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King Spawn #10

Review by Paul Bowler

King Spawn #10 crams in a hell of a lot of plot and exposition into one issue, and the end result is a maelstrom of far-reaching events and revelations with perhaps even wider ramifications yet to come. Sean Lewis and Tod McFarlane weave a mesmerising.tale here, one that finds Terry Fitzgerald seeking out answers to the possibility that Al’s wife, Wanda, has returned form the dead. Knowing that Spawn could be considering the Exodus Foundations offer, Terry breaks into their headquarters in New York to uncover the truth.

To say that King Spawn has rapidly become my favourite book in the expanded Spawn’s Universe is something of an understatement.  While the core Spawn title has got slightly bogged down of late, with Gunslinger Spawn and The Scorched both respectively carving out their own niches, King Spawn seems to have become something of a flagship title in driving the overarching  narrative. Spawn and Terry are both hell bent on fighting their mutual enemies and getting Wanda back. However, the temptation of the God Throne has made the Dead Zones and Wanda’s fate  little more than bargaining chips in a wider game. Begging the question, will Spawn’s self-conflicted acquisition to the his enemies in this issue set in motion the very events he’s fought so hard to prevent?

The stunning black, white and red artwork for this issue by Javi Fernandez is quite literally to die for! Fernandez’s super-sharp renderings of the unfolding drama are stylishly realised. Black and white tones beautifully accentuate every scene while the rich red hues almost bleed into key points of the story when emotions and violence boil over. Terry’s clandestine mission takes the character into dark territory, Spawn’s brooding presence is more often felt than seen initially, but the all-consuming rage we wittiness when Spawn finally inherits the throne is as awe-inspiring as it is terrifying. Javi Fernandez has done a truly phenomenal job with this issue and Spawn fans are sure to be blown away by the striking visuals.

Image Comics King Spawn continues to go from strength to strength. Every issue so far has been clearly been building toward the tumultuous events in King Spawn #10, the scope of storytelling and epic artwork is breathtaking. Lewis and McFarlane are doing fantastic work with the character with this new series. Spawn has gone on a completely new and unexpected direction since King Spawn began, and I can’t wait to see where this wild ride will take Spawn next.

Publisher Image Comics

Script / Plot Sean Lewis / Todd McFarlane (additional dialogue)

Art Javi Fernandez.

Lettering Andworld Design / Cover Javi Fernandez

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