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The Swamp Thing #11

Review by Paul Bowler

DC Comics The Swamp Thing is back along with the creative team of writer Ram V and artist Mike Perkins as they return for a “Second Season” of spellbinding adventures featuring their new avatar of the Green, Levi Kamei (DC’s first leading character to herald from India). Levi Kamei was left in pieces, quite literally, during the final issue of the 10 part maxi-series, but now the breakout horror hit is back by popular demand for an extended run that will take the series to sixteen instalments!

The Swamp Thing #11 picks up after the climatic battle between Levi and his brother, Jacob, which saw the Swamp Thing broken up after the Prescot research facility was destroyed in the battle. A sinister new stage in their grand designs was also hinted at. Now The Swamp Thing #11 reveals just how dark and ominous those plans were; along with the implications it will have for the Green if they succeed. Ram V ramps up the body horror and supernatural themes to eleven and beyond with this scene-setting issue. No stone is left unturned, physically or emotionally, with Levi’s essence fractured within the Green, while his long-term friend Jennifer Reece seeks the help of Tefe Holland (daughter of the original Swamp Thing), and Mr Pilgrim puts his fate in Woodrue’s hands as he goes under the knife for a grisly medical procedure at a secret Prescot facility.

Mike Perkins artwork is brings Ram V’s haunting script to life with awe-inspiring detail and clarity. The blend of Levi’s dream-like visions exquisitely weave a mesmerising state of flux around Swamp Thing. Meanwhile, Perkin’s art portrays Jennifer’s emotional journey via the tendrils of recaps that pepper the narrative with further insight, and the ghoulish vivisection unfolding at Prescot certainly isn’t for the squeamish either. Mike Spicer’s glorious colors enrich the stark horror and emotional trauma felt by protagonist and antagonist alike, as the dramatic seeds of diligently planted in every scene blossom with a veritable cornucopia of flora, fauna and visceral terror.

Ram V seizes the chance to sow this issue with broad narrative strokes that will clearly take this innovative new saga of Swamp Thing to a whole other level of strangeness and horror. A lot of intriguing elements are set up to keep us guessing, and a few surprises are waiting in the wings as well before this issue close out. I’m so glad this maxi-series got an extended run. With a creative team at the top of their game The Swamp Thing #11 is a standout horror title, and highly recommend!

Publisher DC Comics 

Writer Ram V / Artist Mike Perkins

Colorist Mike Spicer / Letterer Aditya Bidikar

 Cover Perkins & Spicer

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