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Old Man Logan #27

Review by Paul Bowler

Logan takes on the fearsome might of the Hulk gang in Old Man Logan #27, as his quest to rid the present-day world of the Banner offspring he thought he’d killed back in the apocalyptic Wastelands of the future continues. There are more faces from Logan’s uncannily entwined past and future lifetimes to contend with as well. Logan is in for the fight of his life, but an even greater threat plots against humanity in a remote compound in Yurkon territory, Canada, as the Maestro prepares the next stage of his terrifying scheme.

Old Man Logan #27 is a gloriously brutal mix of claws, bullets, and gamma-infused blood splatter as Days of Anger Part 3 from writer Ed Brisson, artist Mike Deodato JR, and colorist Frank Martin, pits Marvels grizzled Old Man Logan against the Maestros grand vision for global domination. Having been ambushed by the Hulk gang while tracking them across Canada, all seems lost for Logan. The Hulk gang even used this opportunity to deal with one of their own, Billy-Bob, who had recently caused problems for the Maestro.

The brooding menace of Logan and Hawkeye’s time in the Wastelands of the future resonates powerful with Logan’s predicament in the here and now as Ed Brisson sublimely balances this issues heady mix of drama, strong characterization, and violent action set-pieces as Logan awakens finds himself hung out dry in the wilds of Yurkon territory. Outnumbered and outgunned by the Hulk gang, and blasted to kingdom come if he so much as twitches a muscle, Logan must think fast if he is to have any chance of escape.

Brisson also gives us a chilling insight into the Maestro’s plans during his discussion with Cambria as he gets to work in human form on the old Department H weapons back at the secret compound. If anything the Maestro’s human visage proves even more terrifying than his Hulk form, especially when the full scope and scale of the Maestro’s distain and contempt for humanity becomes all too apparent to Cambria. .

From the bleak setting of the farm in the Wastelands, to the simmering fury behind the Maestro’s assesment of mankind’s sell-by-date, Mike Deodato’s stunningly detailed artwork positively explodes from the page as Logan uses his dim-witted enemies’ strength to his advantage. Dedato’s open-framed panel layouts really come into their own here as Logan takes on the Hulk gang, the frenetic urgency and danger of the situation is unflinchingly conveyed, and the fitting payback the Hulk gang receive is depicted is all is visceral glory. The fine nuances of the characters expressions are also top-notch: from that evil glint in the Maestro’s eyes, to the Hulk gang reeling and gawping in shock, and Logan’s bestial fury unleashed all collectively enhance the ominous atmosphere in this issue. Colorist Frank Martin also excels on every level with a blend of exuberant tones and deep shadows accentuating every scene to make this issue a totally riveting experience.

The pace doesn’t let up for a moment as Old Man Logan #27 races to a triple pronged cliff-hanger of sorts, with the Hulk gang and the Maestro betrayed by one of their own, Logan making a crucial discovery, and the return of an old friend… The creative team of Ed Brisson, Mike Deodato JR, and Frank Martin are really delivering the goods with this new story-arc. Packed with insightful character moments, unexpected developments, and more savage action than even the Hulk gang can handle, Old Man Logan #27 and its especially striking cover by cover by Mike Deodato & Frank Martin is another fantastic issue not to be missed!

Publisher Marvel Comics

Writer: Ed Brisson / Art Mike: Deodato JR

Colorist: Frank Martin / Letterer: VCs Cory Petit

Cover: Mike Deodato JR & Frank Martin