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OI OI OI! #7


Oi Oi Oi 7 Magpie

On January 31st, 2016, writer Andrez Bergen we will be debuting a brand new superhero story in the pages of Australian national comic magazine Oi Oi Oi! The story is called MAGPIE, written by Andrez Bergen, with art by veteran, super-talented Aussie artist Frantz Kantor

Magpie is very much in the spirit of, well, The Spirit – taking on the concept that people like Will Eisner and Tarpé Mills did of telling complete stories and off-beat vignettes, with a sense of humor as much as a nod to noir, over 8-page installments. A homage to the comics of the golden age to the contemporary, it also carries with it a pastiche/deconstruction of multi-media pop-culture sensibilities, and the odd breaking of the fourth wall.


Just under 2 years ago, Nat Karmichael at COMICOZ – lamenting the fact that Australia had no nationally-released comic magazine, available to people everywhere, that Australian artists and cartoonists could contribute to and be paid to see their work published – decided to do something about this. He began by publishing an Australian comic magazine that was available in newsagents around the country. Maybe you have heard about it. It’s quite likely you haven’t.

Oi Oi Oi 7 (Sample Art 1)

The publication is called Oi Oi Oi! Its further intention? To regularly publish a national comic anthology available on Australian newsstands, telling Australian stories to and for all Australians. To date, 6 issues have been published on a quarterly basis and featured the work of almost 40 different Australian artists and cartoonists. #1 won a Golden Stapler Award for ‘Best Collaborative Zine’ in 2014, and #4 was nominated for the same award in 2015. The second issue was short-listed for a prestigious Ledger Award ‘for excellence in Australian comics’ in early 2015.

Oi Oi Oi 7 (Sample Art 2)

Which brings us up to date, and #7 – which is set to be rolled out at the end of January, 2016, introducing a brand new superhero story arc titled Magpie, by the award-winning writer/artist team of Andrez Bergen and Frantz Kantor. #7 also features Seven by Alisha Jade, Preston Peace by Jeremy Staples (words) and Dillon Naylor (art); Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (words) and Frank Candiloro (art), with Rene Pfitzner‘s brilliant Goblins at College rounding off the issue.

Oi Oi Oi 7 (sample art 3)

OVERSEAS FANS! You are welcome to subscribe: it’s A$60 for 4 issues, and for a limited time only, while stocks last you will get the FREE Special Nostalgia Issue. Subscriptions begin with the current issue on sale on Australian newsstands.

Find our more about COMICOZ AUSTRALIA

on their website http://www.comicoz.com

Oi Oi Oi 7 (Sample Art Magpie 1)