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Future State Swamp Thing #2

Review by Paul Bowler

Humanity strikes back in Future State Swamp Thing #2 to reclaim the world the new Swamp Thing avatar has nurtured and forged in his own image. Duped by Woodrue Wilson’s quest for power and revenge, a lone group of survivors have hatched a terrible plan that will plunge the world into darkness. Yet for all his enemies insidious deceptions Swamp Thing also harbours a terrible secret of his own, one that will call for the ultimate sacrifice lest the green be lost from the world forever…

As we move into the second month of DC Comics Future State comic book event, one depicting a possible future for the DCU in the aftermath of Death Metal, few have embraced this opportunity for such creative free licence like writer Ram V and artist Mike Perkins with their dark, apocalyptic Future State Swamp Thing. 

In Future State, Swamp Thing is now the Green Father overseer of the world, sheer loneliness led to him creating offshoots of his own species blessed with his memories of humanity, and though he believed mankind was lost Swamp Thing’s encounter with a human survivor has finally led him to a desolate S.T.A.R labs facility in the frozen north. Now in this second, concluding issue writer Ram V explores the dark visions of the mysterious Undying Man, the gnarled Jason Woodrue: the Floronic Man! He has captured the hero who was once known as Obsidian and convinced the  leader of this last bastion of humanity that by harnessing his powers they can save the world. Swamp Thing must lead his own kind and the last ragtag band of human resistance against Woodrue, but will humanities last sapling of hope survive to see the dawn of a new world?

Mike Perkins artwork renders every nuance of Swamp Thing’s determination to reach his goal in striking, almost visceral detail. Swamp Thing is quite literally prepared to walk through the fires of Hell to reach his goal. The depiction of the horrifically disfigured Woodrue is also vividly realised, with his seething ambition and desire for revenge at being rejected by the green fuelling his deranged scheme. The juxtaposition between Swamp Thing and Woodrue’s motivations are the backbone to this story. Neither have been all that honest with those who follow and trust them either. The dramatic line Ram V establishes between saviour and destroyer is masterfully blurred, with Perkin’s art sumptuously cultivating a lush spectacle of apocalypse and rebirth, while the intricate use of color by June Chung beautifully seeds the narratives rich emotional undercurrents as they flourish and bloom.

The powerful closing scenes are deeply heartrending as Swamp Thing confronts the enormity of what he has wrought upon the world, himself, and the constructs he’s crafted from his inner self and feelings. Future State Swamp Thing #2 is a magical, visceral and emotional addition to the legacy of Swamp Thing. When this event started I must admit I dismissed it, believing Future State would be just a rehash of DC’s abortive 5G event, instead Future State  has proven a great showcase for new talent and creative teams, and I couldn’t be more pleased to have been proven wrong about my misgivings. Future State Swamp Thing has been the evergreen jewel in the crown of DC’s Future State event, like all good stories it leaves you wanting more, and more we shall have when the new 10 issue maxi-series by Ram V and Mike Perkins, with colors by Mike Spicer, debuts in March!

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Publisher DC Comics

Writer Ram V / Artist Mike Perkins

Colors June Chung

Letters Aditya Bidikar

Cover Mike Perkins and June Chung