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The Swamp Thing #2

Review by Paul Bowler

Levi Kamei’s nightmarish becoming as the new avatar of the green continues in The Swamp Thing #2, from writer Ram V and artist Mike Perkins. Confronted with terrifying transformations he cannot control, Levi turns to his friend Jenifer Reece in NYC to help him contend with the trauma of his past, and the horror of the Pale Wanderer’s bloody rampage of death across the Sonoran desert in Arizona.

Ram V’s new DC Comics 10 part Swamp Thing maxi-series expands the trials of Levi Kamei’s frightening transition into the realms and reality of the green, casting further light on Levi’s haunting origins as the new Swamp Thing back in India, and the murderous designs of the ghostly Pale Wanderer. Following their initial encounter this second issue charts the recurring nightmares Levi begins to suffer, where each of his fateful encounters with this wraith-like desert legend ends the same, and another victims perishes as the Swamp Thing is torn asunder. Writer Ram V skilfully  blends the mystery and horror of Levi’s plight. Levi’s long-term friend, Jennifer, proves key to helping him get closer to the truth, while the lone Sherif investigating the murders in the Sonoran desert resolves to seek out that which has become his own private quietus in the dwindling twilight of his career.

Mike Perkins art and Mike Spicer’s colors gloriously cultivates and infuses the rich narrative of Ram V’s script with a blend of dynamic page layouts, sumptuous detail, chilling undercurrents of horror and a subtle palette of delicate hues that flow seamlessly across every page. From the grotesque imagery of Levi’s dreamscape “lessons” as Swamp Thing with the Pale Wanderer, to more frightening revelations about what transpired during his trip India, and the shocking realisation of what he is becoming are all rendered in startling clarity. The Sherif’s discussion with his deputy in the run-down bar in Aztec Town Arizona is another highpoint, one brooding with atmosphere, dread and macabre insight into his fixation with finding the spirit of this long dead Cilvil War soldier that cast off its humanity after wandering into the desert. 

Ram V masterfully brings all these tangled plot threads together in The Swamp Thing #2, as this unholy trinity of Swamp Thing, the Pale Wanderer and the Sherif finally seek each other out. The spectacular evergreen fallout from this showdown is a sight to behold, one rooted firmly in Levi’s homeland, and bringing revelations that none of the participants could’ve ever expected or truly believed possible. A surprise, if brief, cameo from a prominent DC hero, and a knowing reference to Alec Holland are all just some of the tantalising narrative seeds sown into the plot to make this another hauntingly enthralling issue of this new Swamp Thing maxi-series!

Publisher DC Comics

Writer Ram V / Artist Mike Perkins

Colorist Mike Spicer / Letterer Aditya Bidikar

Cover Perkins & Spicer

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