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Detective Comics #1025

Review by Paul Bowler.

Joker War rages across Gotham in Detective Comics #1025 doubles down on in his ruthless campaign against the Dark Knight. Joker and his clown-masked goons have unleashed the arsenal they’ve plundered from the sub levels of the Waynetech R&D department. Lucius Fox is also a hostage. Now Batman and Batwoman must set aside their differences and work together to rescue Fox!

After the dark, ominous tone of the previous issues leading up to Joker War, the action ramps up to eleven and beyond in Detective Comics #1025 with Batman and Batwoman teaming up to save Lucius Fox from the Joker’s clutches. Tales From The Joker War: Attack on Wayne Enterprises is of course a collateral damage tie-in to the main events of Joker War. Opening with a firefight that has Commissioner Bullock and the GCPD pinned down in a Gotham cemetery by the Joker’s henchmen, writer Peter J. Tomasi deftly engineers the circumstances to finally get Batman and Batwoman to work together again. 

I really liked the dynamic between Bullock and Batwoman in this issue as well. The two of them make a surprisingly good, no-nonsense team, albeit only briefly for this issue. Tomasi is always spot on when it comes to balancing characterisation and plot, and this action-packed issue is no exception to that rule —  with the palpable tension between Batman and Batwoman melding seamlessly with the actions as it unfolds. Their banter is a lot of fun though and the Dark Knight is even forced to take a back seat when it comes to the driving! Lucius Fox also continues to prove his worth as one of Batman’s most trusted allies in the wake of Alfred’s untimely death, despite being drugged up to the eyeball on Joker toxin, he still attempts to resit his brainwashing and shut down the 3D weapons printers assembly line at Wayne Enterprises.

The artwork by new series artist Kenneth Rocafort is good too, with overlapping panel layouts nicely accentuating the pace and flow of the action, characters are all clearly defined, and the overall look of the issue makes for a very pleasing read. Rocafort’s art and colorist Dan Brown’s use of bold tones and hues  also works exceptionally well together. Highlights included the battle in the cemetery, the fleet of Joker drones, and a tank-busting assault on Wayne Enterprises to save Lucius Fox.

Its been a long while since we’ve seen Batman and Batwoman working together (Detective Comics #981 to be precise), so it was great to see them team-up like this for Joker War. However, although they are willing to collaborate by the end of the issue, clearly they are still far from being on the same page as to their methods. I must admit I really enjoyed Detective Comics #1025 a lot more than I expected. Normally I’d avoid tie-in issues like the plague, but I’m pleased to say that this issue with its non-stop-action and strong characterisation was just the ticket — no doubt thanks to having a writer of Peter J. Tomasi’s caliber at the helm. I still feel that Tomasi’s run on Detective Comics has been held back slightly by having to accommodate so many DC Comics events and tie-in’s, but Detective Comics #1025 is certainly a key chapter in Joker War and well worth checking out.

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Peter J Tomasi / Artist: Kenneth Rocafort 

Colorist: Dan Brown / Letters: Rob Leigh

Cover: Kennith Rocafort

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