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Justice League #30

Review by Paul Bowler.

The Justice / Doom War kicks off big time Justice League #30 as writers Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV take this sweeping comic book opus to a whole new level. With their arch nemesis Lex Luthor now transformed into a super-powered apex predator powered by the dark entity Perpetua, the Legion of Doom look even closer to defeating the League and succeeding in their goal to bring chaos and destruction to the DC Universe.

With the Year of the Villain now well under way Justice League #30 presents a chilling glimpse of the consequences of Luthor’s scheme if indeed that grim fate should come to pass. Snyder and Tynion collectively bring the far reaching threads of numerous story-arcs together in this issue. Indeed, it is now clear just how much has been set into place to bring everything to this point, the sheer scale and ingenuity of it all is really quite astonishing, and the Justice / Doom War looks set to take things even further – across, space, time and even the Multiverse itself!

Arguably one of the biggest revelations in this run of Justice League has been Snyder’s and Tnyion’s reintroduction of Starman’s character. Now as the core members of the Justice League gather their forces against their impending doom, Starman not only galvanises the heroes into action, his place at the heart of the plot entwines beautifully with the overarching narrative of the mythologies and forces that bind the DC Universe together.

Jorge Jimenez’s art in Justice League #30 easily rises to the occasion to match the high drama of the plot. Utilizing bold, striking page layouts, Jimenez skilfully builds the pace, the characters dramatic poses are beautifully framed, and the sheer scope of the issues grand design is quite simply breathtaking to behold. The colors by Aljandro Sanchez vibrantly complement Jumenez’s art, dazzling the eye with a glorious blend of tone and hues.

Each branch of the issues key storylines has villains plotting to strike while the heroes embark on a daring plan to turn the tide in their favour. Set against this dramatic backdrop, some grave reservations are voiced, and darkness lurks waiting to strike as the issues time-warping cliff-hanger builds to the momentous return of some old favourites…

Justice League #30 crams a hell of a lot in but there’s no denying that the final page is the one that is really this issues big selling point. I won’t spoil it – even though its already been well documented that this issue of Justice League features the return of some much beloved characters – but people who know me know that I’m a big fan of these classic Golden Age characters and needless to say that final page left me with a big silly grin on my face.

For an issue that has so much going on and so many plates spinning in the past, present and future its all the more remarkable that Justice League #30 is also an excellent jumping on point for new readers. If you haven’t been following this version of Justice League, or read Metal, or any of the other tie-in issues from previous events then this issue will quickly bring you up to speed as it sets up some tantalizing possibilities for the future. Most of all though Justice League #30 is one of those joyous issues that makes you punch the air with delight. Providing both a blockbusting opening to the Justice / Doom War and a most welcome return to the classic era of comics, this is indeed one of the finest issues of Justice League that Snyder and Tynion have crafted so far!

Writers: Scott Snyder & James Tynion IV

Art: Jorge Jimenez / Colors: Alejandro Sanchez

Letters: Tom Napolitano

Cover: Francis Manapul / Varian Cover: Jay Anaceleto & Romulo Fajaroo JR