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Robin #1

Review by Paul Bowler.

Damian Wayne strikes out on his own in Robin #1, DC Comics brand new ongoing series  from writer Joshua Williamson and artist Gleb Melnikov. Having cut all ties with Batman and the Teen Titans, Damian will have to emerge from the shadows cast by both of sides of his parentage to forge his own legacy.  Embarking on a quest to earn a place in the deadly League of Lazarus tournament, the teenage Robin uncovers new mysteries and allies as he seeks the prestige of proving himself the greatest fighter in the DC Universe! 

Damian Wayne is probably the most exciting and dynamic character in the extended Bat-Family that’s been crying out for his own series for a while now, and writer Joshua Williamson  is  clearly  going to address the emotional fallout from City of Bane and send Damian on a heroes journey of self discovery with this opening story-arc. Having gone off the grid completely Damian must find the secret island where the League of Lazarus tournament is being held. That means a cage fight with King Snake, some kick ass action, and the acquisition of a marker to enter the tournament. There’s time for some reflection along the way, we also have the reintroduction of established characters like Rose Wilson and Conner Hawke, and brand new faces like Flatline and ReSpawn for Robin to meet as well.

Gleb Melnikov’s engaging artwork brings a dynamic Manga-like look that is a perfect fit for this series and a character like Damian. Alfred’s death has impacted powerfully across the whole of the Bat-Family, none more so than for Damian, and Melnikov crafts some hauntingly moving scenes with the young Robin mulling over his plans with an imaginary spectral Pennyworth watching over him. The action scenes in the cage fight with King Snake and the journey to the island are also rendered with vibrant detail. 

This premier issue kicks off an important story in the DCU that will examine Damian’s connections to Batman and Talia Al Ghul like never before as Robin searches to find out the why his mother and father kept the League of Lazarus  tournament a secret from him. There’s also a great mix of new and old characters for Damian to interact with, especially Rose Wilson, Conner, and the intriguing Respawn – a character with a distinct penchant for copyright infringement!

There’s a wealth of potential here for Damian to grow and evolve as a character in this series. All-in-all Robin #1 sets up the new series and its premise very well. Joshua Williamson and Gleb Melnikov make for an inspired creative team, and its great to see Damian finally getting a  long overdue stint in the limelight with his own book. 

Publisher DC Comics

Writer Joshua Williamson / Artist Gleb Melnikov

Lettering ALW’s Troy Peteri Cover & Variant Gleb Melnikov 

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