

Art Simone Di Meo / Colors Dave Stewart

Cover Sean Murphy

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