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The Walking Dead #140

Review by Paul Bowler

Gregory’s attempt to poison Maggie failed when Jesus arrived in time to rescue her. Carl and Lydia have also become close. When the Whisperers arrived at the Hilltop their leader Alpha – Lydia’s mother – offered to trade the men her people had captured in exchange for her daughters return. Afterwards Carl angrily snuck off into the Whisperers territory alone to and save Lydia but Alpha discovered him. Meanwhile at the harbour Rick met with Ezekiel just as Michonne returned from sea with her crew, but as they land their catch of fish for the communities to trade, Rick is sad to learn that Michonne still has no wish to return to Alexandria.

Now in The Walking Dead #140 tensions begin to rise as Robert Kirkman continues to build on the significant changes established earlier in this story arc. Since Negan’s defeat and the jump forward in series’ timeframe, lots have happened, characters lives have changed significantly, and the entire landscape of the world Rick and his fellow survivors inhabit has also altered drastically as a result. The momentum is building gradually, its clear just how much Rick has managed to establish for these communities, but there’s still a long way to go, and there’s a disquieting sense now of just how fragile, and delicately balanced everything still is.

The Walking Dead #140 (Cover)

There’s certainly a lot crammed into this issue. Maggie still has to figure out what she’s going to do with Gregory after he tried to kill her as well as decide whether to risk losing more people going after Carl. With the end of their long journey in sight Carl finally gets his first glimpse of the Whisperers camp, and Rick’s persistence in trying to persuade Michonne to stay looks like it might actually pay off. The decisions that Maggie makes in this issue are sure to have some far reaching implications for the rest of this story arc, and it’s great to see her character playing such a pivotal role. Its also good to see Michonne is warming to the idea of staying ashore for a little while longer, she’s been gone far too long, and I hope she can deal with her issues and remain for a while yet as I have a feeling that Rick is going to need her around now more than ever.

Charlie Adlard delivers another great issue of The Walking Dead. The reveal of the Whisperers camp is the big highlight of this issue. I really like it when Adlard gets the chance to introduce an entirely new location like this. Adlard’s sweeping view of the Whisperers camp is really impressive, the intricate level of detail here is stunning, and you’ll find yourself scouring this two-page spread to pick out everything that’s going on. Its taken some time for this plot thread to develop, but its also built up the mystery and suspense of the Whisperers, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the rest of the their camp and learning more about them in future issues.

The Walking Dead #140 is another great issue, there are plenty of intriguing developments, and Robert Kirkman seems to be steering the various plot elements and characters towards what is sure to be another major turning point in this Image Comics series. Charlie Adlard’s art is as reliably impressive as ever, the action and pace hardly lets up for a moment, and the characters realistic expressions convey their emotions perfectly. This issue also ends on a brilliant cliff-hanger, and it’s the one that we’ve all been waiting for!