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Batman Reptilian #1

Review by Paul Bowler

A terrifying new monster stalks the darkest monsters of Gotham in Batman Reptilian #1,  DC Comics chilling new six-part Black Label series from the all-star team of writer Gareth Ennis and artist Liam Sharp. Batman used to be the most frightening thing in Gotham. Now something less than human lurks in the shadows, inflicting fear, and blood-curdling violence against the Dark Knight’s infamous Rogues gallery…

In this bone-chilling first chapter of Batman Reptilian: Quick and Dirty, writer Gareth Ennis crafts a bleak and gritty tale interwoven with an almost palpable sense of dread. The opening scenes with Batman meeting out his own brand of justice to a boxing champion who is just as handy with his fists outside the ring as he is in it, immediately sets the tone for this more downtrodden and uglier take on Gotham to what we are used to seeing in the mainstream Batman books. From here Ennis sets the Dark Knight on a path that will see him investigating a horrific  attack that spilled out from of a clandestine gathering of some of Batman’s most nefarious foes. The low-tech means Batman employs to uncover what happened during the ensuing bloodbath which followed this gathering is refreshing, to say the least, and the graphic account of events is genuinely stomach churning.

Every brooding, creepy moment of Batman Reptilian is impressively relayed by the gorgeous painted artwork by Liam Sharp. If you thought his work on Green Lantern Season 1 & 2 was out of this world, then you are in for a real treat here is well! Sharp’s depiction of the Dark Knight’s world is truly stunning, Gotham is a noirish rainswept metropolis of ebony shadows and Gothic menace. Batman’s presence is as indistinguishable as the night itself, brutally in-your-face, unflinching and striking dread into the hearts of criminals wherever he appears — quite literally in most instances. Horror is splattered with liberal abandon by Sharp throughout, brining a psychedelic quality to the Rogues gallery of villains, and the gruesome carnage they endure is visceral in the extreme.

The simple premise of having someone, or something, that’s able to strike more fear than. Batman into the hearts of those who terrorise the upper echelons of Gotham’s villains is brilliantly effective — both narratively and visually. Yet for all this issues heady mix of brutality and gore, its the things you don’t see that actually ends up being more terrifying, and none perhaps more so than that sublime final jump moment! If you like your Batman dark and grim, well, Batman doesn’t get much darker than this! Batman Reptilian has taken a long journey to reach the page, originally being written more than five years ago for the late Steve Dillon. Gareth Ennis eventually brought the story to life with the help of Dillon’s friend, artist Liam Sharp, and now this highly anticipated project has finally come to fruition. With its eerily macabre writing from Gareth Ennis and hauntingly stylish art by Liam Sharp, Batman Reptilian #1 is everything we could’ve hoped for, and it sets up a compelling mystery that’s sure to keep us all guessing every grisly step of the way.

Publisher DC Comics

Writer Gareth Ennis

Artist, colorist, and cover artist Liam Sharp

Letterer Rob Steene

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