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Trista & Holt #12

Review by Paul Bowler

Hot on the heels of the widely acclaimed Bullet Gal prequel series from IF? Commix and the imminent debut of MAGPIE, the newest release from IF? Commix is Trista & Holt #12, a hardboiled crime saga that mixes a wild disco-infused narrative with the old school medieval legend of Tristan and Iseult. Featuring story and art by Andrez Bergen, author of the superhero noir-detective novel Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa? , the graphic novel Tobacco Stained Mountain Goat, and new novel, Small Change, Bergen’s distinct vision continues to break new ground in Trista & Holt #12 as this modern homage of Trista and Holt’s crime-riddled pulp noir world spins a trippy mix of passion, violence, and intrigue.

Andrez Bergen’s Trista and Holt series is a heady blend of action, compelling characters, and stark noir-inspired atmosphere, one that provides an intoxicating throwback to the pulp legacy of yesteryear and splices it with modern sensibilities. Romance is in the air in Trista and Holt #12, and things are certainly hotting up for our erstwhile lovers, but the mood is soon tarnished when Trista learns about the Governal’s murder. There will be wedding bells to counterbalance the abundance of funerals that have rocked their world, but will that be enough, and we are left wondering if these nuptials are for the right people at the right time.


Trista and Holt #12 features some of the most striking art and imagery that Andrez Bergen has used on this IF? Commix series to date. The unique fusion of art, photos, digital imagery, and dada-inspired collage cut-ups which Bergen employs here is every bit as mesmerising and eye-catching as we’ve come to expect from his work. This issue really sees Bergen elevate the visuals in Trista and Holt to whole new level of sublime ingenuity. From the beautiful close up of an unblinking eye that mixes grief, retribution, and revenge, the smoky, often dream-like quality of the narrative unfolds translucently with the eventual wedding itself, and there is a brooding, almost sensual air of dread which builds to an absolute killer of an ending.

So, as Issy endures another death in his family and Trista mourns her mentor – they still find solace together – while Brangien encounters an unexpected twist of fate… Trista and Holt #12 is another fantastic issue in this IF? Commix series from Andrez Bergen. This outstanding pulp-noir saga effortlessly combines its moody visuals with the legacy of Tristan and Iseult, spattering the crime-ridden brutality with raw emotion to a punchy disco beat that will hone the senses and fire the imagination like nothing you’ve experienced before.

Trista & Holt #12 is available 1st February 2016 / Hard Copy $5 & Digital $1



Publisher: IF Commix

Writer: Andrez Bergen

Artist: Andrez Bergen