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Sci-Fi Jubilee My YouTube Channel: Dark Souls 3 High Lord Wolnir

Thanks for checking out and supporting my YouTube channel everyone! I’ve been playing some more Dark Souls 3 recently, battling through the Catacombs of Carthus, and my new video features the exciting boss fight with High Lord Wolnir. I must admit, it took me by surprise, I thought the spooky skull cup I found was going to be treasure! Then I’m transported into a dark realm and a giant skeleton thing starts crawling out from an abyss, EEEEP! Somehow I managed to defeat it on my first try. That’s what I like about Dark Souls 3, sure, it can be a really difficult game at times, frustrating even, but it rewards you with brilliant moment like this, all of the locations are so different and detailed as well, and you never EVER know what to expect next. Well, hope you enjoy the video and please feel free to hit that like button and subscribe if you do. Cheers!