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Blade Runner Origins #2

Review by Paul Bowler

The action and intrigue ramps up in Blade Runner Origins #2 as LAPD detective Cal Moreaux continues his investigation into the apparent suicide of a scientist at the Tyrell Corporation. But what should have been an open and shut case has now become a murder investigation. Just as Moreaux begins to uncover the shocking truth about the company’s advanced Replicant research programme, dark forces close in to eliminate his only witness, and the conspiracy he finds could well redefine the essence of what means to be human in Los Angeles: 2029.

Titan Comics Blade Runner Origins comic series explores the story behind the first Blade Runners, and the genesis of the Nexus 5 replicants. Blade Runner Origins #2’s all-star creative team of K. Perkins (Supergirl), Mellow Brown (American Gods) and co-writing creative consultants Mike Johnson and Michale Green (Blade Runner 2019) stylishly builds on the atmospheric scene-setting first issue by adding a wealth of back-story and rich characterisation into the narrative. 

Perkins and Brown weave a dark, compelling and well measured story with characters and plot twists that constantly keeps you guessing. This issue primarily focuses on Detective Moreaux’s ongoing investigation and his attempts to protect the late Dr. Kine’s brother, Marcus – who also has suspicions about the Tyrell Corp. However, their frantic high-speed escape from the mysterious replicant that’s tracking Marcus and the sinister machinations of Ilora Stahl, along with Cal’s clashes with his superiors at the LAPD, all conspire to prevent Moreaux from getting close to the truth.

The art by Fernando Dagnio and colors by Jim Campbell stylishly captures every nuance of the neon-noir drenched world of Blade Runner. From the gleaming cityscapes, dark rain swept streets, corporate opulence and dazzling technology Dagnio and Campbell bring Detective Moreaux’s tale to life with startlingly clarity and there’s even a beautiful homage to Blade Runners iconic “tears in the rain” scene for  the mysterious replicant prototype that’s been following Marcus’s every move.

I’ve been really impressed by what Titan Comics have been doing with their Blade Runner comics, and this new series presents a fascinating prequel to one of cinemas most endearing sci-fi masterpieces. Blade Runner Origins #2 a worthy edition to Titan’s range and is sure to please fans and newcomers alike. 

Publisher Titan Comics

Writers K. Perkins and Mellow Brown

Art Fernando Dagnino / Colors Marco Lesko

Letters Jim Campbell / Cover Angel Hernandez / Esther Sanz 

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