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Gunslinger Spawn #6

Review by Paul Bowler

The Gunslinger’s epic battle with the Clown reaches its thrilling conclusion in Gunslinger Spawn #6! Yes, the Clown is back with a vengeance along with the hulking Violator, and a mini army of feral Clown-like drones called Omens. Together they brutally overpowered Gunslinger Spawn with the soul intent of making him their partner in a scheme to force Spawn to reopen the Dead Zones.

Todd McFarlane’s razor sharp script sees the Gunslinger returning to Omega Island with the Clown. Here we are privy to just how the Clown has made the Violator and his minions so complicit to his will, and further revelations await at the ghoulish banquet Clown has set out to seal his unholy partnership with Gunslinger Spawn. The Gunslinger isn’t the most powerful Hellspawn, far from it, but his ingenuity and guile easily allow him to drink the Clown under the table and trick his adversary into revealing how Gunslinger can return to his own time. McFarlane skilfully weaves this boozy shindig into the very narrative of the series itself, entwining it with Gunslinger’s desire to avenge his sisters death, along with his skill with magic, and the ability to control wolves to turn the tables on the Clown.

The art by Brett Booth, with Inks by Sal Regla and Adelso Corona, for Gunslinger Spawn #6 are a feast for the eyes. Every page is packed with detail and visceral power. Clown and Gunslinger’s whiskey fuelled, gastronomic celebration is a whirlwind of dark horror and rowdy   bravado. The payoff is equally impressive as Gunslinger springs his trap and the Clown realises just how badly he has underestimated this deceptively underpowered Hellspawn. Ivan Nunes colors provide a subtle side-order of exquisite clarity to the proceedings, as tones and hues meld with the subtle shifts in temperament as the feast spirals into a flesh rending finale for some welcome just deserts.

Gunslinger Spawn is rapidly becoming my favourite book in the new Spawn’s Universe of titles from Image Comics. Top notch writing and art are a mainstay of this book. The character also continues to evolve and grow with every issue. He’s still very much a fish out of water in our time, but his motivations and abilities are really brought to the fore here in Gunslinger Spawn #6, and after his chilling showdown with the Clown in this issue I’m really excited to see where Gunslinger’s adventures will take him next.

Publisher Image Comics

Scrip / Plot Todd McFarlane

Art Brett Booth / Inks Sal Regla & Adelso Corona

Colors Ivan Nunes / Lettering Tom Orzechowski

Cover Brett Booth (inked by Daniel Henriques)

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