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Green Arrow #28

Review by Paul Bowler

Oliver Queen’s ongoing crusade to bring down the Ninth Circle brings him to Metropolis in Green Arrow #28, where the nefarious secret cabal of financiers have targeted the only person rich and powerful enough to have rejected their ideology: Lex Luthor! Not even Oliver can deal with the scale of this threat alone. Look up in the sky, is it bird, is it plane? Nope, its Superman and Green Arrow, teaming up to save the day!

Lex Luthor finds out there’s no such thing as a glass ceiling when it comes to dealing with the Ninth Circle during his tense face-off with Green Arrow in this issue. The initial exchanges might be heavy on exposition, but with Hard Travelling Hero: Part Three writer Benjamin Percy skilfully sets Oliver’s new outlook since the Ninth Circle destroyed his life on a collision course with Luthor’s ruthless business acumen.

The results are thrilling to say the least, with Luthor going all Sherlock on Green Arrow, before a malicious hack sends Lex’s employees, along with Lexcorps share price, into freefall when the one-percenters that grease the wheels of his all-powerful business empire prove to be the Achilles heel the Ninth Circle have been looking for. Fortunately the Man of Steel is quickly on hand to swoop in to assist Green Arrow with saving those affected, but will Lex Luthor be able to find a way to repel the deadly cyber-attack in time?

The impeccable art and colors by Juan Ferreyra are as impressive as ever. Every page provides a seamless blend of drama and characterization: the brooding atmosphere as Oliver’s and Lex’s vastly opposing ideologies clash is almost palpable, everyday settings that suddenly become infused with chaos are awash with sharp colors and diffused light, and vibrant action is punctuated by Ferreyra’s glorious rendition of the Man of Steel. There’s also a brief interlude as we catch up with Black Canary’s and Emi’s plan hunt down the Underground Men and the Auctioneer, along with an update on the status of Oliver’s impending trial.

We’ve already seen the Oliver team-up with The Flash and Wonder Woman during Hard Travelling Hero, and it’s great to see Green Arrow and Superman working together here. Their scenes towards the end of the issue are the undoubted highlight of this issue. Oliver have evolved so much since his fall from grace at the hand of the Ninth Circle, its been a tough journey back for him, and to hear get praise from Superman is a really defining moment for the character. I’m guessing this story-arc will probably lead to Green Arrow finally being accepted by the Justice League. I certainly hope so anyway, because it feels like it’d be the next natural step for the character to take, and it would really enhance his presence in DC Comics new Rebirth continuity.

It seems Green Arrow has even given Lex Luthor a new perspective on a few things as well, his help provides Oliver’s quest with some new leads, and sets Green Arrow on the road to the darkest city of all… Green Arrow #28 continues this series’ incredibly strong run with another breathtaking paced story from Benjamin Percy and the spellbinding art of Juan Ferreyra. In short, Green Arrow’s road trip through the DCU has turned out to be a real thrill ride and his visit to Metropolis is one issue you don’t want to miss!

Publisher DC Comics

Writer: Benjamin Percy / Art and Color: Juan Ferreyra

Lettering: Nate Piekos of BLAMBOT