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Doctor Who Origins #1

Doctor Who Origins #1 from Titan Comics kicks off an untold adventure for the Fugitive Doctor. This brand new four-part mini-series finds the Doctor working for the mysterious Division on a highly dangerous assignment, where she uncovers a dark, insidious secret. This never-before-seen adventure will reveal why this incarnation of the Time Lord became known as the Fugitive! Way back in 2020 we were first introduced to Jo Martin’s Fugitive Doctor in the TV episode Fugitive of the Juddon. We discovered that she was a former agent of the Division, now on the run from her own people, and destined to one day have all her memories erased. The Doctor Who Free Comic Book Day 2022 Edition paved the way for this story, now Titan Comics are exploring this intriguing missing era of the Time Lord’s life even further with Doctor Who: Origins, a tale that delves into the Fugitive Doctor’s work for the Division alongside her Weeping Angel travelling companion.

The excellent creative team that brought us the Doctor Who comics Missy and Time Lord Victorious, of writer Jody Houser, artist Roberta Ingranata and colorist Warnia K. Sahadewa  have reunited to for this exciting new chapter from the Fugitive Doctor’s mysterious past. Having narrowly avoided a particularly sticky encounter with an angry Racnoss, the Fugitive Doctor and her Weeping Angel companion return to the TARDIS, where the Doctor promptly gets a summons to a not-so-clandestine meeting where she receive her first mission from the Division, and a new Time Lord companion fresh out of the academy – Taslo.

One thing I always like about Titans Doctor Who comics is the fact they are always self-contained stories, and perfect for fans both old and new to jump on to at any point. Doctor Who Origins is a great example of this trait and writer Jody Houser skilfully weaves the plot and mystery surrounding the Doctor and Taslo’s mission. The Fugitive Doctor’s quirky deadpan humour is evident throughout, nailing Jo Martin’s portrayal of this incarnation perfectly. This Doctor is clearly not overly thrilled at being lumbered with a new companion, especially considering how naive and gung-ho she can be at times, but the Doctor gradually warms to Taslo and seems to welcome her role as mentor to the young graduate.

Roberta Ingranata’s stylish artwork and free-flowing page layouts nicely convey the story and emotional beats, the early action sequence to recover alien spider eggs is well paced, and the scenes in the TARDIS with the Weeping Angel are another highlight – I really like the Classic Who vibe of the Fugitive Doctor’s TARDIS interior. The characters are all impressively rendered along with the environments, especially the planet where they make first contact with what  is supposed to be a hostile species, and colorist Warnia K. Sahadewa’s vivid tonal pallet really shines here as we see the Time Lords step out onto a bizarre alien world.

Along with the impressive regular cover, Doctor Who Origins #1 is also available in a choice of variant covers — including a glow-in-the-dark Weeping Angel cover! This is a great scene-setting issue to explore the concept of the Doctor’s perviously unknown regenerations, and the creative teams interpretation of Jo Martin’s wonderful Fugitive Doctor is brilliantly realised. Doctor Who Origins #1 explores a forgotten era – one that presents a wealth of untapped possibilities – to provide an exciting adventure for the Doctor’s most mysterious and eclectic incarnation of all.

Publisher Titan Comics

Writer Jody Houser

Artist Roberta Ingranate / Colorist Warnia K. Sahadewa 

Letterer Richard Starkings & Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt

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