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Juggernaut #1

Review by Paul Bowler.

Cain Marko returns in Juggernaut #1, Marvel’s brand new five part mini-series from well renowned X-Men scribe Fabian Nicieza (X-Force, Deadpool) and acclaimed artist Ron Garney (Captain America, Daredevil).

Done with letting other people pick up the pieces Cain Marko is getting his life back on track by working for Damage Control and putting his destructive talents as the Juggernaut to  good use. With the assured hand of writer Fabian Nicieza at the helm Juggernaut #1 quickly sets the stage for the tone of this series right rom the outset. Nicieza presents a far more sympathetic take on the character of Cain Marko, which is immediately refreshing as Juggernaut has often been portrayed somewhat one dimensionally in the past (having suffered years of abuse by his father, been rendered powerless, or hurt, familiar tropes usually see him written as just a raging, unstoppable powerhouse), and the end result is as solid character piece that elevates Juggernaut   to a whole new level.

The story itself is straightforward enough. While on a demolition job in a run down neighbourhood Juggernaut encounters a group of homeless teens, but when one of them exhibits super-powers and gets injured he decided to help out and become something of a mentor to her while she recovers in hospital. Fabian Nicieza cleverly weaves the core narrative of this series through the conversations between Juggernaut and D-Cell in the hospital, with pacy, wry dialogue highlighting just how lost both of them are in the difficult junctures of their lives, and it is here that Juggernaut finds the sense of purpose he’s been looking for to become a more positive force in the world.

Juggernaut #1 features some great artwork by Ron Garney that perfectly captures the soul-searching mood of the issue. Garney balances the raw, overwhelming power of Juggernaut with the moving sincerity of Marko’s wish to help D-Cell, and the bold, heavier, shades and tones employed by color artist Matt Milla works in perfect conjunction with Garney’s expressive, yet understated artwork. Highlights include Juggernaut cutting loose on the demolition site, the flashback to his torturous journey across Limbo and his ultimate sacrifice at The Crossroads, but it is the heartwarming scenes with Marko at D-Cell’s hospital bedside that really make this issue a compelling read.

Nothing can stop the Juggernaut, except himself of course, and the first issue of this new mini-series brings that fact home with all the crystal clarity of a mystic gem. For that is exactly what Juggernaut #1 — with its thought-provoking story by Fabian Nicieza and terrific art by Ron Garney – is, an unexpected little gem in the veritable sea of comic book events dominating the landscape at the moment, and with a startling cliffhanger that isn’t kidding around in the slightest I’ve high expectations for the rest of this mini-series!

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Fabian Nicieza /Artist Ron Garney / Color Artist: Matt Milla

Letterer VC’s Joe Sabino / Cover: Geoff Shaw

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