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The Amazing Spider-Man #55

Review by Paul Bowler.

Last Remains concludes in Amazing Spider-Man #55 with an epic showdown between Spider-Man and Kindred! Its a battle that will shake Peter Parker’s world to the core, but the fallout from Kindred’s diabolical scheme could prove even more devastating for Spider-Man and those he loves…

So, after lurking in the shadows for nearly two yeasr, Kindred’s identity was finally revealed as none other than Norman Osborn’s son, and Peter’s old friend, Harry Osborne! After tormenting his old pal for what Harry perceived as Peter “sins,” namely his inability to stop Norman from causing chaos as the Green Goblin throughout their lives, Kindred beat Spider-Man to a bloody pulp, killing and reviving him over and over until restoring Peter’s life one last time to reveal the endgame of his grand plan — and to Peter’s horror it involves Mary Jane!

Writer Nick Spencer brings the chilling Last Remains storyline to a nerve jangling finale  with Amazing Spider-Man #55 as the final battle unfolds in the crypt at the Osborne family cemetery. Spider-Man’s Spider-Friends, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Woman, Spider-Girl, Miles Morales, and Madame Web have also been captured by Kindred, and Peter can now only watch helplessly as Mary Jane is  inexorably drawn into Kindred’s ghoulish web of vengeance. Events are brought to a cataclysmic head as Peter and Harry’s lifelong friendship is put under the microscope, uncomfortable home truths are finally aired over a grisly last supper, and old wounds get reopened with devastating results for all concerned.

I’ve really enjoyed the work of artist Patrick Gleason and colorist Edgar Delgado on this series and they’ve done a terrific job with this issue as well. Gleason’s art perfectly captures the grim tone of this story. Every page resonates with atmosphere and menace as Kindred’s dark schemes are given centre stage, with dynamic page layouts stylishly conveying the brutal action scenes, while Edgar Delgado’s masterful use of tone and shade accentuates the brooding air of dread, and the tense filled final moments are all brilliantly rendered in such a way that you almost  feel  a part the plight which Peter faces.

The ingenious way that Spencer throws a curveball move from some old foes as well as MJ into the mix for this final chapter of Last Remains is brilliantly done. Rounding everything off with an edge-of-your-seat cliffhanger was also a bold move — especially considering the revelations in this issue — and no doubt this storyline could well have wide reaching ramifications for the wall crawlers future. All in all, after a bit of lull during the recent glut of Marvel’s big comic book events and crossovers, I think Last Remains has really set Nick Spencer’s run on Amazing Spider-Man back on track. I’ve throughly enjoyed it and consider it one of the best comic storylines I’ve read in 2020.

While we await what’s in store for Spider-Man in the aftermath of Last Remains, Marvel have also given fans their first look at Spider-Man’s all new costume that Spidey will wear beginning with March’s Amazing Spider-Man #62 by Nick Spencer and Patrick Gleason and Aprils Amazing Spider-Man #63 — the costume is designed by Dustin Weaver, who also illustrates the variant covers for Amazing Spider-Man #62-#63 and was a collaborative effort with Spencer and Gleason. The new costume has a distinctly sleek, high-tech look to it, and I have a feeling it will be something fans will either love or hate. Personally I don’t mind it, I think its ok, I like the Spider-Noir style eyes, and the color scheme, though somewhat quirky, oddly seems to suit Spider-Man quite well.

Well, there we have it. My final review for 2020, and what a year its been hasn’t it? The Covid 19 pandemic has certainly turned our world upside down, tragically the death toll of this awful virus is still far from over, but the vaccine now offers hope. I’ve found the lockdowns tough, we’re still under almost lockdown conditions here in the UK, and that’s sadly meant that Christmas has been more of series of Zoom chats than the normal family get togethers I look forward to every year. Thank you for being there. Thank you for all your continued support of my blog and everything that I do, it means so much to me, to have this little corner of the internet to ramble on about comic books, films and TV shows like I do, and here’s hoping that 2021 brings better times for a us all. 

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Nick Spencer / Artist: Patrick Gleason

Colorist: Edgar Delgado / Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramanga

Cover: Patrick Gleason and Edgar Delgado

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