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That Bulletproof Kid / Issues 1-5

Review by Paul Bowler

That Bulletproof Kid is an exciting and compelling Indie comic book series from Australia., created, written, and illustrated by Australian Matt Kyme (Tales to Admonish), with colors by Cat Melvyn, this IF? Commix series follows the adventures of teenager Anthony “Anth” Fischer – a rookie superhero balancing the trial and tribulations of balancing his secret identity with his everyday life as a high school student.

Matt Kym has crafted a well thought-out storyline for this series. The characters are all easy to relate too, and it’s set in a world full of colourful superheroes and villains that quickly establishes itself over the first five issues. Anth might have thought having superpowers would be cool, but he soon discovers life as a superheroes is far from easy. The balance of super-powered characters and action with Anth’s school life sets up an interesting dynamic for the series. Amidst all the superhero action, Anth and his friends run a gauntlet of typical teenage problems and angst that really helps to ground the series in reality; and it is here where Kym’s writing really shines as we get to know this extensive cast of characters as the series progresses.

That Bulletproof Kid (3)

That Bulletproof Kid #1 introduces the characters and superhero mythology of the series. Anth’s life as Bulletproof can be challenging at the best of times, sometimes it feels like even his fellow heroes are against him, and juggling saving the world and doing your homework can get complicated real quick. The second issue resolves the cliff-hanger as new hero Anth faces the crazed Monochrome, while details from the past emerge in issue #3 as Anth balances his dual identities, and his enemies from an alliance. Multiple plot strands combine in the fourth issue as events take a dramatic turn, and in the latest issue, That Bulletproof Kid #5, a trip to an Expo for Anth and his friends coincides with the appearance of strange alien creatures and the introduction of a new heroine.

Matt Kym’s pencils and inks for issues 2-5 of That Bulletproof Kid are very good (Arthur Strickland provided art & colors for That Bulletproof Kid #1), along with the colors by Gat Melvyn, edited by Kyme’s fellow Melbournian, Andrez Bergen, with layouts by Luke Salmond, and over time the series has settled into its own highly distinctive look. The characters are all relatively well defined, some of their facial expressions do vary a little bit from time to time, but overall Matt Kym’s artwork for That Bullerproof Kid has been extremely good and each successive issue has seen the series grow and become more confident.

Over the course of the series Matt Kyme’s and Gat Melvyn’s work on That Bulletproof Kid has made the title one of the standout new Aussie iNDie comic book titles, with its exciting storyline, highly detailed and colorful artwork, these five issue certainly stands out from the crowd and are well worth checking out.

That BulletproofKid #1-5 is available in either digital or print from IF? Commix



Publisher: IF? Commix

Writer: Matt Kyme

Art: Matt Kyme Issue 2-5 (Arthur Strickland art & colors issue #1)

Colors by Cat Melvyn