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The Micronauts #1

Review by Paul Bowler

From beyond a dying universe, Acroyear, Space Glider, Biotron, and their many allies must escape the clutches of the evil Baron Karza in The Micronauts #1, the brand new series from IDW Publishing, written by Cullen Bunn and featuring art by David Baldeon. Based on the fondly remembered toy line and popular Marvel comic book series, this new take on the Micronauts splices science and magic in a universe where natural recourses are exhausted, Barron Karza rules supreme, and the legendary power of the Time Travellers offers the Micronauts their only hope for survival – but could their salvation mean the end of our own world?

While it’s not exactly the same team of Micronauts from the original Marvel title by Bill Mantlo and Michael Golden that debuted in 1979, we won’t see Commander Rann, Marrionette, or Bug, as IDW’s Micronauts series is an entirely new version by Cullen Bunn and David Baldeon. Don’t panic! There are still lots of popular characters for old school Micronaut fans to enjoy in IDW’s new series that are based on the original toy line of interchangeable action figures, vehicles, and comics.

The Micronauts (2016) Cover

There’s no misstating that writer Cullen Bunn is a huge fan of the Micronauts, he brings a fantastic new slant on the series and characters with The Micronauts #1, and its done with such style and dedication to the source material that you’ll be relived to know that this reimagining is in such safe hands. It certainly ticks all the right boxes for Micronaut fans and newbies alike, as we are plunged into the universe threatened by an reality shattering Entropic Wave whilst a civil war rages between The Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Science. After the dramatic opening on a doomed world observed by a contingent of Biotron’s, Cullen Bunn quickly introduces us to the intrepid crew of the star ship Heliopolis, an interesting mix of old and new characters including rogue space pirate Oziron Rael (Oz), thrill-seeking Space Glider Phenelo-Phi, the space-warrior Acroyear, and Oz’s first mate on the Heliopolis, the loyal, though often sarcastic, robot Microtron. When a deal on Micropolis-12 goes bad, Oz and his crew have to strike a deal with the wheeler dealing Hezlee to retrieve urgently needed medical supplies from a space station being blockaded by Baron Karza’s forces.

Along with new crew-member, the tough orbital defender Larissa, joining Oz’s crew of the Heliopolis on this mission, we catch up with the villainous Baron Karza, who it seems has lost none of his military cunning and ruthlessness. Meanwhile, a quick warp jump away, the crew of the Heliopolis find the Valtricos Research Station has some rather nasty surprises in store for them! I love the uncanny juxtaposition of science and mysticism in this new Micronaut series, it brings an entirely new spin on the Microverse / Innerverse as we know it, and the characterization is also excellent. This issue does a good job of introducing the new characters and setting up the storyline, and we still have old favourites such as Acroyear, Microtron, and of course Baron Karza in this issue as well.

The art by David Baldeon is very impressive, along with finishes provided by Fico Ossio, Max Dunbar, Jack Lawrence, and colors by David Garcia Cruz, Joaa Lafuente, Thomas Deer, and John Paul Bove. From those apocalyptic opening moment, to the events that bring Oz and his team together, and the action packed sequences on the space station, The Micronauts #1 is a really impressive looking issue. The Entropy Cloud is an amazing sight, Baron Karza is as powerful and as imposing as ever, the space station is dark and menacing, and the colors employed throughout the entire issue complement the incredibly detailed artwork very nicely indeed.

The issue races towards an explosive climax, as the space stations true purposes is uncovered, and it looks like Oz has greatly underestimated their mission. While it may not be the Micronauts of old, this new IDW series makes The Micronauts #1 a fun, exciting, and visually impressive new beginning to this fantastic series!

Publisher: IDW Publishing / Writer: Cullen Bunn

Art / Colors: David Baldeon Fico Ossio, Max Dunbar, Jack Lawrence,

David Garcia Cruz, Joaa Lafuente, Thomas Deer, and John Paul Bove