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Detective Comics #940

Review by Paul Bowler

Batwoman confronts her father and Red Robin battles against impossible odds as the epic showdown with the Colony reaches its thrilling climax in Detective Comics #940, and it’s an issue destined to rock The Dark Knight’s world to the core. Batman, Batwoman and their new team of young heroes will soon face the chilling reality that, no matter the outcome, this battle to save Gotham may have already been lost…

For me, Detective Comics, with Batman and Batwoman fronting the team consisting of Spoiler, Red Robin, Orphan (Cassandra Cain), and super-villain seeking redemption Clayface, has been the highlight of DC Comics Rebirth and the new Bat-Books in general. From the moment it was announced, this titles concept and team structure, along with the inclusion of Clayface, captivated my imagination, and I love the dynamic that’s evolved between this fledgling superhero team as its evolved and learned to work together under Batwoman’s stewardship.


James Tynion IV ensures that Rise of the Batmen: Part 7 delivers a powerful finale for this first arc. I really like how Tynion has developed the bond between Bruce and Kate over the course of this storyline. Now they are forced to face the most challenging and difficult of circumstances, with Batwoman finally confronting her father’s treachery, as leader of the Colony and the one responsible for unleashing this army of Batmen and drone on Gotham, while Batman faces a desperate race against time to reach Tim at the old Wayne Tower.

Eddy Barrows gorgeous artwork for this issue of Detective Comics elevates the drama and tension to the max, with dynamic, almost cinematic page layouts. The scenes on and around the Colony Airship are spectacular, Barrows dazzles us with smashing action-packed moments of high drama as Batwoman’s fury spills over, but it is the moments where – having made himself the sole target of the drones – Red Robin makes his stand against this ultimate no-win-scenario that will truly have you on the edge of your seat. Eber Ferreira’s inks complement Barrows’ art brilliantly, enhancing the finer details and nuances of every scene, and the colors by Adriano Lucas meld with sublime grace to reflect the action and emotional beats of the story perfectly.

Detective Comics #940 is good, frustratingly good in fact, because to say more would completely spoil it. Suffice to say, James Tynion IV that pulled out all the stops for this one, its a master class in storytelling, plotting, and characterization. This issue has some of most powerful and emotional scenes that we’ve seen for a long time in a Batman comic. Barrows, Ferreira, and Lucas have also made this one of their most visually impressive issues so far. The emotional fallout from the cataclysmic events in Detective Comics #940 are conveyed in the most heartrending way, its moving stuff, and, needless to say, the ending will completely blow you away.

Rise of the Batmen has been a terrific start to Tynion’s run on Detective Comics. If this arc is anything to go by, I‘m sure Detective Comics will have become a must read Bat-Title for many fans, and now with the Night of the Monster Men crossover event about to begin, I can’t wait to see what Tynion and the whole creative team on Detective Comics have in store for us next!

Publisher: DC Comics / James Tynion IV

Art: Eddy Barrows / Inks: Eber Ferreira / Colors: Adriano Lucas

Letters: Marilyn Patrizio

Cover by: Barrows, Ferreira & Lucas

Variant Cover: Rafael Albuquerque

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