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Daredevil #3

Having confronted the mysterious crime lord Tenfingers in his Chinatown lair, The Man Without Fear and his new sidekick Blindspot must now face the onslaught of the Hand in Daredevil #3, as the mystically enhanced ninjas enter the fray to reclaim that which Tenfingers has stolen from them. If all that wasn’t enough for Daredevil to contend with, being both crime-fighter and mentor to his protégé Blindspot, Matt Murdock’s new career in New York as an ADA also takes a nose dive when he fails to indict Tenfingers…

This new Daredevil series is really hitting its stride now, writer Charles Soule and artist Ron Garney certainly had a tough act to follow, but the way they have nailed Matt Murdock’s character and the new direction for the title is really beginning to grow on me now. I’m a huge Daredevil fan, and I’ll admit, the jury was out for me with the first couple of issues, probably because I loved the Waid/Samnee run so much, but this post Secret Wars version of Daredevil is quickly winning me over. Its not just the return to New York, or Matt becoming an ADA, that has shaken up he status quo though, the addition of Blindspot – the one element I really had reservations about – has actually turned out to be one of the most daring and innovative moves of all.

Charles Soule throws Daredevil and Blindspot right in at the deep end in this issue as the Hand attacks Tenfingers and his minions. The scales are balanced with letting them slug it out between themselves, or stepping in to preserve life, it’s a no brainier really, we all know what Daredevil will choose to do and boy oh boy, does this issue see artist Ron Garney pulling out all the stops with the big-action set-pieces that follow. Things get even more challenging for Daredevil when Blindspot leaps into the action, but his invisibility suit serves him well, and this battle sees him even manages to earn a graduation of sorts as well.

Daredevil #3 COVER

The fight sequences are like a beautifully orchestrated ballet of razor sharp violence and unflinching bloodshed. The synergy between Soule’s writing and Garney’s artwork encapsulates everything I love about Daredevil, yet they’ve also made the character feel fresh and new again, whilst remaining totally faithful to the great legacy they have inherited, and Daredevil’s redesigned costume looks incredible this issue as well. The colors by Matt Milla sublimely complement the tone of each individual moment: from the dark shadows and vivid reds during the fight with the Hand, though to the cool blue and green shades seen in the rooftop scenes, which in turn is in stark contrast with the bland tones of the District Attorneys Office, Milla’s work on this title is stunning – and I especially like how the light and shading of new Daredevil’s costume alters so distinctly from scene to scene. At times there’s also a distinct monochrome, almost noir like tone to many of the visuals as well, particularly when we see views of the city, and it heightens the atmosphere beautiful.

The dynamic between Daredevil and Blindspot is another highlight of the issue. Daredevil can be a bit of a grumpy mentor at times, the bond between them is growing stronger though. Blindspot acquits himself well in the fight with the Hand, but he’s still got a long way to go before he’ll ever be able to sneak up on Daredevil! Following some unsettling parting words from Tenfingers, Daredevil finally has the lead he’s been looking for about who this mystically powered crime lord really is, and how he must’ve got his extra fingers.

As the issue draws to a close, Matt Murdock’s meeting at the office of the Manhattan District Attorney doesn’t go well at all, frankly Hochberg isn’t impressed one bit by Matt‘s failure to indict Tenfingers, or the way that their key witness was compromised. While he must suffer the indignity of a new assignment that may well send Matt’s new career as a ADA into free fall before its even begun, everything soon get pushed to the sidelines when Murdock receives and unexpected visitor with a misunderstanding to clear up…

Daredevil #3 is a great issue, Charles Soule, Ron Garney, Matt Milla are proving to be a dream team for this book. Any doubts I might have had about the new creative team and the direction of the title have all but completely evaporated with this issue. Marvel has chosen well, because with such strong storylines, characterization, and impressive artwork like this, Daredevil and this title is in very safe hands indeed!

Publisher: Marvel Comics/ Writer: Charles Soule / Art Ron Garney

Colors: Matt Milla / Letters: VC’s Clayton Cowles