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Amazing Spider-Man #1

Review by Paul Bowler

So, what exactly did Spider-Man do web heads? That’s the burning question behind Marvel’s April 27 relaunch of Amazing Spider-Man #1 (2022), as Peter Parker’s life spirals out of control in the run up to Spider-Man 60th Anniversary celebrations. Probably the biggest draw for this latest reboot is acclaimed Spider-Man artist John Romita Jr’s return to Marvel after a long stint at DC, and that this run also sees the return of JR.JR.’s longterm inking collaborator Scott Hanna as well. 

Amazing Spider-Man #1 also sees fan favourite writer Zeb Wells – who spearheaded the ASM Beyond storyline — taking up the reins for his first solo run on a Spider-Man title. The issues starts with a bang, or at least the aftermath of some game-changing event for the wall crawler, before fast forwarding six months to where we discover Peter is well and truly down on the old Parker luck again, and this time it looks like there might be no way back for him. He’s at odds with the Avengers and the FF, dodging debt collectors for medical bills, there are rifts with his friends, MJ doesn’t want anything to do with him, and even Aunt May has cut him loose. Throw in the imminent threat of a gang war between Tombstone and the Rose, with Doctor Octopus scheming in the background along with a new mystery villain, and it quickly become apparent why Peter isn’t exactly behaving like a friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man these days.

Art wise John Romita Jr. brings his A-game to the table, with his distinctive angular line art totally firing on all cylinders here to give the book a highly stylised look and feel. JR.JR’s art style is one that people either love-or hate, but I feel it totally suits the somewhat downbeat air of mystery and suspense that Zeb Wells is clearly striving to hook us with and get everyone on board for this new era. John Romita Jr’s work is perfectly complemented by Scott Hanna’s intricate inking style, and together they nail some great character moments and hit all the right emotional beats, especially the scene where the Human Torch drops in to see how Peter’s doing, and the big action-set piece where Spider-Man takes on the Gamma-irradiated gangster Digger is another highlight. The vibrant colors by Marcio Menyz also really stand-out, and ASM lettering aficionado Joe Caramagna does a fantastic job with making this issues dialogue heavy sequences flow smoothly.

Fanfare and hype aside Amazing Spider-Man #1 certainly provides a good set-up for something that has a lot of potential — especially if that jaw-dropping reveal at the end of the issue is anything to go by! Did we really need another relaunch and volume of Spider-Man? Well, probably not, but then that’s modern comics these days. I did enjoy the story and the art in Amazing Spider-Man #1 a lot more that I was expecting to be honest. I will certainly stick with it for a few issue and see where it goes from here. My only real concerns are the big plans Marvel have coming up for Spider-Man, the X-Men, Avengers and Eternals that will apparently begin to unfold in their Judgement Day Free Comic Book Day special, especially what’s apparently in store for MJ and Peter – which I find particularly unsettling.  Until then I’ll be looking forward to seeing how this new Amazing Spider-Man volume shapes up in the months ahead, this book has a great creative team, here’s hoping they can deliver on the promising start they’ve made here with this first issue.

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Publisher Marvel Comics / Writer Zeb Wells

Artist John Romita JR. / Inker Scott Hanna

Colorist Marcio Menyz / Letterer VC’s Joe Caramagna

Cover Artists JR.JR, Scott Hanna & Marcio Menyz