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Sci-Fi Jubilee 3rd Anniversary

Yes, my blog Sci-Fi Jubilee has now reached its 3rd anniversary, and seeing how this post would also be the sites 350th I thought it would be a perfect time to celebrate three years of Sci-Fi Jubilee. I’ve had a great time writing reviews and articles over the last three years. The time has flown by so quickly. I hope that I’ve managed to bring you a good range of TV, film, and comic book reviews along the way, many of which also reflect the genres and things I enjoy most – especially Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, and of course Batman comics.

CapBrit 2

Finally Id like to say a big thank you to everybody for reading my blog and sharing it on Twitter, WordPress, and Sci-Fi Jubilees Facebook page as well. I have had an absolute blast writing Sci-Fi Jubilee over the past three years, but it is your comments and support that is what really makes Sci-Fi Jubilee such a hugely enjoyable and rewarding experience for me. When I first started this blog I could never have imagined that Id still be writing it three years later, let alone that it would also lead to me writing for other websites as well. Cheers everyone and thank you all so much for your awesome support! Heres to another great year!