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Godzilla Oblivion #4

Review by Paul Bowler

After a team of scientists from an Earth that has never seen monsters opened a portal to a parallel dimension, they unleashed King Ghidorah on their own world. Godzilla Oblivion #4 sees the crisis escalate, having lured Godzilla from the apocalyptic parallel Earth to defeat King Ghidorah, they must now utilize a secret countermeasure against Godzilla – using replicated technology from the alternative Earth where monsters rule and the human race have made an alliance with Godzilla to protect them. As the fate of the world hangs in the balance, Godzilla’s rampage seems unstoppable, and the other Earth has a surprise of its own!

The King of the Monsters goes up against an army of Mechagodzillas in Godzilla Oblivion #4, in the penultimate issue of IDW Publishings five-part comic series, written by Joshua Hale Fialkov and with art by Brian Churilla, the world shattering action continues as Godzilla faces the onslaught of the Mechagodzillas!


With its innovative What If? twist on the Godzilla franchise, Joshua Hale Fialkov and Brian Churillas have crafted an exciting and action packed storyline. This issue brings events full circle as the cast of scientists and military characters observe the titanic face off between Godzilla and the Mechagodzillas. Joshua Hale Fialkov keeps the suspense building over the course of this action packed issue, especially when it becomes clear that the apocalypse these humans have unleashed on their Earth is far from over. However, when a further backup plan suddenly presents itself, it seems the defeat of King Ghidorah could have inadvertently provided them with one last chance to get Godzilla back through the portal!

Brian Churilla’s artwork for this issue is excellent; indeed, it’s some of his finest work on this series so far. The opening battle royal between Godzilla and the Mechagodzilla army is stunningly realized by Churilla with bold page layouts and intense action, while the human characters observe the carnage and plan their next move. Their analysis of King Ghidorah is another highlight, where complex schematics and computer displays nicely complement the necessary exposition and techno-babble. The plan the scientist and military devise is audacious in the extreme, and its implementation is extremely dramatic. Jay Fotos’s vivid palette of colors also brings added clarity and definition to virtually every scene, employing a clever use of tone and shade which distinctly clarifies the human’s plight and also makes Godzilla look more powerful than ever before.

The end result collectively makes Godzilla Oblivion #4 one of the best issue so far in IDW this mini-series. Everything, as you might have expected, builds towards a fittingly apocalyptic cliff-hanger of epic proportions. I think Joshua Hale Fialkov, Brian ChurillaIt, and Jay Fotos have really excelled themselves with Godzilla Oblivion #4, and it looks like we are in for one hell of a monster showdown for the final issue!

Publisher: IDW Publishing / Writer: Joshua Hale Fialkov / Art: Brian Churilla

Colors: Jay Fotos / Letters / Creative Consultant: Chris Mowry

Cover: Brian Churilla