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Justice League United #10

Review by Paul Bowler

The Infinitus Saga reaches its thrilling conclusion in Justice League United #10 as the Polaris System and the planet Thangar face a new threat. The bomb Brainiac 5 launched against Infinitus has created a black hole. Now the combined forces of the JLU, the Legion of Super-Heroes, the Rannian War fleet and the Thangarians must face this new crisis, and a terrible sacrifice will change the DC Universe forever.

Justice League United #10 brings this epic intergalactic team-up between the Justice League United and the Legion of Super-Heroes to a close as events build towards a cataclysmic finale as the black hole threatens everything. Its non-stop action all the way in part six of the Infinitus Saga! Jeff Lemire gives the impressive roll call of superheroes from the JLU and the Legion their biggest challenge yet as the black hole’s event horizon expands, threatening not only the Rannian and Thangarian battle fleet, but also the planet Thangar itself!

Even though the situation is becoming more critical by the moment, the JLU and Legion quickly spring into action, doing what they can to assist the evacuation of Thangar, while also attempting to weaken the effects of the black hole and move the combined Rannian and Thangarian war fleet away from the sector. There’s even time for one last skirmish with Byth, however, it ultimately falls to Brainiac 5 to devise a plan following a precog vision from Dream Girl that provides the course of action that is needed to save Thangar.


Suffice to say, it’s a fittingly complex and techno-babble infused solution. I really like how Jeff Lemire defuses the tension a little with a frantic Brainiac 5 shushing the level-headed Sardath and Animal Man’s reaction to their plan. This concluding part of the Infinitus Saga has some great character moments, and the banter and sense of camaraderie between the JLU and the Legion of Super-Heroes comes shining through in every scene.

Neil Edwards’s art makes every scene in this issue feel like it’s about to jump from the page. The scope and scale of Justice League United #10 is spectacular. Edward’s has clearly had the time of his life drawing this issue, and it shows. Likewise, the inks by Jay Leisten and Keith Champagne, together with the colors by Jeromy Cox are also excellent. There are so many standout moments: the scenes with Stargirl, Miiyahbin and Byth tumbling towards the swirling black hole are stunning, there’s Supergirl’s magnificent entrance as she races to the rescue, and the heart-stopping moment when Thangar’s fate hangs in the balance is superb.

As the Infinitus Saga draws to a close it establishes a new status quo for this corner of the DC Universe, and the wealth of social and political implications these sudden chances will bring are addressed to a degree here. It certainly sets up a lot for the future. There’s a good interlude with Brainiac 5 and Supergirl, and I especially liked the inspirational scene with Miiyahbin and two of my favourite Legionaries, Dawnstar and Wildfire.

Soon its time for the Legion of Super-Heroes and the JLU to say their goodbyes, before the Legion return to their own time – taking Ultra with them in the hope that 31st century medicine will be able to help his condition. The reunion for Adam and Alanna Strange and the JLU’s return to Earth contains lots of fun moments too, giving us an even greater sense of the characters lives outside of the team while also simultaneously bonding their newfound friendships.

The Infinitus Saga has proved to be a really exciting storyline, it’s made the Justice League United into a more cohesive team, and it was also a great to see the Legion of Super-Heroes return the DC Universe as well. I sincerely hope we get another team-up with the Justice League United and the Legion of Super-Heroes at some point, especially considering this issues primeval coda, there’s certainly great potential for it.

Justice League United #10 provides an exciting conclusion to the Infinitus Saga, with its tightly-plotted story by Jeff Lemire and fantastic art by Neil Edwards’s, this issue is one of the best yet and I’d highly recommend it.