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Daredevil #24

Review by Paul Bowler

The Man Without Fear gets ready to face the music in Daredevil #24 (Truth / Dare Part 4) as his trial for murdering Leo Cararo looms. Ironically, Matt Murdock is only just Back in the Red as Daredevil following the chaos wrought on Hell’s Kitchen by the Stormwyns, and with the citizens of the city looking for someone to hold accountable Matt’s crime-fighting return might soon be over before its even begun.

Daredevil #24 is a masterclass in storytelling from writer Chip Zdarsky that sees Matt and the ensemble cast, both friend and foe alike, run a gauntlet of frayed emotions and angst as Daredevil’s trial approaches. With the erstwhile Mayor Fisk now considered a hero in the eyes of New York’s citizens, Matt has been moved into making plans of his own to ensure the safety of Hell’s Kitchen from the threat of Fisk’s corporate and criminal machinations with the imminent  likelihood that Daredevil will probably soon be behind bars. Daredevil has already enlisted Spider-Man’s help to put the frighteners on a meeting of the crime families where Wilson Fisk appointed Izzy Libris as the new Kingpin of New York City, and asked Tony Stark to gain board approval to bid in the property auction for Hell’s Kitchen to keep it out of Fisk’s clutches. 

Matters have been complicated by Foggy Nelson decision to go behind Matt’s back to recruit not just Kirsten McDuffie into DD’s legal defence team, but also calling in Mike Murdock – Matt’s twin brother — to pose as Matt himself during the trial as Daredevil takes the stand. As if all that wasn’t’[t enough for Matt to deal with Mayor Fisk has also made a dangerous new ally, Typhoid Mary! Zdarsky juggles all these plot threads and characters with consummate ease throughout this issue. For a superhero who is blind like Daredevil there’s a certain irony to be had in having the supporting characters spending most of this issue wrestling with own inner conflicts and emotions to such a degree that it consequently makes them all essentially blind to the secrets, lies and uncomfortable home truths right under their noses — which is all frankly genius scripting from Chip Zdarsky.

The Devil’s in the detail and that certainly the case here as the art for this issue of Daredevil is handled by penciler Mike Hawthorne, inker JP Mayer and color artist Mattia Iacono who collectively render the numerous scenes and character perspective with a striking level of detail, exciting page layouts, and bold colors. The fallout from Matt and Kirsten’s relationship resonates especially powerfully throughout, and the art beautifully encapsulates this integral driving force of the issues richly compelling narrative. The loneliness of Daredevil’s plight is also wonderfully depicted as Matt ponders the fate of Hell’s Kitchen alone on a rooftop, the courtroom is a veritable who’s who of friends and foes, and we even get a masked, suited and booted look for Daredevil as he prepares to face justice in this remarkably illustrated issue.

I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed Chip Zdarsky’s run on Daredevil since the tiles 2019 relaunch. He’s taken Matt Murdock on a dark journey, turned all the familiar DD tropes on their head, and woven a masterpiece of interconnected story arcs and unexpected character beats into a rich narrative that has ultimately lead to this point. Daredevil #24 is a stylish blend of courtroom drama, shady scheming, and emotional drama with the fate of Hell’s Kitchen at stake and only a whisper of hope remaining  for Daredevil as his trial begins. Highly recommend. 

Publisher Marvel Comics

Writer Chip Zdarsky / Penciler Mike Hawthorne

Inker JP Mayer / Color Artist Mattia Iacono

Letterer VC’s Clayton Cowles

Cover Marco Checchetto & Matthew Wilson

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