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Sci-Fi Jubilee My New You Tube Channel Batman: Return to Arkham Collection


Hi all, thank you checking out my YouTube Channel. Ive been a little busy with lots of comic book reviews recently, so I havent had as much time to play PS4 games for a few weeks. Anyway, I’ve been really looking forward to the Batman: Return to Arkham Collection, and I’ve just started Arkham Asylum.


I’m a huge Batman fan so I’m going to have fun revisiting Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. These two new videos feature the opening parts of Arkham Asylum that I’ve played so far, I think it really set up the dark atmospheric tone of the game. From what I’ve seen so far the remastered graphics look good, but not quite as good as those in Batman: Arkham Knight.

I hope you enjoy the Return to Arkham videos, please feel free to hit that like button and subscribe if you do. I’ll probably post more Arkham Asylum videos on my channel as I work my way through the game. Maybe I’ll do longer clips like these, or just focus on the boss battles, which do you prefer? Let me know. So watch this space and get ready to meet some of Batman’s deadliest and craziest enemies as we return to the asylum…