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The Amazing Spider-Man #64 Review

Review by Paul Bowler

The Amazing Spider-Man #64 finds Tombstone and Robbie Robertson at loggerheads yet again and Spider-Man’s life is getting trashed in the crossfire as a result! Mind you with Pete and his roommate Fred Myers (AKA. Reformed super villain  Boomerang), teaming up with Spidey to keep the pieces of the all-powerful Lifeline tablet out of the Kingpin’s clutches, and Peter’s other roommate Randy Robertson dating Tombstone’s daughter, Janice Lincoln (the Beetle), its little wonder Spider-Man’s life is a tad chaotic right now!

Nick Spencer continues to steer the series back towards a more scattershot, back-to-basics and fun approach to Spider-Man’s world that was so indicative of the early stages of his run. The first half of “King’s Ransom Part Two” is a frenetically paced blend of recap and cliff-hanger fallout after Madame Masque and Crime Master ambushed Randy and Janice back at Pete’s apartment — which was interrupted when Peter and Fred suddenly returned home. The ensuing fight details how Spider-Man managed to enter the fray — with Peter cleverly managing to protect his secret identity — while safely sidelining Fred but also failing to prevent Randy and Janice being kidnapped. 

Amazing Spider-Man #64 features slick artwork from Federico Vicentini, with Alex Sinclair on colors and lettering by Joe Caramagna. The pace of the action hardly lets up for a moment. Every page is dynamically structured, vibrantly illustrated and accentuated with a striking  pallet of color. Spidey’s battle with Madame Masque and Crime Master in the apartment offers further insight into the abilities of Spider-Man’s new high-tech suit (courtesy of JJJ’s Threats & Menaces podcast). The suit enhances Spider-Man’s strength, agility, web shooters, and also enables TNM’s subscribers to livestream Spidey’s adventures — at his discretion of course — and this quirky modern twist on Peter’s old job selling photos of Spidey to the Bugle has boosted Spider-Man popularity in NYC (much to the Kingpin’s annoyance) and sent JJJ’s channel subscribers though the roof!  I quite like the new costume, although I’m not overly fond of the Social Media slant to it all that much. Mark Bagley’s cover impressively showcases the current story line, however, it features Spidey in his classic suit, which seems a bit strange given all the time Marvel spent building hype about the new suit — guess this cover was commissioned before the new suit was revealed or decide on? 

The one thing I’ve really like about Spencer’s time on Spider-Man is the humour peppered throughout the dialogue and the fun dynamic between all the characters and situations they stumble into. This issue is no exception to that rule. The bromance between Peter and Fred has  also been a real highlight, and there are some especially moving moments this issue as Fred decides to take matters into his own hands against the Kingpin’s plans. Given all the years of bad blood between them, having Robbie and Tombstone set aide their differences — for now anyway — also leads to some fun hijinks as they try to track down Randy and Janice – as for the happy couple, well, as you’d expect there’re still bickering like crazy and testing their captors patience to the limit!

If all that wasn’t enough we also have the Kingpin’s scheme to assemble villains to send against Boomerang and Spider-Man, along with sinister machinations involving Kindred and Baron Mordo behind the scenes, and an ominous hint towards the Sinister War that’s coming in July thrown into the mix as well. While this issues not the best jumping on point, it does bring a lot of longstanding plot threads together, and sets up some intriguing possibilities. If you’ve stuck with Spencer’s run this long you’ll find plenty to enjoy here, while newcomers will find Amazing Spider-Man #64 crams in a hell of a lot but still manages to be a fun and enjoyable — if somewhat overwhelming — read nevertheless.

Publisher Marvel Comics

Writer Nick Spencer / Artist Federico Vicentini

Colorist Alex Sinclair / Lettere VC’s Joe Caramanga

Cover Mark Bagley, John Dell, and Edgar Delgado

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