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Godzilla Oblivion #3

Review by Paul Bowler

On their Earth monsters never existed, but an experiment to visit an alternative dimension unleashed King Ghidorah on the world! Now, in Godzilla #3 from IDW Publishing, a team of scientists have lured Godzilla back from the parallel Earth in the hope the King of the Monsters will help them vanquish the rampaging King Ghidorah. However, when catastrophe strikes their mission to save the world is suddenly thrown into jeopardy, and the last hope of survival now rests with a vital piece of technology from the other dimension…

Godzilla, King of the Monsters thunders his way across the dimensional void to a another world as IDW Publishing’s new five-part comic series continues in Godzilla Oblivion #3, writer Joshua Hale Fialkov and artist Brian Churilla ramp up the monster action to the max, but will Godzilla’s arrival herald this Earth’s salvation, or its destruction? Joshua Hale Fialkov and Brian Churilla’s unique take on the Godzilla franchise with this innovative and exciting What If? Scenario, has already seen a team of scientists creating a portal to an apocalyptic parallel dimension, where monsters rule supreme and the rag-tad survivors of the human race have forged an alliance with Godzilla. Now, in a daring move, Godzilla has been transported to battle King Ghidorah on the scientists Earth in a desperate gamble that could soon backfire and threaten everything!

Godzilla Oblivion #3 COVER 1

Godzilla Oblivion #3 is without doubt the most action packed instalment so far in IDW’s five part mini-series. Joshua Hale Fialkov delivers a frenetically paced issue, with the battle between Godzilla and King Ghidorah taking center stage, while the scientists and military can only watch events unfold and wish for a hopeful outcome. The ethics and morality of both the scientist and the militaries actions are brought into sharp focus in this issue, Fialkoy channels the essence of just about every Godzilla movie trope you can possibly think of here, with the cast of characters watching and debating as the city levelling monster smack down between Godzilla and King Ghidorah escalates, and there’s plenty here for new and old school Godzilla fans to enjoy as the humans are ultimately forced to decide on a fateful course of action that could jeopardize the entire world!

Brian Churilla’s great artwork on this series really comes into its own in this issue, every moment of Godzilla’s and King Ghidorah’s battle is gloriously realized across huge sweeping page layouts that really capture the epic scale of their conflict, and we even get more insight into the human cast amidst all the action. The humans naturally have a back up plan to fall back on, one were victory outweighs unacceptable losses, at any price. Churilla ensures the build up to this explosive moment will have you on the edge of your seat. The colors by Jay Fotos are also key to making this issue look so good, with a rich palette of tones and shades enhancing every moment of Godzilla’s and King Ghidorah’s momentous fight, and the delivery of the Thunder Lizard culminates in a haunting fusion of art and color caught in the glint of a monsters eye.

This issue builds to a nail-biting close, with a seriously miffed Godzilla rising from the depths in spectacular fashion, and the humans of this world using replicated technology from the devastated parallel Earth to take the fight to Godzilla himself! Of course, with all the cover to cover action going on in Godzilla Oblivion #3, this issue is essentially one big fight sequence, albeit a spectacular one, and as a result it makes the issue a very quick read. However, if, like me, its full scale Godzilla monster smashing action that you‘re after, then Godzilla Oblivion #3 is just the ticket, with its fast paced story by Joshua Hale Fialkov and terrific art by Brian Churilla, this exciting IDW Godzilla comic series is really shaping up to be a gargantuan monster epic!

Publisher: IDW Publishing / Writer: Joshua Hale Fialkov / Art: Brian Churilla

Colors: Jay Fotos / Letters / Creative Consultant: Chris Mowry

Cover: Brian Churilla