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Happy Anniversary Doctor Who! 10 Years Of New Doctor Who

New Who 10 Years!

Happy Anniversary Doctor Who! Its been 10 years since the New Doctor Who series began and returned to BBC One Ten Years ago today in 2005! We’ve had a decade of brand new adventures in time and space, and its been the trip of a lifetime! I’ve really enjoyed watching the new series, writing this blog about the episodes, and chatting to so many awesome people on Twitter about Doctor Who. Its been great fun! Happy 10th Anniversary New Doctor Who!

To celebrate ten years since the arrival of the Ninth Doctor on our screens, here’s the fantastic TV trailer for the 2005 return of Doctor Who.

And I thought you might like this great fan trailer celebrating a decade of new Dr Who!

10 Year New DW

Its been ten years since the 9th Doctor (Christopher Eccelston) and Rose Tyler’s (Billie Piper) adventures began when Doctor Who returned and the episode Rose first aired on BBC One on March 26th 2005. So, enjoy the 10th anniversary of new Doctor Who, watch Rose again, and maybe some of your other favourite episodes as well, I know I will be!