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The Swamp Thing #3 Review

Review by Paul Bowler.

Ram V’s and Mike Perkins new Swamp Thing ten part max-series has quickly become one of the major highlight of DC Comics Infinite Frontier initiative. The Swamp Thing #3 continues Levi Kamei’s dark journey of discovery as the new avatar of the Green following his battle with the Pale Wanderer. In a bid to understand the root cause of his frightening transformations Levi enlists the help of his friend, Jenifer Reece, while he undergoes an MRI scan which results in them both being unexpectedly transported into the Green…

“My Green Amaranthine” is an enchanting metaphysical voyage into the Green quite unlike anything we’ve seen before. Levi and Jennifer become separated after the MRI triggers a spore induced spirit quest down this proverbial rabbit hole to the Green, and writer Ram V heightens the psychedelic tone of the narrative further in their encounters with some of the realms bizarre denizens. Poison Ivy is perhaps the most intriguing of the characters Levi meets as Swamp Thing.  It seems she’s been split into to two personas that share a warped dynamic reminiscent of the relationship between the Red Queen and the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland. After a fragmenting chase Jennifer is saved by the Floronic Man, whose motives as yet remain unclear, and somewhat unsettling.

Mike Perkins artwork on this issue is phenomenal. The intricate, clinical detail of the MRI scans melds seamlessly with the ongoing narrative and mystery that has dogged Levi’s life since returning from his trip to India to visit his dying father and secure his family’s ancestral lands for Prescot Industries. His depiction of the Green is a veritable paradise of mystery, magic and beautiful vistas of rich flora and fauna. Perkins delivers a stunningly beautiful rendition of both aspects of Poison Ivy, with each of her personas shining through, the Floronic Man is ungainly and sinister, the hulking Woodewos feels more like a terrifying force of nature, and the throughout the extent of Levi’s journey colorist Mike Spicer ensures everything is awash with gorgeous tones and hues throughout. 

Although three issues in we are still really none the wiser about Levi’s origin as the new Swamp Thing, Ram V does go some way to brining everything into a sharper focus by transposing events through then prism of the Green for this issue. Fortunately there’s a familiar face waiting in the wings to help Levi understand what’s happening to him and the contagion spreading through the Green. With its intriguing storyline and outstanding art Ram V and Mike Perkins are knocking it out the park with this maxi-series. The Swamp Thing #3 is an enchanting voyage into the heart of the Green itself, and highly recommended. 

Publisher DC Conics

Writer Ram V / Artist Mike Perkins

Colorist Mike Spier / Letterer Aditya Bidikar 

Cover Mike Perkins & Mike Spicer

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