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Future State Robin Eternal #1

Review by Paul Bowler

Future State Robin Eternal #1 provides a thrilling, action-packed new chapter in DC Comics line-wide Future State comic book event as Robin strikes back against the Magistrate’s oppressive regime in Gotham. A regenerative drug that could make his cybernetic forces immortal is en route to the city. Robin and Spoiler must embark on a daring heist at 20,000 feet to intercept it, but will Tim and Stephanie Brown’s emotional baggage jeopardise their mission or prove the key to its success?

DC Comics Future State has so far provided an intriguing glimpse into a possible future for the publishers core titles and characters. Future State Robin Eternal might not be the most catchy sounding addition to the line-up on glancing at the solicitations but new rising star writer Megan Fitzmartin (Supernatural)  has clearly brought her A game to the table for this jaunt into a future vision of Gotham, and fans of Tim Drake’s Robin and his former girlfriend Stephanie Brown, a.k.a Spoiler, will find plenty to enjoy here. Tim Drake’s Robin  has been pushed from pillar to post somewhat in recent times, so its great to see him being put front and centre like this in Future State.

Megan Fitzmartin crafts a fast-paced, action-driven story, laced with strong emotional beats for the character. It seems that Tim has soldiered on alone as Robin as the Magistrate’s regime took over Gotham – banning the masks and costumed vigilantes with his advanced technology and cybernetically enhanced forces. Believing that Batman, Bruce Wayne, has been killed, along with the betrayal of Jason Todd, and Dick Grayson in Arkham, this lone Robin is desperate to find a way to stop the shipment of a new drug derived from the Lazarus Pit that can make the Cybers unbeatable. Fitzmartin skilfully highlights just how Stephanie’s and Tim’s former history still makes things strained between them, and there’s a welcome reunion with an old We Are Robin member as well that’s also beautifully written into the narrative.

This futuristic looking Gotham is realised with some pretty amazing artwork too. With pencils  by Eddy Barrdows (Detective Comics), inks by Eber Ferreira, and colors by Adriana Lucas, Future State Robin Eternal boasts a distinctly vibrant, almost Cyberpunk vibe that dynamically cascades across the stylish page layouts. From the stunning rainswept opening battle between Robin and the hulking Cyber high on the new prototype drug, through to Tim’s emotional scenes with Spoiler, along with his reunion with Darcy, and the inevitable team-up with Robin leading his allies on an exciting Mission Impossible style heist to intercept the shipment of the Lazarus Resin are  all just some of the many highlights brilliantly crafted by the artistic team for this impressive looking issue. 

While I don’t tend to go in for comic book events that much I have to say I’ve found Future State quite entertaining so far — from the issue I’ve read anyway. Future State Robin Eternal #1’s creative team seizes the premise of this possible future and runs with it for all its worth. The ensuing result proves extremely satisfying indeed, Future State Robin Eternal is a veritable showcase of creative verve, and the issues thrilling cliffhanger provides a great hook to bring us back for the conclusion in the next issue.

Publisher DC Comics

Writer Megan Fitzmartin / Pencils Eddy Barrdows 

Inks Eber Ferreira / Colorist Adriana Lucas

Letterer Pat Brosseau Cover Irvin Rodriguez & Emanuela Lupacchino

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