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Sci-Fi Jubilee 10th Anniversary!

Blimey, my little blog Sci-Fi Jubilee is now 10 years old! My how that time has flown eh? I’ve had a fantastic time writing this blog over the years, writing film, TV and comic book reviews as well as numerous articles. I’m so happy Sci-Fi Jubilee is celebrating its 10th Anniversary, the fact my blog has reached that milestone is all down to you. Sci-Fi Jubilee wouldn’t be anything without any of you. Its been quite a journey and knowing you’ve been here with me all this time means so much to me. So I wanted to take this opportunity to say a big, heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you for reading and supporting my blog.

You have given me so much amazing support via your comments on Sci-Fi Jubilee, you’ve nominated my blog for awards, shared my reviews on Twitter, WordPress, Sci-Fi Jubilee’s Facebook page and subscribed to my YouTube Channel as well – something that has also become a key feature on the blog over the years. I really enjoy making gameplay videos, especially Boss Fights, and I’ve even had a go at making short cinematic style gameplay videos too with added music tracks.

I’ve also had a go at sketching again as well and doing some artwork. I’ve always loved to draw but injured my hand many years ago getting a glass out of the dishwasher – the glass shattered as I removed it from the rack and caused a nasty laceration. I never really recovered full use of that hand, so I kind of gave up on art, but recently I thought I’d give it another try.

This is my first real attempt at drawing and art again in years and I’m loving it! I doubt I’ll ever be able to draw like I used to but I’m having great fun sketching again. Thank you so much for all the support and encouragement you’ve given me with this.

Of course, the last couple of years has been unimaginabley difficult for us all in so many ways because of the COVID 19 Pandemic and lockdowns we’ve endured. Sadly, my dear mother passed away during the first lockdown here in the UK. That was a terrible, heartbreaking time for me and my family, and I know many of you experienced the loss of a loved one during those awful times as well. Needless to say it did make me step back a bit and take some time out, reevaluate priorities, and spend time with my family. I kept on blogging though, but with less of a schedule, and more of a relaxed approach which I still intend to maintain going forward from here with the blog.

I really like the interactive aspect of blogging the most. The way we interact and share opinions here on Sci-Fi Jubilee has also spilled over to my Twitter account as well, where I often chat about the reviews I’ve done or the things I’m writing about. I also started doing a Friday Film choice during lockdown on Twitter, and that turned out to be so much fun its something I’ve continued doing as well.  

When I started blogging, never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that Sci-Fi Jubilee would become such a big part of my life as ultimately it has, and I can’t thank you enough for that. It is your support and feedback that makes Sci-Fi Jubilee and blogging so enjoyable and special to me. This blog has grown so much in the last ten years, its given me amazing opportunities, allowed me to write on other websites and projects, and that’s all thanks to you! So cheers for all your awesome support everyone, I couldn’t have done any of it without you, and here’s to many more fun years of reviews on Sci-Fi Jubilee!

About The Author

Hi, I’m Paul Bowler, blogger and reviewer of films, TV shows, and comic books. I’m a Sci-Fi geek, a big fan of Doctor Who, Star Trek, movies, Sci-Fi, Horror, Comic Books, and all things PS4.You can follow me on Twitter @paul_bowler,or at my website, Sci-Fi Jubilee, and on YouTube and Facebook