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Daredevil #6

Review by Paul Bowler

Hell’s Kitchen hath no fury like an assassin scorned, as Matt Murdock finds out in Daredevil #6 when his former lover, the assassin Elektra, returns to the Big Apple with a score to settle with The Man Without Fear! Even though Matt Murdock has managed to conceal his identity from the rest of the world, some parts of his past are not so easy to hide, and he may soon regret the day that he ever met Elektra Natchios…

Elektra is back in Daredevil #6 in the start of the brand new Elektra Connection storyline, beginning an exciting new chapter in the Marvel Comics title from writer Charles Soule, with guest artist Matteo Buffagni, and colorist Matt Milla. The first part of the Elektra Connection kicks off with an action-packed confrontation, as one time lovers Daredevil and Elektra clash in a furious battle across the rooftops of Hell’s Kitchen!

Following the impressive first story arc, where Daredevil and his new protégé Blondspot battled the crime lord Tenfingers and the mystically enhanced ninjas of The Hand, the new direction Charles Soule has introduced for this title and Matt Murdock’s character really begins to hit its stride now with the return of Elektra.

Daredevil #6 Cover 2016

Unfolding over one day, with Daredevil’s and Elekrta’s rooftop battle in the early hours punctuated by the emotionally charged sequence of events that reunited Elektra Natchios and Matt Murdock on this fateful day, this issue exemplifies everything that is great and good about Charles Soule’s new take on the series. Daredevil #6 is a beautifully scripted issue, with former defence attorney Matt Murdock’s new career as a Prosecutor for the city of New York suddenly brought into sharp focus in the light of Elektra’s presence.

Matt has somehow managed to regain his secret identity and erased all public knowledge that he is really Daredevil, and this makes Elektra’s return even more tantalizing as she no longer knows that Matt is Daredevil. Indeed, this is the first issue of the new run that has really touched on the effect of Murdock’s new anonymity in the Marvel Universe, and Charles Soule weaves a spellbinding blend of courtroom drama, intense action, and simmering passions as Daredevil and Elektra square off on the rain swept rooftops of Hell‘s Kitchen. Even Daredevil’s protégé, Blindspot, gets caught up in Elektra’s face-off with The Man Without Fear, although this time he’ll probably wish he’d followed Daredevil’s instructions for once!

From the gloriously staged opening moments, Matteo Buffagni’s art embodies the dark, almost noir-like tone of this series perfectly, shifting between courtroom drama, drinks in a bar, passionate reminisces, and acrobatic no-holds-barred combat between Daredevil and Elektra, Buffagni visuals are so striking that each panel has a fluidity of movement to them that makes virtually every scene come alive on the page. The fight between Daredevil and Elektra on the rain drenched rooftops is a bloody and brutal affair, it looks magnificent, and Matt Milla’s colors are glorious throughout, with vivid tones and dusky shadows melding in stark contrast to the bright swirls of Matt’s radar sense and Daredevil’s and Elektra’s blood splattered combat.

This exciting issue, with its fabulous cover by Bill Sienkiewicz, races towards a thrilling conclusion and blindsides us with a stunning cliff-hanger! Daredevil #6 gets this new storyline by Charles Soule off to a great start, with its outstanding artwork from Matteo Buffagni and colors by Matt Milla, this issue will keep you guessing right up until that brilliant game-changing final page!

Publisher: Marvel Comics / Writer: Charles Soule / Art: Matteo Buffagni

Colors: Matt Milla / Letters: VC’s Clayton Cowles / Cover: Bill Sienkiewicz