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Invincible Iron Man #6

Review by Paul Bowler

Invincible Iron Man #6 marks the start of a brand new story line: The War Machines. There’s something afoot in Stark’s global organization, Tony Stark must investigate Madame Masque’s recent spate of worldwide thefts, and establish the connection with the Biohack Ninjas that were following her. Iron Man and War Machine will soon face a deadly new threat, and we get our first hint at some of the major developments ahead for the Marvel Universe!

Marvel’s new Invincible Iron Man title has already seem the debut of Tony Stark’s new shape-changing Iron Man armor with its advanced AI, Friday, as well as an unlikely team-up with a reformed Victor Von Doom to defeat the demonically possessed Madame Masque, and the introduction of Mary Jane Watson into Tony’s life. Now a new chapter begins; one that holds some big game-changing developments for Iron Man!

Invincible Iron Man #6 kicks off The War Machines story arc with Tony’s ongoing investigating into Madame Masque’s break in at the Star Tower in Japan, where it seems the security footage has been inexplicably compromised. However, Tony is in the middle of a very important… project at the moment, so it’s up to Rhodey to be his eyes and ears in the field in Tokyo. As Tony’s relationship with biochemical biologist Amara Perera continues to blossom in the States with breakfast, and waffles at a Diner, a former Alexandre Drumas-style mask-wearing super-villain interrupts to address some potential demonic loose ends concerning Madame Masque, and Colonel Rhodes goes all 007 in Tokyo as he investigates an underground nightclub.

Invincible iron Man #6 COVER

Brian Michael Bendis establishes several new plot lines here while bunching together numerous elements from the first five issues, entwining everything into an intriguing new direction for the series. Each scene that is steeped in mystery is nicely counterbalanced by the lighter, more humorous moments that Bendis always orchestrates so well. Tony’s new relationship with Amara is also developing well, there are some great scenes between them, and we also lean that her research into Alzheimer’s disease has already had extremely promising results. The scenes in the Diner are another big highlight of the issue, especially when their breakfast is unexpectedly interrupted. It’s always fun to see Tony and Rhodey working together, the banter between them is brilliant, and I like how Tony’s AI Friday can also be shared with the War Machine armor.

The War Machines story line also brings the addition of a new artist, Mike Deodato, and colorist Frank Martin, who now join writer Brian Michael Bendis on this title. Mike Deodato has worked with Brian Michael Bendis many times before, and they make a great team for Invincible Iron Man. Brian Michael Bendis intuitively builds the characters and entwines their story arcs, which in turn plays to Mike Deodato’s strengths as an artist, and together they ensure the momentum of the plot gradually unfolds at a natural pace before we get the payoff with some truly epic pages of intense action!

Mike Deodato’s art is excellent throughout, from the gleaming skyline of Tokyo, to the more down to earth scenes in the Diner, and the shadowy world of the underground club, every page encapsulates the mood and pace of the story perfectly, and the atmospheric colors by Frank Martin are stunning! The expressions of the characters are also superb, their emotions are effortlessly conveyed, and Deodato’s take on the War Machine armor is also very impressive.

Although Tony and Rhodey don’t actually use their armor suits all that much over the course of this issue of Invincible Iron Man, their suits are never far from the action, especially in Tony’s case, but when War Machine does swoop into action its all breathtaking high-flying stuff; and it all builds to a highly unexpected ending that could make you lose your head with excitement over the wait to see what happens next issue!

Invincible Iron Man #6 quickly establishes the new story line, events move at a slightly slower pace initially, which really allows the characters to shine, and the cliff-hanger ending is one of the best so far in this new Marvel series. With the assured writing of Brian Michael Bendis this title continues to go from strength to strength, and together with the addition of Mike Deodato striking artwork, it not only makes this issue of Invincible Iron Man a perfect jumping on point for new readers, but an absolute must have for fans of shell-head’s adventures too!

Publisher: Marvel / Writer: Brian Michael Bendis / Art: Mike Deodato

Color Artist: Frank Martin / Letterer & Production VCs Clayton Cowles

 Cover Artists Mike Deodato & Frank Martin